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Nkeiruka Atulomah
I dont know you at all but hearing you speak on TBN europe made me fall in Love with you , I dont know why you have not being healed but what i know is that your faith will see you through , i only want you to remember our hero
Mimi Harris
(Moreno Valley, California)
Tammy, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. God is real and all that he did over 2000 years ago He can do now. the same power that was in the Universe then is in the universe now, and it is with you. Just reach out and claim it..claim your healing. I'm a Cancer survivor 3 times, losing one lung and part of a nother, and now I'm in remission since 1985 and 1992...I'm a singer and teach vocals, and still God has allowed me to continue singing. It's all in the hands of the Lord. I am, you are and all of us are. I pray that God will touch your body and allow you to rise from this. He is able. Keep on looking Up...Love you..Mimi
Jim M
(Napa, Ca)
Hi Tammy; I just want to ask for forgiveness from you; not that I'm anyone but I was very judgmental of you during the scandal and many of us in the AG churches in California turned our backs on you.

I've now read your books and saw your spirit grow and your the real deal. You may come in a different package but your a special person. May God take away all pain and stress and keep you in his arms. Thanks again for all you've done! Well done fine and faithful servant.
sheila padron
(Portland OR)
Dear Tammy,
I wish you pain free days and peace of heart, mind and soul. We all send you love, just feel it surrounding you. Let it ease you through this. We care. God's blessings upon you.
Jeff Bishop
(Toronto, Ontario)
Tammy, I am always thinking about you and praying for you. I remember the hope and love you gave People With Aids in the early 1980's. I actually saw it in the doc 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye'. You sure are ahead of your time. I don't pray much, I don't think, but I am thinking and praying for you.

Jeff Bishop
(Riverside, CA)
I just watched, via internet, an archived program from 6-21-07, of the PTL program (TBN) with Paul Crouch Jr who did a telephone interview with you. Wow!! I never even knew you were struggling with cancer!! I want you to know that I gave my heart and life to The Lord way back in 1978 watching the PTL CLUB on which YOU and Jim Bakker were on. The Blackwood Brothers were guest singers that night and sang "Learning To Lean".....I'll never forget it!!!! I loved YOUR singing and I still have one of those old 8-track tapes of you singing back in those days :o). I have been faithful to attend church and have taught Sunday School since 1979. I am very involved with Southern Gospel groups and am very busy, therefore I do not have time to watch television as often as I used to, BUT The Lord is still #1 in my life. I was saddened to hear of your cancer, but I definitely admire your faith in God through it all. You are still an inspiration to me, just as you were the night I gave my heart and life to The Lord!!!! One day, I'll get to hug you and say THANK YOU!!!!!
betty christopher
Hi Tammy Please Know you area special child of gods.So sorry for your struggles now ,but you are no stranger to heartaches and my friend you are a brave soldier and you make god proud ,you have stood up to to the test, prayers of your love ones anf friends will cover you with his spirit and strength.god bless and heal you in jesus name.Betty Christopher



Our Father who art in heaven hollowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever


Remember the prayer and say it in your heart

God is always there

Peace to you

(lake forest, california)
Dear Tammy Faye:

