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Lyric McCree
(Long Beach, California)
Dear Tammy Faye, I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and I am so encouraged by your tremendous faith and strength in the Lord. Keep the faith and know that God is with you. I pray for your speedy healing and miraculous recovery. Thank you for showing us what a soldier really looks like. Much love to you and your family. Lyric
(Austin, Texas)
You are always in our hearts and prayers. I have St. Jude working for you.
(Tampa, Fla.)
I love you so much Tammy!! You have lead me to God, you are a true Christian. I pray for you to stay on this Earth and spread the message of HOPE and LOVE as you always have, especially to me.

Love always,
Charles Brammar
(McDonough, GA)
Dear Tammy Faye,
I am praying for your complete recovery. You have alway been a blessing to me.
Whe I saw "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" tears just rolled down my face.

Remeber whe You said on PTL"You Can Make it people" Then you sometime sang "Your Blessed your Blessed You are blessed". I love hearing you say that and sing that. I know you will sing again in Jesus name.
Jesus thank you for taking on cancer for us on the cross. I thank you that Tammy Faye in Jesus all powerful name you are being healed. Lord please take all pain away from Tammy's body. Give her supernatural strength. In Jesus name amain!

I love you Tammy Faye,


PS. You were such a withness on "The Real World" Ron Jeramy was really touch by you Showing him, how Jesus lives in you and through you.
(Newburgh, Indiana)
Tammy: Don't give up the fight. You use to say when you get a lemon just make lemonade. We are praying for you but remember we win no matter what happens. God Bless you.
Nancy Salter
(Tampa, Florida)
Hi Tammy Faye,
I am in agreement with God that you are made absolutely whole! Love and hugs!
Jeff Hairrell
(Birmingham, AL)
Hi Tammy, I think of you often and pray for you each time you cross my mind. You have blessed me for many many years, love and concern for you,
(New Orleans, Louisiana)
Thanks for being a REAL example of what a Christian should be. Your outlook on life, your spirit and attitude ar an inspiration!
(Riverside, Ca)
Tammy, my prayers are with you and your family.
(lakeport, ca)
Hi Tammy,
May the protective love of God surround you. May you be free of pain while you keep faith in a miracle!! Know that you are safe and that you are loved.
Gloria Anderson
(Charlotte, N.C)
HI Tammy,
Here's wishing you God Speed, your friend Gloria and Pearl at Value City
Saundra Tazewell
(Chesapeake, Virginia)
Just say "Praise the Lord" during your worst moments. If you can't say it. Think it!
(Terre Haute, Indiana)
Dear Tammy, I have been thinking of you and you are in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU and your amazeing strength through all you are going through. I pray that the lord will make you well again and that you have the opportunity to sing again and do all the things that your heart desires, I am a young woman and i have two children and i know that we can take advantage of life and what it has to offer us, but one thing i know is that GOD is the center of my life and is always there for me even when i am faceing struggles of my own and i know that the LORD is with you and he will see you through this, stay strong and never never give up, keep praising him no matter what, he loves you and so so i. I am sending you BIG HUGS! and lots of Love. Dawn
Karen D H Agnew
(Orlando, FL)
May you walk closely with the Lord as you end your journey on earth. We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses to escort us to the Lord's presence.
Karen H Agnew
Leah Percell Tha
(Arvada, Co 80004)
My dear Tammy Faye,I read an article on you the other day. Want you to know my love and prayers are with you and I wish somehow we could have met in real life. You are such an inspiration to me. I too have cancer, I ws diagnosed May of 2006 with Pancreatic cancer which has spread to parts of my liver plus questionable lymph node involment. But God has been so good to me. Ive been blessed by a wonderful supportive family and my friends have been there for me along this incredible journey. Its been good and bad. Im now on oral chemo, its been o.k. but will be checking with the dr. on Mon. the 2nd to see where we go from here. There hasnt been too much improvement along the way but i have felt fairly good so I count my blessings where I can. You have meant so much to me and I wish you Gods love and peace, wish I could just talk with you and put my arms around you and give you the biggesst warmest hug anyone ever gave you. I admire your strength and courage thru the battles of your life and youve touched my heart. Thank you from my heart to yours. May God bless you and I Love you!!!!In God s love. Bless you Leah Percell
Denise Valenzuela
(Tolleson, AZ 85353)
