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Ayodele AwopejuLagos,
(Lagos Nigeria)
Hi Tammy, Your sickness is not unto death,Jesus has made thee whole. The devil is a liar. Very soon you will hear from the Lord, arise you are made whole in Jesus name. Amen.

(Louisville, Ky)
Tammy you really helped to know the Lord in a personal relationship.
(Santa Rosa, California)
I am praying for you Tammy Faye! I just want you to know that you are so loved and appreciated within the LGBT Community. Until you came along, I did not know that Christians could be so non-judgemental towards gays and lesbians. I am a Christian and thank God, most of my family members are no-judgemental...But out there in the world of TV Evangelists, it can be pretty bad. Thank you for spreading unconditional love in the Christian Community...Showing Christians that loving everybody, is so important. It does not matter who you are, your ethnicity, your gender or sexual orientation. People are people and we need more love in this world. Thank You and God Bless You.

Love, Natalie
(Richmond Ky)
Tammy, you are the real deal I will pray and continue praying for you. I hope that your pain is eased but better than that a healing is still in able to happen. As long as there is life there is hope.
I love you and God Bless
EKU Student
Kathei Courtland
(Lodi, CA)
Hi Tammy Faye!
I am saddened to hear your health has declined. I am a cancer survivor and I believe in HOPE! If you ever feel even for a moment like you can't hope, it's okay, I have enough hope for both of us!! You have been a wonderful example to me of a true Christian. You face adversity with grace, you love unconditionally and live without judgment of others who might live differently than you, and you continue to praise the Lord and you continue to count your blessings. Your beautiful life is absolutely pure evidence of God's love at work in one's life! I think you're precious, Tammy Faye! Thank you for sharing your life so publicly with us and thank you for your spirit, your cheer, your tears, your love and endless fountain of joy! You are absolutely so precious... our world is so much more beautiful because you have been a part of it! I'm praying (and hoping!!!!) for you! Peace.
Love, Kathei (I Thess. 5:16-19.)
grace jerry-Onyi
(Dublin15, Ireland)
hi Tammy, you are really precious, hearing you say you pray for others while on expecting God to heal to is very edifying, remain blessed sweetheart, Gee.
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Dear Tammy,
I heard your satellite interview with Paul Crouch, Jr. on Praise the Lord last night. I remember seeing you on Praise-A-Thon a couple of years ago and you looked so wonderful and strong. God is a healing God but we also know that these earthly bodies will not be perfected until they reach Glory! I pray for peace in your body and freedom from pain and that you will continue to be a light to many everyday. God Bless You!
Christie Taylor
(Vicksburg Mississippi)
Dear Tammy,
I can understand where you are right now I haven't been a patient my self but several years ago my child Dillion
was diagnosed (he was only 18 months old then).
You know Tammy I thought I knew Our Lord before He got sick but one day after extensive treatments and a home visit from the hospital.
I turned on the television and you were there,I gave my life to the Lord then and Dillion got better daily,
He is now 9 years old cancer free and still going stong.
Over the last 2 years I have rededicated my life to the lord and am learning aso much.
So at this time I would truly like to ask if You would let me prayer for you?

Heavely Father,
Your word says when two or more are gathered in agreement you are in the midst of them and anything they ask in your name will be given unto them
So father I come to you in the name Of Jesus Christ and remind you that you are no respector of persons and what you have done as healing my child you will also Heal Tammye Faye as you see down from Heaven Oh Lord ,that so many are gathered in agreement in prayer for Tammy's Healing Lord.
WE ask Lord Jesus In your name That Tammy's White, Red Blood Cells , Immune system , Tissues ,Organs,Muscles are not sick and have no disease .
Father your word says if your word abides in us and we abide in you
then we shall ask what we will and it shall be given unto us So Father in the Name of Jesus Christ For your Healing power to Flow throughout Tammy Faye's Natural Body as I also remind you your word says we can tread upon scorpions and snakes and they shall not hurt us Father Tammye is treading Father And I ask your strenght in her treading Father we know you are the true Healer and we Just ask Healing,Healing Healing to come forth In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Tammy I have to tell you after my son was diagnosed and had went through treatment and ,etc (you know the routine) anyway the Drs. sent us home with no hope but you know what The Lord showed them they were wrong and
He got well.