I have watched you for many years. I believe that you are one of the genuine truly good people that has God in her heart. You really try and help others. My partner had Cancer and he was only 42. I have started a non-profit organization to support patients and families with everyday problems like transportation, legal and mentors. Colors of Hope, I know what you are going through. I know you are busy and dealing with your recovery which we all are praying. If you or your family has any suggestions for us to help others, please let me know and God Bless. Tony
Angela Evans
(Indianapolis, Indiana)
I really dont where to start, I will start by saying Thank-You for being such a major part of my christian life! there are not many days where my heart and prays arent sent up to God on your behave. I have watched u every since i was a little girl of 9 yrs old when i discovered PTL....I would be outside playing with my friends but when PTL came on everyday at 5pm I would ran in to watch you and then again at 11pm I would stay up to watch u past my bedtime. Watching u on TV allowed be know what it was i wanted to do in the Kingdom of God. God had gifted me with a voice to sing and i knew that i wanted to minister to the masses in both word and song. Every song u sang I learned and would get up in church and sing just like u(LOL) here i was this little african amercian girl sing songs like "Dont Give Up on the Brink of a Miracle" the first song i sang in front of our church was "Amazing Grace" the Tammy Bakker version(smile). I wanted and wished so badly to hv been able to oneday meet u. I began to write u and i will never ever forget the day i recieved my first letter from mother would always tell me that u didnt write back to me that u had a staff who responded to your letters, but of course as a child i would never believe that. In my mind u sat down and wrote every word just for me. I even wrote u and told u that i was saved and all i wanted was my very own bible to read...and on Thrusday Sept 18th 1986 my sixth grade yr, i came home from school and u had sent me a PTL Parallel Edition bible. I carried and treasured that bible as if were gold, that was the begining of my ministry thru u. I was livin in a very abusive home and i hold on tight to every word i read in that bible and every letter i recieved from you. At the age of 9 and 10 you and your ministry gave me hope!!!! your letters (of which i still have along with my PTL parallel bible) was life and a sourse of soooooo much strength and encouragement for me. I am now 34 yrs old I am still saved!!!! I am a gospel artist with my very first CD project due to be released this yr and I am a minister of the gospel!!!!!! Much of who i hv become has a lot to do with u, and the awesome part is that u have never met me. That is just how awesome your minisrty and life has been!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!! heart is full of tears to know that u have been thru sooo much pain during your illness. I have learned that there is life in the words we speak and hear. It is my prayer that my words will bring life to u if the Lord allows this to reach u...and if by chance for whatever reason it doesnt reach u I hope those who will view this message will once again see just how great of an impact u have been to one more person. U have always been beautiful to me even in your illness your beauty still shines bright!!! It is my Prayer that Gods will be done...for we know that God's will is whats best for us all...........Thank YOU.....thank you sooooo much for being apart of my life....I LOVE U..... Your Daughter in Christ....Angela(Burns)Evans
patty manos
(san diego, california)
Hi Tammy Faye - I remember that January in 1982 when I was flipping through the channels and saw this lady in a red dress telling the tv that Jesus loves you. I stopped and listened - you said God loves me so much and that He doesn't make junk - Wow! I was raised Catholic and studied with Jehovah's witnesses but I was always scared of God - I didn't realized Jesus loved me and valued me as a person. I believe you were speaking to a group of female prisoners. Your message touched my heart and gave me comfort and peace. I so desperately needed that love like you had. I tuned in every day to the PTL Club and became a partner - you got me through some very tough years as a single mom with two little girls! I would call your prayer line often and was always encouraged - I went to a great church and have been a committed Christian ever since! My children know the Lord and I have a grandbaby on the way that I'm sure will also follow the Lord - thank you so much Tammy Faye for your faithfulness in preaching the truth in love. I don't know you but I feel such a love for you and I will pray for you. Remember your story about the old lion and how we need to run toward the roar - that old lion is the devil and as you run toward the roar supported by all our prayers, that devil will not be able to hurt you. You are in the great physician's care and we are all praying for you to be healed of this cancer - God bless you Tammy Faye - please don't give up - you were there for me and I want to be there for you! Be well in the name of the Lord our God - our awesome God!!
(Thurmont, MD)
Dear Tammy - I first became aware of you in the early 70's. I was a little girl and you and Jim had a children's show that I watched on Saturday afternoons. I loved watching you and especially listening to your beautiful voice as you sang and worked with the puppets. My mother followed your ministry and has a great deal of respect for you and your value. We love you - what a wonderful inspiration you are on how to live a Christ centered life. I'm 45 now and I feel that you are part of my family in an odd way...since you were a part of my childhood. I'm praying for you Tammy. Your struggle now is a witness to all of Christ's love and the peace that can dwell within us if we come to know Him. Heavenly father, please heal Tammy Faye - from the top of her head, to the soles of her feet. Please completely heal and restore her. In Jesus' name, amen. God Bless you Tammy for all that you've done with your life, and all that you continue to do to touch so many people.
(Clarksville, Ar)
I have been praying for you. I thank you for your attitude in all that you have been through. You are beautiful. I will probably never meet you in this life, but I look forward to meeting you in heaven.
(Frederick, MD)
Tammy - You have touched so many people in your life and have much to be proud of. Your life has been an inspiration and a blessing to so many. Your good humor and personality has never changed. You are and always will be a beautiful person. God loves you and God bless you!!!
debby mcfadden
(cleveland ohio)
May the annointing oil of the most high be upon you today. You are a mighty warrior of the Lord. It was in the early morning hours in the 80's I came to know your ministry on the PTL program - I was rocking my first born - now 27 yrs old to your singing and ministering. The song you can make it rings out through my life. Thank you for your following the call. I am praying for you that God will be with you and give you a miracle. So many times when I feed the birds - I think of you singing about the sparo. I pray fighter angels to come and be around you at this time in your life! Love you.
Patricia Hainey
Dear Tammy, I wish you well. The number of your days will be fulfilled. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. I just wanted to say how much I envied your enthusiasm and joy of life. I was truly jealous that I was not petite and perky and in love with the Lord as you are. I hve come to grips with being big and solemn and in love with the Lord, and.. I still love you all my best to you
Jackie Barnes
(Greenfield, Indiana)
I am praying for you. I love to hear you talk about the wonders of Christ.
Linda Alexander
(Winter Haven, Florida)
Hi Tammy,
Your music gave me strength that I so despirately needed when I was diagonised with cancer.
I had come to the point to where my life was beyond my control.
I put my fears,my worries and my health
in the hands of Jesus.
Your songs of encouragement and the masters touch. He healed me.
I pray that he will heal you Tammy.
Thank you!
Namaste... Linda Alexander
(Lincoln University, PA)

