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Judith Maney
(Alto Georgia)
Tammy;Isaw what a sweet person you were on "surreal Life". I'm so sorry you're ill.I will pray GOD keeps you in his hands.My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless You
Doris Howard
(Tucson, Az.)
Hi Tam,
I sure hope you are ok, Honey. I have been sick myself, but want you to know how much I think of You & Pray for You. I Love You!!! I so wish We could talk on Phone or have lunch like Ya- Ya Gals. I wish I had seen your Movie and program every one talks about. I will get a Picture from your store for My Family Album that is for my Kids. You Must be in it. I have been more able to share in my Dying with You and your Web site than any one.I remember flipping through the channels and seeing you sing so Beautiful and how you talked about your Love for your Brother who Iam sure was in prison at the time. This has to be 20-30 years ago. That is how I Love My Brother!! The next thing I hear Is about the Big fall, and how you were Pitiful crying in a closet. Oh how my heart went out to You ever since. As A Child I was locked in a few closets, but as a grown Woman I had My Closet too. Thank God He got us Both out Tammy!!! I Love You!!! Please Be Ok. Love, Doris
Margot Mallik
(Atlanta GA)
I made your way into my heart when I saw you on The Surreal Life. Your decision to show love to everyone through Christ in you truly showed your sweet personality and I became an instant fan. Seeing you read the bible, disarm otherwise angry and tough individuals without losing your sweetness was a GREAT example to me and so many others (even your cast mates like Vanilla ice and the other male singers who grew to love you. I could see how protective they became of you and they eventually felt embarrassed when they behaved badly in front of you. WOW!!! Thank you for doing the show and helping so many see Christ love through you. I'm watching your show "You can make it," as I'm writing this and I may never get to meet you in person but I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to say Tammy I love you, and I pray for your perfect health to return 100%. God is able to heal you I believe that. Feel his love comforting you rest in his care. I wish there were more old fashioned people like you in the world.
PS: I have to get you cookbook!
Pam Murphy
(Pensacola, FL)
Just thinking about you and all that you are going through. God bless you.
rosemary fergus
i am so sorry for all your are going through. i hate it. my family used to laugh at me for watching you on ptl, and i must admit i made fun of you too, but deep down i always liked you. you got me through many a sleepless night with my new baby. i have followed your life with almost a fascination. i had been through a divorce and felt such pain when you suffered through yours. you were such a lady through it all. i hate that i waited until you were so ill to tell you waht an inspiration you have been to me as a wife and mother. i pray for your healing and for peace in your heart. i also pray for there to be no fear...god is so good. please know that there are millions of people her are praying. i do not consider myself a fan, but a friend. love rosemary
Joy Truax
(Wayzata MN)
You will remember me as Joy Laurin (Janet Shoberg's cousin). I have thought about you a lot over the years and was saddened by your latest health news. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I still have your graduation picture with your message on the back to "keep going to church", which I have done. God bless you Tammy, Know you are loved.
(Norwalk, Connecticut)
Your kindness, honesty and love for people has always shone through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
May the Lord Bless you.
Love and Prayers,
John 3:16
Kathy Culpepper
(Norfolk, Virginia)
Hello Tammy, I just had to share with you that I am also a great lover of lots and lots o' makeup and I have suffered the slings and arrows of people making for of me for decades. I love how you never cared what people thought of your personal taste because I am the same way. I LOVE LOOKING DIFFERENT AND GLAMOROUS! I'm so sorry that you have been sick and for your suffering, but God is looking out for all of us and there is a much better place awaiting us. You keep up your spirits. I love your spirituality, spunk, and your inimitable style, Sincerely, Kathy
(Chicago, IL)
I am not of the christian faith, instead I am a buddhist. But, I feel compelled to write you and wish you a speedy painless recovery. I feel that you have been an inspiration and positive force in this world. And, I thank you. The world needs more Tammy Faye's. You have shown much grace through the darkest times and you show much grace now. I chant for you that the suffering will end and that you will be victorious.
Donna Gilman
(Chamberlain SO>Dakota)
What a testimony you are for Christ!!!Tammy my dear,,stand on The Lords promise"that by His Stripes we ARE healed"In Jesus Name..God Bless You Dear Sister in Christ...
April Denn Bouchard
(Colorado Springs Colorado)
God bless you Tammy-as a (Breast) cancer survivor myself, I wish I could give you a great big hug and make all your pain go poof! Alot of people are praying real hard for you, me-extra hard. You've inspired me since I was young and you always will. Every day/minute should be cherished but I am looking forwards to the day when we are all in heaven, smiling, and not sick! Dear Lady, so many people love you and I wish I could shake your hand and smile at you thru my mascara-ed eyes-lol! yes-thank God for makeup too! Sweet dreams tonight Tammy. The Holy spirit is with you 24/7.
sarah griffin
(medford, oregon)
i watched you on surreal life and i know that's not what your most known for but you touched my heart with your warmth and faith.

