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Don Fleming
(New York, NY)
Rock on Tammy Faye. You are super cool. Thanks for the happiness that you have brought to so many people.

Don Fleming
B.a.l.l. of Joy
Nikki Smith
(Dayton, OH)
I pray for you and your family daily. You're such a precious woman and I hope and pray that your pain disappears and that God gives you the miraculous healing that you deserve! God bless you, Tammy Faye.
Rev Russ
(Bradenton, Fl.)
Dearest Tammy, Love to you at all moments. EVERYONE who reads the letter from Mr welsh PLEASE read the prayer OUTLOUD before GOD .We join together AS ONE. AMEN. Rev. Russ
Cathy Slone
(Southgate Michigan)
Tammy Faye, your magnificent presence has always filled a void on this earth. You made me believe when others couldn't or wouldn't. There is a special place for you in Heaven, but that's not gonna be for a long, long time......if my prayers are answered.

I love you dearly,
T. Dove
God Bless you & keep you. He makes His face shine upon you.
I pray for your healing & that you & your family find comfort in His Grace.
(Calgary, Canada)
Dear Tammy,

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I can hardly wait to meet you in person, in our Heavenly home. No more tears, nor suffering. God be with you, as you wait to join your Heavenly Father, who is calling you home.
(Manassas, Virginia)
God Bless you. I pray every night that you will be healed of the cancer you are suffering from and will find peace in the Lord'd healing love.
Tim S.
I wish you the best,Tammy.I have been a fan for ao many years.You have always so good to us gay people,I hope God is as nice as you.
Love always,
(Sacramento, CA)
you are loved. everything is as it should be. i will keep you in my thoughts. my friend has dysphagia and what you said about swallowing really hit home.
Connie Stafford
(Canton GA)
Dear Tammy,
I pray for all of God's great love to make you well and heal you. I have found you so sweet and compassionate and I want to show my compassion to you. You are a very courageous and spiritual woman. May God bless you.
(Lancaster S.C.)
Dear Sweet Tammy: Just want you to know that I admire your love for God . and that i find strenght thru you. I also have been wanting on the lord to come take me home I have been very sick
for a long tine. But when I am havivg my bad days I think of you and know
that you nor I am alone Our father is right there with us. I pray hard fot you and I know we can not meet here on earth But we will in Heaven. Keep the faith my friend. and I love you and respect you very much. pray for me also. Love Bonnie Osteen
(Vero Beach, Florida)
Dear Tammy Faye,
I have never written to you before,but i saw your pictures on the tv and my heart just broke. I am a southern gospel singer and i love to sing and i do just about every weekend. I travel with a group for now 28 years. I can not imagine the hurt you are feeling because you can not do what you loved to do so much and that is sing for Jesus. I will forever keep you in my prayers and every time i sing i will say to myself that this one is for Tammy Faye. You are truly a great woman of God and i know that he will be there with you no matter how much you are going through. Remember Jesus loves you and so do me and lots more. Thank you for being an inspiration to thousands of keeping the faith no matter what you are going through Jesus will always be there.

Your sister in Jesus
web site
(Austin, TX)
From one International Falls alumni to another, best wishes to you and your family.
(Huntington, NY)
Dear Tammy,

May God bless you and keep you strong! Fight the good fight!

Pat Burns
(RR#4, Athens, On. K0E1B0)
Tammy, I wrote you & Jim a letter of encouragement a long time ago. I loved your singing & prayed for you often. I pray to God that He will comfort you & stay close at all times."I love you with the love of the Lord" You've inspired so many dear & God will reward you greatly. All the best to you & your family.
(Old Bridge NJ)
Dear Tammy,

God Bless You..

You were one of the reasons I am born again...thank you for helping my eyes and heart to open to the Lord.

Thank you again and my the Lord Bless you.
jim welch
(gonzales, texas)
Dear Tammy,
I came back to the house from fishing this morning. "Tammy Faye" came into my mind. I do not know you but the Lord brought your name to my mind. I rememberd seeing you on Laary King some months back and remembered you said you had cancer. Since that time I have not heard any thing. This morning your name came so strongly into my concienceness and so I put your name on Google and found this web site. The only reason God would have brought your name into my mind was to pray for you. I pray right now. Dear Jesus please perform a mirace. In the name of Jesus, and by the blood of Jesus, I demand Satan and the spirit of cancer to leave the body of Tammy Faye ...By his stripes we are healed, and with his striped you were healed.
I believe the work has already been paid for. Jesus right now this moment 10:39 am june 10, 2007 touch this beloved handmaiden of the Lord and make her whole. Dear Lord For the work you have done we thank you. May his grace only abound greater in your life.
Jim welch
Living Water Fellowship
Gonzales, Texas
(Fort Worth TX)
Hi Tammy: I have seen your ministry over the years and the struggles that the public sees. I admire you for your courage and strength. You are a great lady. God Bless you and your family.

(Portland, Oregon)
God Bless You Tammy Faye. I have always admired your lovely and uplifting spirit.
God gave you a special role here on Earth, which you fulfilled. I am certain that he has an even brighter role with lovely Angel wings waiting just for you in Heaven!
Christine Davis
(Burbank, CA)
Tammy, I love you and you are the ONLY Christian that I have ever known that lived as Jesus would have as I know it. Thank you for loving everyone, despite what other "Christians" may have thought. I'm not "religious" but I do know God and I pray more than most people that are in church every week. And I pray for you every day...I can't imagine a world without you and I dread the day it comes, but I still pray that no matter what is happening in your life, you are happy, without pain, without suffering. Thank you for your love for life, your UNCONDITIONAL love for your fellow man, and for living the life that Jesus himself would admire. Be strong....I love you, Christine
Steven Goldberg
(Chattanooga, TN)
Tammy you are in my prayers! You are such a strong and loving person and are one my favorite people.

I know you are suffering a lot, but know that God and Jesus are always there with you, which I know you already do know.

We love you and are praying for you... Hang in there, anything is possible through Christ.

Thank God for your influence on this world. You have made it a better place and we love you for it!

Love and peace
Steven G.
(Kennesaw, GA)
Honestly, I do not know where to begin. From a very young age ( PTL days) I have admired you and still to this day I believe you are one of the most genuine people in this world. You never waivered from being "Tammy Faye" and to me, that is the highest honor that we can give our Heavenly Father. After all, he made us...what better way to honor Him than to be ourselves? I hope you hold the Miracles that God has given you these past 10 years close to your heart. No one but Tammy Faye Messner would survive cancer for 10 years the way that you have. But I wouldn't expect anything less from you, TAmmy Faye. You are the toughest, strongest, yet most gracious person I can think of. I know you want a miracle to rid your body of it now, and if that is what God wants it can happen. Now, though, I do sense your complete surrender to our Father who Loves you so completely...for whatever His Will Is. You know as well as I that God is your have been a real testimony to that fact. Thanks Tammy Faye, for just being "you" all these has brought so much joy and love to so many people. I love you in Christ!!
Tim Richardson
(Navarre, Florida)
Tammy Faye your strength during this difficult time is an inspiration to all.
Stay strong and know that you have touched many lives in a wonderful and positive way Thank You and may God Bless You Each and Every Day
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