You're an angel sent from GOD! All of us here in the small town of Lincoln University, Pennsylvania love you and pray for you everyday. We looking forward to good news abut your health and maybe even a new letter some day when you're up to it.

In the meantime, WE LOVE YOU AND, come on, get well!
Jackie Faulkner
(Ozark, Al)
Dear beautiful Tammy Faye, I agree with you, your family and all the many others that You are healed! God's word is so true. If it had not been for you and your ministry in 1974, I don't know if I would be saved and living for HIM. I could only get PTL once a week on TV and lived from week to week wanting to hear you speaking words of life and singing that I so hungered for. I will always be thankful for you and PTL Club and I know that He is going to bring you through. You have so much to give to His body. His love and gifts. I love and praise God for you. I'm standing in the gap with and for you. I also was healed of Breast Cancer in 1996. I've recently been Dxd with Pulmonary Hypertension, an extremely rare disease(High lung pressures). I'm going to a PH specialist Dr in Univ of Ala. Hospital. I watched Benny Hinn with Dr Colbert about a booklet he wrote called "Bible Foods that Heal". Deut 8:7-9 "For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land- a land of Pomegrantes...and olive oil. In God's hands Jackie Faulkner
Roberta Lawrence
(Katy, Texas)
Hi, Tammy - It is such an honor to be able to convey my respect and care for you. Even before I understood that I needed to be saved by the blood of Jesus I was so touched when you sang, "The Sun Will Shine Again", and I still sing it to myself when I need some uplifting. Always know that God has used you mightily for the Kingdom and that you will hear "Well done" when you reach Heaven. Thank you for the love you share and the example you send out to a hurting world. God bless you. I pray for your healing miracle!
Joyce Y. Hunt
(Brandon, MS)
Dearest Servant,Thank you for being an inspiration for all of God's people..Continue to be encouraged.God id God, and we believe in Him with you - for your good days as well as those that are not so comfortable...For He knows ALL things, and His will must be done..Again, thank you for believing in God and being an example for others..Anyone can complain, but God gave us YOU!!!
T.J. Lombardi Twenty two years ago today, June 27, 1985, I was lying in a hospital bed, in labor with my first child. I had PTL on the television and, during the terrible pains of labor, you were singing "Don't give up you're on the brink of a miracle." It was encouraging then and I did have a little miracle that day and he is celebrating his birthday today. I always remember that song and that day and that time and place and remember that it gave me encouragement exactly when I needed it.
Now, I would like to offer it back to you - DON'T GIVE UP YOU'RE ON THE BRINK OF A MIRACLE!
God is good. He is faithful and you are in my prayers.
Thank you for being a blessing to many people over the years. You are beautiful today as always, inside and out.
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