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Louise Romero
(harrison, ny )
dear tammy, back in '76 when i got saved ptl an the 700 club were so encouraging to me as a new christian. I've always loved and appreciatd your sweet spirit. One thing sticks in myy mind from that long ago. You use to talk about the really lean days when you and jim were first married and i remember the soap story... you usaed to take the soap put of the wrapper and let it get hard so it would last longer. It was soemthing your mom or grandmother used to do. Anothewas the tiem you bought 2 area rugs from like a Wal Mart and sewed them together to hae one large rug. YOU really kept me company during those early days of my christianity when all my friends thought I had gone off the deep end. I love you, my siste in the Lord and will be praying for you, Love , Louise
marylou carias
(los angeles ca)
dear tammy Get well soon.Your so presious to god and he loves you and so do i. Jesus loves you and so do I. keep being strong in your faith, love Mary Lou Carias
Peggy Viverette
(Aberdeen, NC)
Tammy, I heard your interview the other night with Paul, Jr. You are such an inspiration! I too am a cancer survivor and I'm praying for you. Keep looking to Jesus.
James Michael Arrington
(Rancho Murieta, Ca)
Dear Tammy,
You are a truly beautiful person with a gift for demonstrating kindness, compassion and unconditional love that is an inspiration to everyone. I love you and wish you health in this life and peace in your heart the moment that god takes you into his arms.
God bless you always and please pray for me that I might follow your example.
(Nashville Tn.)
Just keep you eyes on Jesus,He Loves you Tammy,no matter what, may he keep you in his care,and give you peace.I love you,your a blessing to others.
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Hi Tammy...
After watching you for years I finally met you when you visited a club in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago. I still have the picture of you and I, framed sitting on my buffet in my living room. You were as sweet as I ever imagined. We love you and are praying for you!!!

Mary Bryant
(Stone Mt Georgia)
I don't know why I feel so much love for you. Believe it or not I did not know much about you until I saw you on that Vh1 show and I was so surprise that you was this loving and caring person. I guess i believed the tabloids. I watched your reality show and your sons show and I pray for you all the time. You are truly a wonderful caring child of god. Many blessing to you and your family.
(Sebastopol, CA)
Dear Tammy Faye,
You're on my mind today and I thought I'd write a short note to let you know that I'm holding you in my heart and praying for you. May Jesus shower you with blessings and grace!
You are a light shining bright. Thank you so much for sharing your strength and wisdom with us. I hope you know how precious you are. When times get tough remember the promise. God bless you Tammy. Praying for you!
Steve & Ila Gaston
(Jackson, TN)
We know that you are experiencing the greatest struggle of your incredible life, and just want you to know that you are raised up daily in our prayers, our thoughts, and our hopes.
Steven Anthony
(Niles Mich)

I dont even know where to start. You have been a blessing to me since the first time I saw you on PTL. You have given me courage over the years to know that God is in control and thru him nothing is impossible. I always wanted to sing as a child, one day after hearing you sing God will out last your storms, I begain to sing to God like it was just him and I in the room, now at 40 I am a praise leader at my church and I truly beleive God had you sing that song for me that day. I cant count how often I would be down and turn on the tellie and there you were either on ptl, or a talk show or your cooking show or the suriel life, but no matter the circumstance God has always spoken to me thru you and your undying faith. I know when you get to heaven your crowmn of jewels is going to be huge, you have given so much of yourself to us all, I will always love and appreciate you. When we both get to heaven I plan on looking you up to say thank you, Tammy its because of you Im here.

Love and prayers for you and your family,
Steven Anthony
I pray for peace that passes ALL UNDERSTANDING for your mind and soul.
Settle in that peace. Your life is a message in living. Fight the good fight.
(Baltimore, Maryland)

I so admire your courage & strength! God IS able to do the impossible! Eph. 4:20. Sending you love and prayers.
(Ontario, Canada)
All my love to you Tammy Faye. I have watched you on tv since I was a little girl. You are an inspiration to many. You are a fighter with a great will to live. God will help free you from all your pain so that you can be here with us for many more years. May God bless you darlin'. Your wonderful smile and giggle always made me laugh. You are a God's sent. Love, hugs and kisses.