i wish you well and whatever it is god has in store for you may you find peace and harmony.

my favorite thing about you is that you stick through it with a smile on your face and that is a true inspiration to me.

tammy faye remember god loves you and to always smile! :D

love always,
Laura Davis
(Scottsdale, AZ)
I remember you from way parents Loved you and used to donate to PTL. I was never sure about it all, but was raised in a christain home all my life. I saw you not too long ago on a reality show. I found you to be just Lovely. I'm praying for you and wish only the best for you and your family.
(Diamond Bar)
My well wishes go out to you. You have always been a shining star. Keep your faith and know that God holds you in His mighty hands.
Dear Sweet Tammy Faye,
I pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you in His loving arms. I see what a special ministry God has given you throughout the years. God's grace and beauty is reflected from your unveiled face. May God be your strength and comfort and all that your soul clings to. In Christ's love, Esther -

Ps 63:8
My soul clings to you;
your right hand upholds me.
Patrick Flick
(Orlando, Florida)
Tammy - I always made fun of you and your big makeup and your overblown love of the God of Televangilsm. Then I saw you with JJ. Bullock. Your love for him and by proxy the gay community gave me a new perspective on you. I still think the TV Faith community is one big crock for the love of money, but your charm won me over to at least see you as the cute, loving little human being you are. Best wishes to you and you are in my Budhist-gay-oriented prayers. Faith and love, my dear. Best, Patrick
Diane Baranich
(Sterling Heights, MI)
Tammy Faye, You are in my prayers. You have been an inspiration to me since I was a teenager back in the 1980's. I use to watch you on PTL everyday. You always lifted up my spirits with your preaching and singing. Thank you for being such a wonderful, kind, loving person. Well Wishes for you to get better soon. : )
William Johnson
(Kansas City, Mo.)
My mother was Nellie Lee Johnson from Bauxite, Arkansas. She used to listen to your program every day. Or pretty much when she could. When you cried, she would cry. She loved your show. This was when you were with Jim Baker on the TV. She was a hard working woman, who only got to the third grade. She never got but about one week into the third grade when her mother got sick, and she had to drop out with her sister Ethel who was in fifth grade. They had to take care of the 12 brothers and sisters in Arkansas. The father was a bauxite miner in that town. He was also a share cropper. Yes, he was white, not black. He was a share cropper. The horrible farm owners used blacks and whites to share crop their farms. Something the naacp forgets today. Well, nellie passed away on March 15, 2000. She had a rough life, never being able to read and write very well. But she never forgot about God. She loved him until the day she died of 33 brain tumors. Anyway, if she were living she would tell Tammy Faye to not lose hope. To keep on smiling and think those good thoughts. So, give a smile for Nellie and drink a nice cool drink of water. She would smile with you if she could. And say
never give up hope.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" has always gave me hope. You are living this to the fullest. Sometimes it is common for christians to feel that if they are suffering that the Lord is not with them. How encouraging to see that you know (and are living) what I pray all christians would know and live.....He will never leave us nor forsake us. We have the hope of his promise.
I will continue praying for you and your family.
(syracuse, ny)
God be with you and your family. Your attitude and strength are incredible. I know this life is not all there is...too much suffering here. With God for us, who can be against us!!! Stay strong. Janice
Nancy Brooks
(Brooksville Fl.)
Tammy...You and your precious family are in my prayers. How lucky we are to know a savior who gives us life forever. You are such a gift from God...I love you......Nancy
olivia peters
(tamara, florida)
(Boston, Ma.)
Tammy, Keep Praying. Hospice are good people. God is in charge. Good Luck on Everything. God Bless You for your courage
Tammy, you are always kind and loving to everyone. May God be as kind and loving to you and you will be missed deeply here on earth. Love and peace to you and family.
(new richmond, ohio)
Just thinking of you today. Hope you are having a better one, I pray for you, and hope God brings peace to you. Much love.....
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