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sharon harris
(ft.worth texas)
god gave me an assignment a year ago to pray for your healing and i pray the word of god into your life with healing scriptures.
new blessings!
sharon harris
ft.worth texas
(new jersey)
Hi Tammy-
I just saw you speak on tv about your cancer. I know how you feel about getting discouraged but don't give up. I also had cancer. I have been dealing with it for the past 7 years. I have to go to keep going every 3 months for rechecks. I get sad and discourage. My marriage failed because of it. But, I know it's going to be ok for both of us. I am going to pray for you and I mean it.
Kay Hathaway
(Lake Charles)
Dear Tammy, My sister tells the story of a young man whose wife was as good as dead from cancer. He literally laid on top of her, in her hospital bed, and made her repeat, You will live. She did.
Virginia mcKee
(Baton Rouge Louisiana)
Love you Because of PTL ministry I Bacame A MATURE CHRISTIAN and learned
to stand in time of trials,believe me
there have been many I am an overcomer
so are you. Virginia McKee
beth messner
(follett, texas)
you are in my heart and in my prayers always. and that you are one sweet women of god. beth messner
Susan D'Ambrosio
(Jacksonville Beach, FL)
Dearest Tammy,
Your don't don't know me but your spirit has touched my life so many times in so many ways a part of it has joined with my own spirit. I love you dearly, admire you greatly and respect and treasure everything about you..I pray right now that Jehovah Shammah, The God WHO IS THERE consumes every cell of your being from head to toe infiltrating every part of your being for He is the GOD who is there, everywhere inside you around you infiltrating you till there is ONLY HIM. May a shield of His Presence so think, so thorough surround you and fill you that it is TOTALLY HE WHO LIVES INSIDE EVERY WHERE FOR HE IS THERE~JAHOVAH SHAMMAH AMEN AND AMEN.. MAY GOD BLESS EVERY OUNCE OF YOUR BEING!!
Susan D'Ambrosio
(Long Beach, Ca)
Your courage and your powerful life have influenced and encouraged me for many years. Thank you for allowing God to work through you in such an awesome and special way. You have made lemonade out of lemons throughout your entire life and it truly is a shining example to all of us on this earth. You have held on with dear life to the promises of God and have inspired many thousands of people to do the same. You have displayed Jesus' principles and reflected His life's example with your non-judgemental and
non-ostrasizing beliefs even though so many mainstream churches and "religious people" still do so today. You will have many stars in your crown and many mansions and rewards for your loving spirit and leading people to the Lord because of your acceptance and love toward everyone, not just those who fit into the "christianese mold". I believe very strongly and sadly at the same time that many of the people who are in the limelight today as "christian leaders" will have huge surprises awaiting them when they get to the gates of heaven for their
narrow-minded, and even hate mongering at times, teachings that turned away millions of people from coming to the saving grace and the love that the Lord Jesus has for all of us here on this earth. You have helped to start to hopefully eventually dispell that popular trend and more godly people will be raised up to share God's love and acceptance to everyone instead of spewing out the venom of hatred and lack of acceptance and love to certain individuals in our society and then deceptively cloaking it in a "GODLY", bible thumping, "christianese with all the trimmings" facade. Thank you so much for all you are and all you have done and I am praying everyday will be in the coming years with the healing of the cancer in your body. I love you and praise God for you. Thank you so much.
Raymond Oley
(Monroe, MI)
Dear Tammy,
My family has watched you since I was a small boy on TV, and we have visited Heritage USA many of times. Just know that you are loved by many many people, and always will be. Most of the songs I use to sing in church were the ones you sang on TV. I always remember watching you raise your hands and sing as you would praise the Lord. You are a wonderful lady. You will always be a special lady to me. I love you and I will remember you in my prayers.


P.S. One of your PTL partners
ginny green
(orlando, florida)
Dear Tammy,
Thank you for just being yourself.I wish the world could believe there are some people such as yourself that have the fruit of the spirit in them always and not trying to impress but rather do the will of the lord. Thank you for the years of laughter,tears and being real.May Gods peace be with you always. Love a sister in christ.
estelle lincoln
(goose creek,sc)
hi Mrs.Tammy. You are in my spirit to pray for you. I've watched and prayed with you for years. When I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life, I watched you and Jim Bakker and God kept me and my family. Now I tell you we know that God still is a healer.He healed me from a stroke without a doctor's care.Tammy my girl He would put this in my spirit"pray ye one for another and ye will be healed".It works.I always pray for others when I am in a test or sickness and disease attacks the body.It doesn't matter what it looks like,feel like, even taste like. who's report will you believe? The Father has to honor his word even when we don't understand.We love you and will continue to keep you in prayer.Nother is impossible for our God. The word says"Is anything too hard for God". NO WE SAY.LOVE YAAA!!!!!
Billie Clifton
(Virginia Beach, VA)
Dear Tammy Faye,