With much Love,

Christie Taylor
audrey smith
God bless you Tammy!I have been praying for your complete and total healing and restoration since learning about your illness.Years ago when I was a young single mother in my 20's you ministered the Word of God to me though PTL. Thank You for being obedient to God's word,as it was the beginning of this glorious walk with the Lord for me.I'm sure many people have this same testimony.I saw your interview by phone with Paul jr. last night on Praise(6-21-07) and I was filled with delight. You sound wonderful, God is so good. I learned that you will be moving to Kansas soon. Always know that like Paul jr., you are special to me and I will continue to pray for total restoration for you where ever life takes you.God is a healing God and in the authority that the powerful name of Jesus commands, healing belongs to us, so you were healed and you are healed in Jesus name. Proclaim this everyday Tammy, regardless of what you body symptoms say. Those symptoms have no rights and like everything else with a name , they have to bow it's knee to the authority of the name that is above every name. Believe this and receive your healing Tammy it is so.God be Praised for His marvelous wonders His Love brings us. Ilove you and stand in prayer for your complete healing in Jesus name,Amen. God bless your precious family, in Him, audrey
Ramona Greathouse
I was moved to write this note to you because I know what it is to suffer, and I know what it is to struggle with the idea of giving up. I want to remind you that we must live what we believe, not what we feel. We may feel like giving up, but we will always choose to believe what we know is true, and that is that God is in control, and His plan is beyond beautiful. Thank you for being obedient to God. You have been a blessing to me. I love you!!!
Donna Cochrane
(Rochester, New York)
Hi Tammy

Just wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you and praying that you are not suffering.I recently caught you on T. V talking to someone and was very surprised how frail you have become.Know that there are millions of people out tere praying for you and when the time comes that you are called home I know you will be safe and happy in the arms of your Lord.
Take Care and God Bless!!
Sweet Pea
(Athens, GA)
Stay strong as you always have. Much love to you - angel with a broken wing.

