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(Mount Vernon, WA)
We're all God's children. You are suffering and still inspire others with your attitude and love for the Lord. God bless you in this life and in the next.
(Laguna Niguel, CA)
I Pray for you daily. God Bless. With Love, Toni
(Lansing, MI)
Your courage and optimism will be your legacy. You have touched thousands of lives with your candor, humor and approachability. With all you have gone through, you keep the faith front and center. You have more friends than you can ever know. God blessed us all when he made you!
(Parker, Colorado)
My prayers are with you. Your faith has never waivered. You are such an inspiration to all of us. I lost my brother to cancer and he too never gave up faith. He found God in his last days and that is what gave him strength to hang on. May God keep you in his spirit and bless you in his love. God bless you Tammy Faye!!!!! We love you girlfriend. ((*_*))
(Macon, Georgia)
Tammy, heard you by phone with Paul Jr. wanted you to know that I am praying for you. God is Jehovah-rope (his very nature is healing and health.Jesus, is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He is Lord over your condition and it is subject to His authority Jesus, is the Great Physician.I agree for your healing Tammy, and for the sickness in your stomach to go away, may your sleep be sweet in Jesus' Name. And may you be pain free, in Jesus' Mighty Name I pray, Amen."
Sherwood Page
(Charlotte, NC)
Dear Tammy,
I just wanted to thank you for sowing into my life through the years. I first began watching you years ago on the Jim and Tammy show and then faithfully watched the PTL club for years as a young teenager. I appreciate your fighting spirit and determination to live. Thank you for stepping out and doing what you believed God called you to do. You are truly an inspiration. God bless you and fight the good fight!


Sherwood Page
(Nova Scotia, Canada)
I'd like to echo the words written by Doris Howard. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kenneth Franklin
(Fort Worth, Texas)
Many years ago you were being hosted by a TV peronality, I forgot who, but you made a statement I've never forgotten. You said, "I trust God with me everyday". Since then, many prayers I've lifted up to our heavenly Father end with "I trust You with me today Lord".

I know you have had a profound impact on a lot of people spiritually during your run on planet earth, and I continue to pray that God will have a miracle for you now and let you keep running for His glory.

God bless you Tammy,
Ken Franklin

Gina Cihak
(Chicago, Illinois)
Please be encouraged and know that he is God, his peace I leave with you, you will soar on Eagles Wings, he is your covering and you have served him well and your mission in this life is not over and yes a Mircale is happening as we speak, may God when you read this give you the peace that passes all understanding and keep it there. I know that you are an amazing woman and God has always been with you as he has all of his children. We are all one with him and from me to you, I speak only positive thoughts and be done with any negative thoughts. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN, I AM ONE!
maggie nakogee
(canada ontario)
tammy my heart goes out to you ...i dont really no you r anything ..but my prayers goes out to you i dont no why just came to me i ve seen you on tbn GOD is still the same today sister ...i am still going through alot right now my self my trust is in the LORD JESUS that HEALTH THEE GOD THAT SHOULD NOT LIE OF HIS WORD..amen he sees what we go through he knows every move we make he knows what we could handle ..amen am just been so BLESSED through you i dont even no you ..but he KNOWS..
(Philadelphia, Pa)
I attended the Heritage School back in the early 80's...thanks to you and Jim, I was able to have a great career in news broadcasting. Thank you for your vision and determination to serve the Lord, no matter what the circumstances. You are a strong woman - and should the Lord decide to bring you home into His presence, I'm confident he will say: "Well done, good and faithful servant." Thank you for being a true and faithful servant. You have touched many lives, including mine...
(San Antonio, Texas)
I used to watch you when I young and saw you on the Sereal Life. I wanted to apologize for my condemning and judgemental thoughts I had about you. PLease forgive me. I heard your testimony during a phone interview Paul Jr had with you just last week, and it inspired me so very much. I am a single mom of 2 little kids and Jesus has really been working in my heart over the past couple yrs., but I desire nothing anymore more then I desire the Holy Spirit. The enemy and my own fleshly desires have tripped me up lately and I haven't felt His joy, but when I listened to you talk from your bed, I heard such love and joy for Jesus coming out of you. Exactly the anointing I want for my life and my kids. You have a true disciple attitude and you are perservering with your eyes fixed on Jesus. I pray that whatever His will is for your life, that He will continue to pour upon you such joy to keep you going till the race is finished. Till we meet with Him......Tammy from Texas
(Okeechobee Florida)
You are such a strong women May God Bless you always
(Bandon, Oregon)
May God hold you close as you go through the pain and trials of this terrible illness. Somehow your spirit has managed to shine through all the tough times you have known. May God's blessings be with you now, and with your family.
(Charles Town, WV)
God Bless you Tammy. I keep you in my prayers. Thank you for the light you have brought into this world.
Ruth Mbabazi
(Kampala, Uganda)
Tammy may the Lord grant you peace above everything you are going through. His love is sufficient and enduring.
I love you. God bless you.
karen bonnici
(Valley View Texas)
Dearest Sister Tammy, Just wanted you to know that we are saddened by your illness, and continue to pray for the Lords healing hand. In the 70's my mom and grandma were very faithful watchers of the PTL... and many a time, your singing would bring momma to tears. May the LORD JESUS CONTINUE TO KEEP YOU WRAPPED UP IN HIS LOVING ARMS.
(New Madison Ohio)
Tammy, My prayers are with you. I have always loved and looked up to you. I pray God's Blessing upon you and that He give you strength each and every day. I love you, and never give up....Isabelle
~~ Juliette Q. ~~
(Ridgeway, SC)
Dear Tammy ("Songbird from Heaven"),

