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Hello tammy,

I am 14 years old and i think your a very wonderful woman of god i am praying for you always

God bless,
Dear Tammy,
My love and prayers are with you.
When I went through a very painful divorce I would watch you and Jim every morning and gave me the strength to go on.
God bless and keep you
(Hopkinsville, Kentucky)
Tammy Faye,
You have inspired so many people during you life, and continue to do so even through your trials. As you already know, God is with you and wants to heal you. I lift you up and add one more prayer for God to heal you. We love you here in Kentucky.

Rebecca Lanier
(Ball Ground, Georgia)
Dear Tammy,
wishing you all God`s blessings. I pray you will have your miracle soon and continue to spread THE GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL........LOVE YA
Joyce Granville
(San Francisco Bay Area)
Hi Tammy! You've made your own mark on the world. They even made a movie about you! Try to stay on the earth, but if you have to, you can fly up to the sky and be free. Love, Joyce
(Neelyville, Missouri)
Tammy, I am so sorry to hear how ill you are. I have always admired your class and graciousness and kindness to others. I have very vew female role models, but you are definitely one of those, and you are certainly in good company, my others were Tammy Wynette and Jackie Kennedy. God bless you always, Tammy, and your precious family and friends.

Love always,
Mary Hicks
(Avondale, AZ)
Dear Tammy, You have always been such an inspiration - your warmth, your vitality, your optimism, your ability to find the best in everyone and everything, your humor, your pluckiness - you've been our modern day "Unsinkable Molly Brown" and thanks to your amazing openess, we've been able to rise and fall on the waves with you. I hope - and it surprise me a bit - you rise again because the world needs people like you lest we take ourselves and the inconsequential matters of life too seriously. Good luck and take care and thanks for brightening our lives!
Sharon Wells
(Midlothian, Va)
Dear Tammy- I wanted you to know that your strength has inspired me as I go down my own road after a Cancer diagnosis. My cancer is gone! (not just in remission) I met you when I was a little at girl, at PTL.(I am now 37) Our family went every summer vacation! I remember you were larger than life to me! I remember what a magical place PTL was! I remember the little dolls, and you singing "You can Make it!" I have cheered you on for many years. I just wanted to tell you that I love your spirit, and appreciate what a godly woman you are!
(plano tx)
hang in there! keep smiling....
DeeDee Animashaun
Dearest Tammy: First and foremost,Greetings to you,in the lovely name of Jesus Christ! Halleujah! Halleujah!! God is goood and MERCIFUL!!Tammy, l have sooo much respect and love for you and your famiy. l remember watching you on the PTL club program. l always thouht to myself; how your beautiful spirit came across on tv,and to lift other souls up.. Not too mention your beautiful singing voice as well,and your style of dressing always on time. l am a believer in Christ Jesus as well. l love the Lord!! Sister, get well and remember(bible story) King Hezekiah was sick and was about to die. Well,...he found a wall and prayed..Remember?God gave him 15 more years to live.JESUS!! EVERY SICKNESS IS NOT UNTIL-TAMMY SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE!! ln JESUS name...Amen
With love,
Sister DeeDee Animashaun
Pastor Michael Hailey
(Brandon, Fl)
I love you...plain and simple...I just love you.
(Oglethorpe County Georgia)
Tammy touched my life with hers. She is a real and transparent BEING in this world of frauds.

She deserved and deserves better.

If suffering is the way of Christ, then Tammy has surely shown us the burden which naturally comes upon those who exude light in this world.

I love you, Tammy. GOD BLESSES YOU!
My prayers to you for your pain and comfort! You are a beautiful inspiration to us all. Please know how much you mean to all of us and we thank you for all you've done and are continuing to do for the world every day. God Bless you!
Tammy, ever since I was a little kid, you were a big part of my life. I watched the show all the time. Just wanted to let you know that your life has not and never will be in vain. You have brought joy and happiness to millions. And I am just one of those millions. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Thank you for making Christianity real; right down to the real world level. God bless you.
carolyn mulhearn
(Monroe, Louisiana)
Dear Tammy you are so wonderful and beautiful---I pray for you. Ihope Godletsyou stay longer here as your bright and beautiful light is so needed. God Bless Youand your loved ones. Love YOu, Carolyn
I love you Tammy Faye.

The poem to you from "Preacher Man" on page 142 is great.
Angie Reid
(Durham, NC)
My prayers are with you! I pray that the Lord will suppress your pains. With lots of love - Angie
(Evansville, IN)
I have been wanting to write you for a while and this was before I heard you were ill. As most closed-eyed, judmental people, I never knew much about you and listened/believed terrible things that were labeled about you. After watching VH1 and seeing the real you and who you were without all the controversy surrounding your past life, I fell in love and you and was ashamed to have judged you before knowing you. When I heard you were ill, I knew I had to write you and let you know what I thought of you. You are a unbelievable gift to this world that never stops shining. You are inspiration and a breath of fresh air to everyone who has ever been through the storm and seen the sunshine. You are hope when all seems lost. I pray for you and thank you and GOD for giving us you to know and love. Don't give ever give up. You have made it this far for a reason. You are greatly loved!
(Orlando, FL)
You hang in there Sweet Woman of God...
Jay Wilcox
(Blue Springs, Missouri)
I have prayed so hard for you YOU CAN MAKE IT HONEY I DID i had bacterial entercorditis in 2000 and beet that thinking i had the flu and then all of a sudden had a fever of 108 and didnt know my wife any more and then out with 3 bleeds in my brain and was paralyized on my left side had the rehab and home hospice care and now am working for UPS in warehouse I MADE IT YOU WILL TOO!!!!! and had rehab a month and a half later then that was 7 years ago MARCH 27th ; baby doll I lost my dad to cancer; multiple myloma in 2001 (april 1st) what a jokerin life and at death dying on april fools day what a cutup!!! and lost my grandfater march 15 1975 to tne same thing my dad had so you hang in there honey god loves you and me for keeping us here this long im 46 now had the endorcitis when i was 39 thought later IM HERE FOR A REASON!!!

Christian love forever

Tammy Faye, You can do it! I love you girl.
bless you sweet lady.hope your doin well. your in my prayers.
Michael Cannon
(Key Largo, Florida)
While at work this morning you popped so immediately and totally into my mind I had to respond in some way. I am sending you my prayers for recovery and unity with God and wishing you all the best.
Pat Gail
(Melbourne Florida)
You are a profound inspiration to me and so many others! May God hold you in his arms and keep you warm and at peace. Thank you for all that you share with us. God Bless You!
Min. Samuel Evans
Dear Woman of God i want you to know that since the very begining of the PTL program you have had a special place in my life . If your beliving for a healing mericale then gues what im beliving with you also. I love you and may his grace and peace be with you .
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