Ontario, Canada
Joanne B. McDermott
(Fairfield, Pa.)
Dear Tammy: Flying to Omaha, Nebraska July 1-5
for conference of THE
and we will soak you in
prayer. You taught me
25 years ago at PTL: "Don't give up, you're on the brink of a miracle." I played that
song hundreds of times
to keep going. I will wear my Praise the Lord white scarf with red doves on it to remember you which I purchased at
your little boutique.
God bless you and your
Julie Liberatore
(Canal Winchester, Ohio)
Hi Tammy,
You are in my prayers & I hope you will get better. Just keep your great faith in Jesus!! You know he loves you!! We all love you Tammy!! Just remember "you can make it" Love ya!!
Mrs. Horner
(British Columbia, Canada)
I have experienced watching a loved one go through and win their fight with cancer and others that have lost the battle; but as you know, this is not your burden to bear. The battle belongs to the Lord. I don't know you presonally, but our Lord is right beside you, never foresaking, and I ask him to be with you now. He will be your strength, when you have none of your own; he will be your voice, when all words are lost; and he will be your comfort today and always. Lean on him, love him, and give him all that you have left to give. Bless you and may God shine his peace upon you during this difficult time.
vicki anderson
(Groton, N.Y. 13073)
Hi Tammy,
I hope you are feeling well today. I was just wondering how you were doing.Was just laying in bed and thought i would get up and write to tell you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I recently lost my father on June 20, 2007 from cancer. Its an awful thing he had his for a year and fought hard but a cure wasnt ment to be. I will pray for you and always remember your in our thoughts!
Father Jim
Wishing you peace and healing.

Fr. Jim
Michael Exum
(Chattanooga, TN)
Just look at all the lives you have touched. All the hearts for Jesus you have helped put life back into. Thank you for all you did,and continue to do even though times are hard. In my Catholic faith we say offer it up when the trials come. But you know that I have seen you many times praise God when your world was falling apart HE WILL NOT FORGET YOU NOR WILL I .

God Bless and Keep you !

Kathy C
(Fort Lauderdale. Fl)
Dear Tammy: Have, like others, been praying for you ever since you first got sick. I saw your recent photo, weighing in at 60+bls. I started storming heaven for you. Many a night (when I was in a really painful marriage), I'd turn on your PTL show at midnight and as you and Jim shared your struggles, it helped me do another day. I can't thank you enough. And your singing always was right from the heart of Jesus, singing through you, healing us all. As I keep storming heaven, a thought keeps coming - sounds and feels so much like our wonderful Lord: "As we are all witnessing the physical state you are in, I keep thinking of all those suffering souls nearing their end, because of Aids. They look so similiar. And I know you specifically have a great heart for God's gay children and they have a great love and respect for you because of your unconditional love and caring for them. What comes to me over and over as I pray that I do believe the Lord is faithful; that you have always been so precious in His sight and it's not over. I believe He plans to restore you, now that so many (with such sadness) have viewed your painful state. And when He does, perhaps He plans to send you to His lost children with the hope of His mercy, unconditional love to meet them (through you) right where they are at so they can know, as He restored you, He can and wants to raise them back up as well. We all believe He is an amazing God and that we are living in amazing times and I just had to let you know I believe what satan meant for your harm, Jesus does mean for your good and for those lost and forsaken (and sometimes unreachable because of the wounds from the 'religious')so He can display His Glory through you to them. This idea comes over and over again whenever I pray and bothers me to the point I have to share it, and wait to see what He does. Please pray about this and don't give up. May His Shekinah Glory arise over you and your family this day and may all those who love you and have enjoyed and benefited from your encouragement, be encouraged together when we do see it manifest! Shalom
Lynda Morris
(Santa Maria, CA)
Just love you so much. As a new christian I listened to you sing. It was like heaven to me. I loved you for being yourself and loving Jesus at the same time cause in our new faith it helped us to know we were accepted as we were. Praying for complete healing for you. Praying for pain to leave and strength to come. We may never meet here Tammy but in heaven I will see you and get to visit. What a joy you are - thank you.
Rev Robert Pfund
May God bless you and your family! I ask God to Heal you in His mighty name and for Satan to leave your body, In the name of Jesus I command the cancer to leave your body! Keep Jesus close to you and we are thinking of you in Nebraska.
(Corpus Christi, Texas)
Tammy, I feel that the time is near. Rest. Be still. And know that HE is God. Peace be with you.
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