(Hilliard, OH)
Tammy, you are one of the strongest & bravest people I know. I don't think I would be able to handle something like this, myself. I think I would have just given up. Thank GOD you didn't! I will pray for you, & your family, though these trying times. GOD bless you all.
sister mary caleb kudi
(Newton Abbot, UNITED KING)
AS Paul junior called for prayers for you today the 22/06/07. i have prayed for you before, but this time around instead of praying i asked The Lord about you and your health. The Lord led me to Proverbs 9: 10: " The fear of The Lord is the begining of wisdom and the knowledge of THE HOLY is understanding. for by ME thy days will be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased". so The Lord gave me the answer to your healing-- pray for The Lord to multiply the days of your life and increase the years as you fear Him and have the knowledge of HIM. i have already prayed this passage of scripture for you and i know and believe the Lord has answered. i remeber i once also have prayed this scripture for my myself for sometime. let the comfort of The Holy Spirit remain with you. remain blessed.
(Abuja, Nigeria.)
Tammy you are a good woman. May God see you through the present trial. He is able. May his will be done in your life. Remain blessed.
courtney and family
we are praying and hope you get better
Alvin Deteren
(Arima Trinidad WI)
You were first introduced to my generation via the Surreal life before which i had only heard of you fleetingly. It has been delightful to see you ever since,you are always so full of life and joy even in the darkest of times. im not Christian but i always admired you because i think you come closest to what a REAL God fearing follower of JESUS CHRIST should be. You were so real on the surreal life and real throughout, you are a remarkable woman and Jesus is waiting with wide arms to take you home. ALL THE LOVE AND WARMTH ON YOUR JOURNEY FROM THE CARIBBEAN!!!
Karlee Shawn Coons
(Fountain Valley, Ca.)
PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS TO TAMMY FAYE!!! PLEASE! First,let me remind you that YOU ARE HEALED. I know satan is taking his toll on your mind, spirit and strength,but keep reminding yourself that YOU are his authority. Don't let him fool you with the signs and symptoms of death. I attended a TBN taping last night and Paul,Jr. played the taping of his conversation with you and asked us all to keep you in our prayers. I have you in my prayers now and I immediately thought of you when reading an email I received today.It talks about the many benefits of mushrooms. One of the benefits is boosting energy,the immune system and fighting cancers and tumors. Now, I know that GOD doesn't need any assistance to heal you, but it will be nice if you can get an energy boost so that you're not so tired and can think from another perspective. It must be much easier to accept death when you feel so drained. So, I pray that somebody with you will actually get on the internet to look up the many benefits of mushrooms, particularly Maitake mushrooms. Also, I pray that I can persuade somebody to read a book to you, which you may have already read by now. However, if you have read it I'd like for it to be read to you again at this crucial moment in your life. It's been refreshing for me and has woken my dying spirit. I believe it will give your spirit the strength it needs to win this battle. The book is by Kenneth Hagin, called Bible FAITH Study Course. This is a phenomenal book that specifically points out why some people receive healing, while others do not. I honestly pray that one of your loved ones will sit down and read as much of it to you as you can absorb, as often as possible. I have Faith that it will begin to heal you until it spikes your Faith back up to where it needs to be. Don't misunderstand me, I know that you of all people understand the principles of Faith and that you have it, but I don't know if you have the energy to use it at this point. In the tape of the conversation last night you specifically said that people were asking you why some get healed and others don't,and you said you didn't have an answer. Tammy Faye, I believe the only reason I attended TBN (for the first time)last night was to hear your conversation with Paul and to get this message to you. Other than that, I really didn't get any profound understanding from being there (no offense to TBN or the guests, I did enjoy myself). Plain and simple,I believe my only purpose for being there last night was to begin praying for you and again, to deliver this message to you. I have an extra copy of the book that I would LOVE to send you,if someone just lets me know they plan to read it to you or you let me know yourself. Actually, I'd like to send it regardless, just so that the presence of it is near and you'll possibly pick it up to read it one fine day. Please contact me with mailing info so I can get the book there. In my prayers to thank HIM for healing you 2007 years ago, Karlee
Mary Ann
(San Diego)
I heard you say that if you are going to pray for someone, do it !!! I am praying for you right now as I write this...I can tell you are at peace because you are a woman of great faith...we are the lucky ones...I am thinking of those who may be in your situation and think this iife is all there and I need to pray for these people to be given the gift of have been a wonderful mentor to so many....the Lord is delighting in how many people you have brought to Him....I love you and God loves you!!!!!!!
Cecelia Samudio
(Katy, Texas)
I am praying for you - know that I see God there with you - it is seen in your strength. May He continue to bless you and heal you.
(knoxville Tn.)
Tammy ,
I am praying for you my christain sister
Quasie Champs
(398 S Grant)
my faith is with you
Quasie Champs
(398 S Grant Av Col Ohio)
Hi Tammy you have and always will be an inspiration to me. I watched you when I lived in Chicago on PTL as a child. after I was save at 5 I recieved spiritual food from your ministry. I told my mom that you were on the top of my list of fire filled Christian. I use to think man she wears a lot of make up. I always saw you beautiful inside and out, because your heart for Gods people and souls was so great. I know you love God I love you I have always wanted to meet you so I could embrace you and you embrace me. I know Gods not finished just hold on a little longer. God bless you in Jesus name Lord I thank you her faith is strong and you have already healed her and Jesus strenghten her to impart to the next generation. I was in pray I know the Lord will take you home not until you pass the mantle of grace and love God has blessed you with. all of us won't make the rapture. I hope to see you before you go to Heaven. Like it says in scripture Hebrew12:2-4,9,11-13 one day Well done my good and faithful servantMt25;21
Mparana Lynda Brenda
(Kampala, Uganda)
Dearest Tammy, your beautiful, i guess you stil are, so sorri about yo sickness, God is a healer of all diseases, i just said a little prayer for u. May God see u through darling.
Love u
Barbie Lou
I pray for you Tammy Faye. I love your spirit and inner beauty that is you. I will pray for a miracle. You are too precious to go home to Jesus just yet.
All my love,
Barbie Lou
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