You're such a wonderful and precious warrior for the Lord!! In different ways, you've touched SO many souls!!
Quote by an unknown author: "Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God." One of the most beautiful compensations of life is that when you help another you are also helping yourself. It's amazing that even being so ill, you remain courageous and upbeat!! You've always been a GREAT inspiration to all -in more ways than you'll ever know!! Inspiration can come in many forms. I like what American author, Margaret Sangster, says: "Inspiration... who can say where it is born, and why it leaves us? Who can tell the reasons for its being or not being? Only this... I can think. Inspiration comes from the Heart of Heaven to give the lift of wings, and the breath of divine music to those of us who are earthbound." It's also true, the longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. I'm convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we react to it. You're a perfect example of someone who embraces life for all it's worth!! I also believe that our mission in life here doesn't end until we're called back HOME. I really admire you, Tammy Faye!! More power to ya!! My prayers & love go out to you & yours. Keep the faith!! You're on the brink of a miracle!! :)
Marke Nielsen
(Portland, OR )
Being a semi-long-term living with HIV/AIDS (diagnosed in 1996, but had to have been contracted 3, maybe 6, years prior) this (believe it or not) non-practicing homosexual man wishes you all the best that this earthly planet can bestow. If that is prolonged life (despite the news reports of crucial weight loss) or the perils & pains of undergoing treatment for cancer (I was recently diagnosed with a "dark spot IN my liver" but I feel better than ever hopefully soon to feel even better!)

PS: not that it needs to be noted, but I fully enjoyed your appearance on "The Sureal Life" & supported your choice(s) not to partipate in certain of the groups ... activities.

As always, from the depths of my soul, fight the good fight, keep that smile, & no matter what the naysayers have ever said, baby doll, keep that winning spirit alive!
(Los Angeles, Ca)
Dear Tammy Faye, I am so inspired at the strength you have in Jesus!!! Jesus has used you to help all of us to hang in there. Your love for Jesus is awesome, and Jesus loves you so much!!! You are favored by God!!! Love you, Tammy Faye
(North Carolina)
Dear Precious Tammy, Oh how you are missed and we long to see a new letter from you, but I know you are very sick or we would already have a new letter. Please come back to us if you are able. Thank God for You and all you have meant in my life. Only you Tammy, and PTL could bring me to JESUS, OH how I praise Him for you. Love Lifted Me, YES LOVE LIFTED ME, WHEN NOTHING ELSE COULD HELP, LOVE LIFTED ME ! ! ! BE HEALED IN JESUS NAME PRECIOUS TAMMY FAYE ! !
Diana J Meyer
(Hastings, NE)
Dear Tammy, Like many others I have been made aware of your continuting illness by way of TBN. I was so sorry to hear this and I have kept you in my prayers. When you are quiet before the Lord, allow Him to communicate with you. He will shower you in His love and mercy; He will comfort and encourage you; and if there is anything that He needs to share with you concerning forgiveness, or bitterness, or any kind of deceit, He will bring it to you gently and give you a way to accomplish whatever He requests in these areas. I, myself have had to personally deal with similar issues before a healing could come forth. Sometimes, I don't even remember such people or events until the Lord brings it back to me and gives me instructions about how to forgive, to pray for the offender, or whatever else the Lord requires. I do not say these things to you to suggest that you have problems in this area. I only wanted to bring it forward in case there was something that was causing your healing not to manifest. And in every case, our God is sovereign; He loves you as do I and many others, who will continue to join you in prayerfulness and petition. I too have an ex-husband that had affairs. He divorced me, leaving me with two small children. My forgiveness toward him and his new wife is a continuing process that I must keep current every time something else comes up. Dear Tammy, let NOTHING keep your health and strength from returning to you in fullest measure!! Love always, Diana
yvonne larry
(suva fiji islands)
my dear tammy, i am now living in fiji but i am an american the same age you are and i remember you back in the day, my love goes out to you i pray that you will not have pain that GOD WILL give you miracle and heal you, i feel like you are a family member, no matter where in the world christians are you are in our prayers
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