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Lucy Trousas
(Riverside, Ca)
My family and I are praying for you. I am seeking the Lord for our future and your healing. You are a brave heart and we love you. Keep holding on to His unchanging Hand. Until we meet in Heaven - Love and peace to you my dear sister!
Lisa H.
Much love and prayers to you at this time. I enjoyed seeing you on tv, your smile and giggle are a bright spot much needed on the airwaves.
Take care!
(greenville(harris city)ga)
may God bless you and keep the faith. Remember God will never leave your side! love ya!!
Letica Taylor
Tammy Faye, I come to encourage in the name of Jesus.Yesterday I seen your interview with Paul Crouch Jr. and it touched me. One thing that you said is true alot of times we will tell someone that we are going to pray for them and then we forget,I myself have been guilty of that same thing so just like you most of the time I try to pray for that person right then unless while I am in my prayer closet the Lord brings them to my sprirt.I pray that those who were watching you caught on to that when you said it because prayer is like the glue,it bonds us to the Father through Jesus.And if we say we are going to pray we need to just that.I said I was going topray for you yesterday and I did but I also felt led to write you as well.You know you also mentioned how you had asked some of the ones that have been visiting you,why is it that some people get healed and some don't? and noone could answer that question and that's amazing to me and all I could think about is where in Isaiah 53:4,5 it says, surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows;yet we esteemed Him stricken,smitten by God and afflicted.But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquties;the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior,you are healed by His stripes.Cancer is just a name in God eyes so cancer has to bow down by the authority of Jesus Christ.You are already healed that's why Jesus died.God can do whatever He wants to do,because He is God.Keep your eyes and your mind stayed on Jesus and believe and receive your healing.He will give you peace that you won't even be able to understand.No,I don't have cancer but I have prayed for and seen too many people be healed physically from it and it's all so that God can get the glory.I think God will allow some to be healed physically so that somoene else can see Him working through that indivdual.Everything God does is about Him.Now God didn't give you cancer but He my have allowed it so someone else may believe in Him through this.God is a Healer and that s what He wants people to see.You continue to speak the Word over yourself and ask God to give you joy,unspeakable joy and know that when you suffer, you are suffering with Him.May Gods peace be with you
john ferry
(cayce s.c.)
Dear Tammy,
This is the country boy from south carolina i just want to let you know that i say a prayer for you every chance i can, you wrote me back several months ago and made my day. i know that you are probably not feeling very well at all but please try to keep up your wonderful smile and bubly personality it will get you through alot of rough days, you have touched my life in a wonderful way with all of your songs and tv shows. Please know that GOD has blessed you so very much in all that you do. you have touched so many lives and made so many people feel great just by you being you...I WANT TO KNOW MY LIFE HAS BEEN BETTER FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE SAID, DONE AND LIVE EVERY DAY IN JESUS. THANKS TAMMY FOR BEING YOU MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALWAYS IN YOUR HEALING AND GET WELL SOON WE ALL MISS YOU VERY MUCH,

Sandra (Smitham) Range
(Claymont, Delaware\)
I pray for you everyday. I remember good times we had back in Mpls., we were all Pastor Olson and Sister Ferns kids. I so wish I could speak to you but this will at least let you know that over the years and the miles you have stayed an inspirational and very important part of my life. I never forget a friend and I've never forgotten the wonderful days at MEA. Love to you beautiful lady...stay your says, "you can make it."
(Escondido, CA)
You WILL make it! God promises are free and He will give you the desires of your heart. Be encouraged! You WILL see the end of your faith. You WILL live and NOT die. God has the last word and not the devil through sickness and disease. People are praying for you all over the world. The prayer of a righteous man makes much power available and God will answer. Hold on to your faith in God's promises and at the appointed time you will reap the manifestation of your physical healing. My heart ached for you when you said you saw young people and wished you could "feel great" for one day. That statement gave an idea of how bad you felt physically all the time. It's your spirit man and the prayers of people all over the world that are keeping you alive. I pray to God that after you come through this- you are not staying in it but coming through it, you will feel great physically all the days of your life. Even greater than in your younger days. Nothing is impossible with God and He is able to do it. To God be the glory. We all love you, God loves you even more and He WILL NOT leave you comfortless. Your sister in Christ, Andrea
Mary Wilkerson
You are such an inspiration to us all....Tammy as you already know ,"FAITH" won't make all thing's easy,it will make all thing's "POSSIBLE" are truly loved and forever in my heart and in my prayer's...God Bless You!
(reno nv)
tammy i love you God bless you.i am praying for you in the name of Jesus Christ cancer has to leave your body by Jesus stripes you are healed Amen.