I just heard you speaking to Brother Crouch, Jr. on TBN, and it was the first time I had heard of your cancer. My heart grew heavy the more I heard you speak, and as it seemed your voice was getting weaker and weaker. You made the statement that you should not tell someone you will pray for them if you really don't intend to. I just wanted you to know that as soon as the brief broadcast was over, I prayed for you. You have been through so much in your life, but I believe that one day we will meet each other in heaven. God bless you richly. With Christ's love, your sister in the Lord, Billie Clifton.
Evelyn S. Uslar-Pietri
(Miami, Florida)
Dear Tammy,
My own daughter, also a true follower of Jesus Christ, was recently, and unbelievably healed of rheumatoid arthritis. "By His stripes we are healed". We recited that every day and thanked God, in advance, for His miracle. We serve the one and only God and He is indeed far above words or feeble attempts to describe His awesomeness. Let us just know that He is indeed in the business of miracles and whatever He has in mind is better than anything we could ever hope for. Yours in Christ, Evelyn
Bonnie Jeannerat
(Marble, PA 16334)
Dear Tammy
I just heard your telephone interview on TBN. You are a dear sweet lady. My prayers are with you. You don't know me and I only know you through TV but you have encouraged me. Your're my sister in Christ. Love ya Bonnie
Beverly (Titus) Hullender
(Dalton, GA)
Tammy, You have been an inspiration to me for many years now and even at the worst time of your life, you are an encourager, a mentor, and a pillar of hope for others. I have always held "Don't Give Up(on the brink of a miracle)" in my mind and heart and remembering the anointing that you sang it with has stayed with me and carried me through some really rough times. You've always been a "lady" and a "Christian" at times when it was not so easy to be so--a great inspiration. You are in the hearts and prayers of millions, but most of all, I believe your are also in the heart of Jesus--for I know that he's in yours! God Bless you! I'll be looking for you in Heaven if we never meet here on earth. Love always! --Beverly
Mayme Miller
(Peculiar, Missouri)
Dear Tammy,
I hear that we will be neighbors soon! I pray for you Dear Tammy. We need you. You have been such an inspiration to all. Your love for Jesus shines through like a soft warm rainbow. When I see you, that's exactly what I see ~ the love of our Lord. You are beautiful inside and out and I know our Father is so proud of you. I ask you Dear Father to take away all of Tammy's pain and her sick stomach. Restore her Father. And Jesus I ask you to hold her hand Lord. In Jesus Name Amen. We love you Tammy.
Love, Mayme Miller
Cindy Ibe
(Hickory Creek, Texas)
I want you to know that you have touched me deeply. I watched you on reality TV and know that you are a genuine person. My mother had colon cancer and lost her battle in 2004, so I know what it's like when you have exhausted all treatments. I was flipping through channels today and stopped at a phone interview with you, and I was so touched by what you had said, "Never give up." This is the mantra I have lived by ever since a teacher with cancer had said this in high school. I received my degree in education and have been teaching ever since. Please know that you are bathed in prayers, including mine. Thank you for your inspirational words.
Mary Williams
(Memphis, Tennessee)
Dear Tammy, My prayers are with you. I hope and pray that God will heal your body because He can. You have helped so many people down through the years. May God bless and keep you is my prayer.

Love you with the love of the Lord,
Elisa Buchanan
(Country Club Hills IL)
To God be the glory, just wanted you to know that by his sripes we are healed and that his words cannot return to him void.God loves you so much,and wanted me to let you know what a true Blessing you are to him as well as the Kingdom of God. May you continue to have Blessing among Blessings in your health your joy your peace as well as new mercy and new grace. What a mighty God we Serve. Be Blessed,Loved The Buchanan Family.
Carolyn Gattis
(Winnsboro sc)
hi Tammy, Have been praying for you after watching TBN today ,June 26 07.I know you are truly walking with God and i will continue to pray for you.Keep your eyes upon Jesus,look full on his wonderful face.Great is God's faithfulness unto you.
Ravyn G
(Bedford, VA)
Dear Tammy,
I know Christmas is your favorite holiday and if this year you celebrate it with Jesus in Heaven I just wanted to tell you "Merry Christmas!"
You can't lose when God's Will is done.
May He grant you and your family and loved ones the strength and hope you need to make it past this test of faith.
May you have Christ's Peace,
Ravyn G
joanne rouston
(kenbridge, va)
Tammy, when I heard your voice on TBN, I asked the Lord to Bless you and this word came to me, "He that Loveth is Born of God". That is what you give each time you speak. Thank you!
Doris Howard
(Tucson, Az.)
Hi My Ya-Ya Friend,
I just wanted to say Hi and let you know I'am still here.
I wish I could make sure you
always had the best ~ like laughter,
rainbows, butterflies, and health.
I wish I could take you anywhere you
wanted to go and treat you to
waterfalls, rivers, forests, and

I wish I could make it possible for you
to do anything you ever dreamed of,
even if just for a day.
I wish I could keep you from
ever being hurt or sad,
and that all your troubles
and problems would disappear.

I wish I could package up
all the memories that bring smiles to you
and have them handy for
your immediate enjoyment.

I wish I could guarantee you peace of mind,
contentment, faith, and strength,
as well as the constant ability
to find joy in all the things
that sometimes go unnoticed.
I wish you moments to connect
with other individuals
who are full of smiles and hugs to give away
and stories and laughter to share.
I wish you could always know
how much you are
loved and appreciated.

Love, Doris
Rev Fred Merry
(Concord, NC)
God is still the same today as yesterday. He is still in the healing business. Keep the faith and believe
leslie mazyck
Joyce Hubbard Smith
(St. louis, Mo.)
To my sister in Christ. When I first saw you on TV. I watched you to see if you were putting on an act. After watching a few times, I looked forward to seeing you, because you had the joy of Lord in your voice when you talked about the Lord, and when you sang. I could just see the anointing on you, and wanted that kind of love for Christ. I received it, and I am thankful to God for it. Tammy, remember you can DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST.... Don't look to the left, don't look to the right, just keep looking up, and HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH. You have given soooooo much to others, I pray that God gives you UNCOMMON DIVINE FAVOR, AND GOOD HEALTH, IN JESUS NAME. LOVE JOYCE
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