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(Miami, Fl)
I met you a few years ago at my work. You were a darling lady and such an inspiration. May the Lord and angels be by your side at night and smile along with you in the morning.
savalda j . Platt
(houston, Texas)
i pray to God that he will be with your family and with you. I know you will be in his hands and just keep your faith.
connie Pace
(Philadelphia, Pa.)
Dear Tammy Faye:
I watched PTL many years ago with my husband who was a new christian back in the late 70's . We were excited when the show would come on and always enjoyed your singing.

May God give you peace and comfort as you hold on to Him during this time of
Beckie Price
(Tallassee, AL)
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. My whole family is praying for you. WE LOVE YOU!
I have written many times. You are daily in my prayers. I pray that you will feel engulfed by all the love and prayers being lifted up to our Heavenly Father on your behalf. I pray that you feel no pain and are surrounded by your precious family.
kathhy salamy
(las vegas nv)
(Chicago, Illinois)
You are a real inspiration and I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless You!!!!!!!
(Fort Mill,SC)
I just want to send you love today. I have been agreeing with you for healing for some time now. God is still able, so I stand with you, dear. We are forever sisters and someday will be able to share that together. Be blessed today. God loves you and so do I.
Mark Dahl
(Phialdelphia PA)
Dear Tammy: As the days go by I think about you more and more. I think how blessed I am to have you as an influence in my life and to my generation. You were the one who first bridged the gap between the gay community and the christian community. I thank you for opening those doors and you are truly a hero in my eyes and to many people out in this world.
I hope you know that by showing us your love, many of us have seen the light of Christ in your eyes.

I sincerely thank you.
Wondering how your'e doing, I pray that you are getting better,I met you in person at PTL in the good years,I was there two different times and loved every minute of it, Love You.
Tammy Faye, Am praying for a full recovery for you. Keep the faith girlfriend.
Hi Tammy

You continue to be in my prayers, and i KNOW that God is surrounding you with His Love and Peace.

There is something about praying for someone that prompts me to want to know how they are doing. It is like I know you more because I pray for you.

Is it possible to post another update for all of your prayer family ?

In His Grace,

Peggy Stanley
(Richmond, MO)
Tammy, you are in my prayers every day. Keep the faith. Many people are praying and standing for you.
(Salem, OR)
Tammy so many people love you and are praying for you! We check back for updates and worry when we don't hear. Please feel our love and know that so many people care.
(Pompano Beach, Fl)
You are brave and courageous. I wish you peace, hope and love. I hope and pray you do not have to suffer and that your pain will be gone. You are an inspiration. May God Bless You and you family.
(Plant City, FL)
Tammy Faye,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. You have been and continue to be a true inspiration to me. Thank you.
Jim H
(Naperville IL)
Dear Tammy,
You are and always will be an inspiration. I appreciate they way you accept people as they are, without judgement. God Bless You always, you are in my prayers!
(Felton, PA)
Tammy, You are a beautiful woman of God with such a precious heart. Your testimony is so full of grace, forgiveness and love and you have been a living example of Matthew 5:16.
Missy Singer
(Santa Clara, CA)
Dear Tammy
What a wonderful prize you have waiting for you. God's promise. You have so many wonderful friends and family waiting for you in heaven. Peace, freedom, and no pain. While you're here, resting, close your eyes and ease into the glorious feeling of floating upward to God.
Rest in his ever-present arms around you, feel loved and smiled upon. God has built a home for you. The Home you've worked for, for so long. Your short time on earth is almost finished. Be blessed in his love. We will remember you!!!
(Kansas City, Missouri)
You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Get well soon.
(Denver, CO)
How do you tell someone you've never met, only seen on TV for years, what their life has meant? We're different faiths, different lifestyles, but my admiration for you is undeniable. You are an example of God's love. For those of us who feel denied of that love, you are the earthly example of how much God does love us. You have reached out to those whom we all believed were damned due to choices not like yours. But you have shown the world that God does not hate and you continue to reach out to those who have lost faith. Lost faith because of people who proclaim to be of God, but judge and hate others. Thank you for loving the world and for giving to us hope by being an earthly angel that God sent to show love to ALL of us.
(Sebring, FL)
You are an inspiration. Your wilderness experience gives me encouragement to keep holding on to God no matter what. May God's tangible grace touch you. Be blessed.
(Sugerhill, Ga.)
I was reading 1 thessalonians 2-3 your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our lORD JESUS CHRIST. You have lived that. God bless.
I think about you constantly, and I do not know why. So, I decided to go to the library and am now reading your newest book. It saddens me that I feel like now I know you personally (since reading this book), and yet saddened that your days with us may be too short. Just sending an email hug from yet ANOTHER person you have touched without you even knowing it. You will be a legend of angels on earth, believe me when I tell you this. Thank you for being 'you'.
Tammy, I love you. I am sorry you are suffering. I watched you on TV as a little girl; now, as fate would have it, my brother and your son are friends. My brother has sent me updates about you as passed on through Jay. Thanks for being a kind spokesperson for gays and lesbians and for trying to build bridges between the gay and evangelical communities. I admire you deeply for it.
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