(lawton, oklahoma)
such a inspiration you are to so many people. In your own personal tragedy you are still so concerned with others. May the Grace of our God be with you. Thank you Tammy My thoughts and prayers are with you
(Albany NY)
Tammy, you make God proud. You have touched many souls with your wonderful inner light. I pray that your pain will be eased and you find much solace in God's comfort. Peace.
Betty Janice Dooley
(Charleston West Virginia)
Jesus knows your hearts desire, to live and be with your family and loved ones. As I look at your photo, I am praying for you restored health in Jesus name! Charlotte is a pretty city, I assisted INSP in prayer there last year. Please keep my sister Charlotte in prayer, she is having treatments now, iron depleted since gastric bypass surgery, very run down. Pray peace in her heart and forgive of others and herself! I love what you said on TV last night, that you are spending time praying for others. I am anointed to pray for the sick, and Jesus and you had me at the hospital at 6:00 AM This saturday morning praying for others; my mom passed at the hospital. I cared for her 20 years, all my life while she suffered from many illnesses. She is now living with Jesus, but I still feel her very close to me. God bless you and your family, especially Tammy Sue for caring for you, you mean so very much to me. I want to attend bible college and get the word in me. Please pray God will bless me with finances to do just that. I see healings when I pray. I was in Jacksonville assisting Pastor Benny Hinn in January. I would love to go monthly, and I believe someday that will come to pass. I want people saved and healed in Jesus name. Your heart is so open to everyone, I love you. Sister in Christ Jesus Betty
(Belton, Mo)
Tammy even in this trying time you still radiate a light that inspires the world. You're in my thought's and prayers.
(Palm Harbor,Fla)
Dear Tammy, I remember those days we visited PTL and how you sang "Never Give Up on the Brink of a Miracle" That it what we are praying for you. We continue to pray for you and that your pain will go away. You are an inspiration to all of us...God bless you.
Kim Dornback
(Sacramento, CA)
Keep the faith! I've always been a fan of yours. Such a positive person. Watching you on the Surreal Life was so much fun. They needed you to keep the peace. You are a child of god and whatever he has planned for you, will be done. We are all pulling for you. Love you lots, Kim
Saundra Dichiera
(Four Seasons, Missouri)
Dearest Tammi:

We all pray for you and that God will be with you daily as you strugle with this illness, but we now that your always in Gods hads and he will deliver you from all this pain and suffering. May our Lord bless you this very minutes and give you peace. God bless you in all that you do in his name!
(Dallas, TX)
Hi,Tammy. I want to tell you how much you influenced my like. I was a lost soul and miserable. I would watch you on the PTL show and longed to believe that God could save a miserable, lost Jewish boy like me. Finally after watching and praying one night I decided I had had enough of the PTL and praying to be saved. I decided I would never pollute my mind again with such teaching. The next morning I got a call from a coworker asking me to go to church. I did and gave my life to God. That has been over 25 years and I am married to a wonderful Christian wife. I have had my struggles just like you and everyone. I think that is why I admire and love you. You are authentic and not afraid to be who you are. Always know your life has not been in vain. I am here alive because God used you to save a lost young man. I will not even go into the sin I was in. What makes me sad, is that you probably will not ever see this note of thanks, but perhaps you will so I am writing it. I know that if God worked through your ministry to straighten me out, there must be thousands others like me. God, bless you Tammy. Again, I love you and pray peace, rest, and love over you.
Apostle G. Marie Carroll
(W Hempstead NY)
Grace and Peace Tammy Faye,
God Bless You woman of God. I have been praying all day to get the answer to this and the Lord revealed himself to me. He said to tell her to check her spirit for unforgiveness, whether it be
forgiving others,asking for forgiveness from others and of major importance knowing that you are worthy of receiving forgiveness from God. The Lord uses me in this way and I felt compelled to share this with you. Tammy no matter who or what it is forgive them it is not worth it.God Loves You and I Love You! Apostle G. Marie Carroll
Afton lambert
(chesapeake, va.)
Tammy, you have always been such a pretty little thing, inside and out. I am just one, speaking for many here in Va. you are our angel here on earth, teaching us through your hardships; how to brush ourselves off, put on our smales an mascara, and keep on keeping on. We truly love you and pray for you.
(Batesville , Mississippi)
I heard you speaking over the phone recently on TBN. I was so impressed by your statement you win either way whether you live or die and go home. I wish you all the best and thank you so much for making me smile over the years. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You were one of the first really happy women I believe I ever saw on Tv talking about Jesus. May God be with you and your loving daughter whom you said is caring for you. I wish you all the best and will pray for you as so many others are Im sure.... Love and Huggles
Gloria Harper
(Stone Mountain, GA)
Tammy I have followed your ministry for years and have been tremendously blessed by your service and love to others. I heard your interview with Paul Crouch Jr. on June 21, 2007. I have been praying for you and I want you to know that God gave me this scripture for you. Exodus 23:25 (You shall serve the Lord your God; He shall bless your bread and water, and I will take sickness from your midst.) I know you know that God is not slack concerning His promises and He will take sickness from your midst simply because of your service to Him and others.

Love Gloria
(Baltimore, MD)
Hi Tammy,

Your ongoing effervescence of spirit has been such an inspiration to me! In fact, you're probably the only person who ever inspired me to use the word effervescence :) You have enriched my life in more ways than you could ever know. Much love to you...I'm keeping you in my prayers.
Deloris Spruill
(Brooklyn N.Y)
oI greet in the name of Jesus Christ. You are in my prayers.Your encouragement to others at this time is a awesome display of faith&trust¬ giving up,has been the Lord message throughout the bible.May God continue to strengthen you while still using for His Glory,and always remember the "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" for He Is Faithful.God Bless You.
(St.martin f.w.i)
My prayer goes out to you. may god continue blessing you richly and keep your eyes on jesus he knows the best. i wish you all the best from my heart to yours.
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