Hi Tammy, I want to say I love you and have been watching you and Jan since I was a young girl. I am 42ys.old so you know its been a while. Although, we don't know each other, I feel like your an old friend of mine. I want you to keep me in prayer as well. Because, I have been having so many problems with my stomache. Just feeling like I was going to throw up, the most grossest feeling ever. they are going to do a scope down my stomache very soon.I hope you really do read this, because the Lord has me feeling so much better a prophet layed his hands on my stomache w/out me telling him anything and prophiside to me about my stomache and told me that God healed me. Well, I felt a warmth going through my body and I know whatever it was (ulcer, cancer whatever) that I have been healed and I will still follow up with the Dr. and will let you know as well. I want you to know I am reading Exodus 23:25, and Jeremiah 33:6 for the both of us and I will praise The Lord Our God In The Name Of Jesus, Everyday for healing you. I used to think you and Jan were sisters both of you are so beautiful. Tammy "Don't stop believing, your healing (and mine) can happen at any second.", I Love you and hope to someday soon to meet you in person. Will you be coming to Phoenix, AZ anytime soon? Here is my phone number if you want to minister to me or just talk.(if the Holy Spirit put me on your mind, or if you just want to talk.) You know Tammy you have the best bunch of believers in the world praying for you the TBN Family, Especially Jan and her family your'e blessed to know them personally and to have the relationship that you have with God Through Christ Jesus. Your daughter is beautiful inside and out after seeing her picture on TBN and hearing you say how she takes care of you. You are Blessed!!! Love your sister in Christ, Denise Valenzuela
Elaine Baird
Dear Tammy
Take comfort just to know our God will never leave us or forsake us....Put your faith in the Lord he will see you through..Never give up your faith
(Tampa Florida)
Always an inspiration. I am praying for a peaceful and a pain free Tammy. LOve you Tammy.....Derek
(Leesburg, Fl)
Dearest Tammy Faye,
This message is late in coming, but I wanted to thank you for praying for me when I was so ill. You also sang "The Sun Will Shine Again". The sun will shine again for you Tammy and when the time comes for devine healing I know you will be one of the brightest angels in heaven. God bless . . .
(Houston, Tx)
Good Day Tammy,
I have always loved you. When you sang on PTL I would be in tears filled with the Holy Spirit. I could feel the Love in your heart. You had a joyful heart a spirit that came out of your eyes, your voice and your smile.
I join in all those who have faith in the Lord to agree that YOU ARE ON THE BRINK OF A MIRACLE. The Devil has no place in your life and I pray dear Lord Jesus heal Tammy so she can be a testimony to your miracles. Her life has been a ministry along with Jim and the children. Bless them all to continue to minister and help heal those who have lost their way. God Bless Tammy and Roe on their new move may this be the start of a miracle. In Jesus Name I believe Tammy is being healed. Mind, Body and soul.
God Bless You Tammy You will always be in our Prayers.
(Pittsburgh, PA)
you are still here!!!!!!! praying for you.
Sara Hammond
(Shepherdstown, WV)
Dear Tammy Faye,
I am a woman who has just recently come into the faith. I was present when my grandfather suddenly passed away on October 23,2006. I felt so much pain as I watched him helplessly, but as I stood by his bedside, I felt a warmth and peace that I have never felt before. I know that feeling was the Lord coming into my heart. I haven't felt the same since. The Lord heals all things in all people, and I have faith that the Lord will take care of you too. You are such a wonderful, caring person and the world needs more people like you to spread the word. My prayers are with you and your family, and I look for that miracle in your life any day now. God bless you!!!!
Emma R Bergman
(Litchfield IL 62056)
Tammy I was listening to Paul Jr today and you was speaking . I would like you to know I stoped and prayed for you. I pray that GOD will show you his mercy and hold you in his arms . You are a very beautiful person and I will keep you in prayer. I agree with you when you say you will pray for someone you should . Kind like STOP DROP AND ROLL as I tell my husband JIM. Tammy I am sending you a CD that my husband and I have did and would like to give this to you as a gift. GOD WATCH OVER YOU AND GIVE YOU A MIRACLE . From someone who cares and you touched my heart. Emma
Bea Pearre
(Nicholson, Ga)
I also had cancer. I was given about 3 months. It has now been over 5 years. I know God is a healing God! Jesus took the strips for our healing before he hung on the cross for our salvation. Just think of all the prayers that are going up for your healing! We all love you but most of all God loves you!!
Michael R
(Washington, DC)
Love you Ms. Tammy. Your a very special woman to me and a source of great inspiration. Thank you for letting your light shine and being a true example of the love of Jesus. 6-26-07
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