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Tammy, Want you to know, that I am praying for you, and thank you so much for the email's, that you sent me. They were so wonderful. Of course, I always thought you were a wonderful person. God Bless you sweetie. Linda
Stephenie Abshire
Sweet sister,,from the first time I saw you years ago on TV,I could see Jesus shining through you. You are truly an inspiration!!! May the Father surround you with His love,may Jesus kiss your forehead and may the Spirit speak love and health to you.
Maria Marcy
(Bartonsville PA)
My dear Tammy
My prays are with you and your family.
(London,Ontario Canada)
You are a great lady, my prayers are with you, I wish you were not in so much pain.
Lois Byers
Tammy Faye, my prayer is that God will strengthen you and remove the pain.Have Tammy Sue use the juicer and give you fresh juice daily.She can check books on juicing to get recipes.Godspeed.
lisa williams
tammy,i love you so much and wish you comfort and have inspired me through the years.i have several diabilities that make life really hard sometimes but i know god knows what he's help people like me to stay positive.THAMK YOU FOR ALL THESE YEARS OF GIVING YOURSELF.I LOVE YOU AND YOUR IN MY HEART AND MY PRAYERS.WISHING NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.IN GOD.LISA.P.S.IT IS A PRIVILAGE TO BE ABLE TO WRITE TO YOU AND WISH YOU WELL.YOUR A BLESSING TO SOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TRULY AM BLESSED BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lora Smith
Dear MS.Tammy Faye,
First I want you to know that I have always loved you,I think your great,keep your faith and do not give up.God Bless You Lora Smith
Donna Mummery
(Bossier City, Louisiana)
Dear Tammy,
I am praying that God will comfort you and remove your pain and sick stomach and give you His comfort and peace. Keep looking up! God's love and blessings to you, Donna
Stephanie Schrepel
(Sand Springs, OK)
Tammy, I pray that you God's perfect Peace surround you. I pray for your husband, children and grandchildren, that God will give them strength. You are an awesome woman of God. You have raised a generation of women who are not held down by religion, but, who are experiencing the unconditional love of God...because you showed us that He loves us "just the way you are"! Thank you. As a young mother in the early '80's your words gave me comfort. Now, I pray that my words bring you the same. Our God is Awesome indeed! Bless you for being transparent and living your faith for all to see. You are an inspiration and a crown jewel of the Lord's! Peace, Love and Joy to you.
sue ellen
(sioux rapids, IA)
Like the beautiful rose at it's peak of full bloom, the petals begin to fall. The autumn, then the winter snow. Keep your eyes on Him. Glorious spring time awaits.
shawn taylor
(panama city, florida)
God bless you Sister Tammy! We know that in spite of what the world might believe, Jesus Christ is the healer. You are the healed and God shall get the glory! I love you my dear sister and my prayers and thoughts are with you. Continue to believe, speak your faith, and tell others about our Jesus!
Be blessed and I look forward to hearing a great testimony about how the Lord healed you when the doctors gave up on you!
(Houston, TX)
TAM, it's me again in Houston, still holding on for you in the mold of what the Lord did for Dodie Osteen & Dottie Rambo...we're NEVER letting go...LOVE, from Houston, Texas! Amen!!
H. Fraser Clayton
(Montgomery Village, MD)
You have the ability to give people hope you are fighting cancer. My father died of skin cancer. I may die of the same thing and draw strength from your viewpoints.
Lindsey Berg
(Fort Dodge, IA)
Tammy, you have been an inspiration to me for many years. In an age when so many Christians do alarming and hurtful things to damage the name of Christ, you make me proud to be a Christian. I am too young to remember much about your time with PTL and the harsh times in your past, but I am old enough to remember the way you held your head high through the so-called aftermath. One of the things that touched me most about your life was watching you on "The Surreal Life". One night my best friend saw that there was a marathon coming on. She called and said, "You've gotta come over and watch this! Tammy Faye is an amazing lady!" We stayed up until 6am watching it! We talked for hours about how kind and loving you were, and how you acted the way any Christian should. You stood up for yourself and your beliefs, but never judged. You brought the Spirit of Christ into many peoples lives through an unconventional medium. Whenever people ask which celebrity I'd like to meet in person, I always say you. You are such an inspiration to so many. You are such a loving woman, Tammy Faye, and you are loved in return.
(Narberth PA)
My dear sister
I do pray you will become well. Let go of all that burdens you from the past and all thoughts of the past, all mistakes and errors. God does forgive all. God is in the here and now. You can heal yourself and your life. Let go of guilt and pain. All of this makes us ill. You are such a good hearted soul. May the Infinite God of all of us be with you always.
One of your sister's
in God's creation
(Rome, NY)
Tammy Faye,
You have been an inspiration to many, and your love of Jesus has shown through to many, many people who otherwise might not have known Him. Whether you receive a complete healing on earth or go home to be with your Lord, you have received a miracle in my eyes. I'm sorry for your pain but I will rejoice in your glory . . .
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)
I can only stand on the promise of the Word of God with you that "He will satisfy you with loooooooooong life." "You shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord." In your time of pain and restless sleep, "May He give His beloveth a peaceful sleep."
Bob Linde
there is no need to answer this, Tammy. I just want you to know that I was given up on in 1997. Walla!!! In steps Jesus(He actually was there all the time), and like hezekiah, He gives me length of years. he died for the both of us, Tammy. Please don't ever think that He has forsaken you.
(Longview Texas)
God Bless you always... Love BethinTexas
George Cocuzzi
(Rochester, NY)
Dear Tammy:

You are in my prayers every night.
It was always a joy watching you on TV. You are always upbeat and thankful for all that you have. You always gave a message of hope to all. You were never mean, mad, or angry. One day I hope to be more like you! Thanks for being there. God bless you forever!

Love, Adam
Mary Ellen
(Canton, Ohio)
FAITH IS NOW!! Hope is in the future. I'm sure you've heard this but think you might have forgotten. Just finished reading Kenneth Hagin's booklet Right & Wrong Thinking. We have to believe we've received BEFORE we see the evidence and our conversation has to line up with what God says. I hear you saying "when" you get healed or get your miracle. We believe, then receive.God says we are SNARED by the words of our mouth. Please check up on the words you're speaking and get a copy of Brother Hagin's booklet, "Right and Wrong Thinking". We cannot be double-minded or speak healing one time and sickness the next. I pray someone reads you this booklet and your healing manifests. ME
(Denver, Colorado)
Tammy, all that needs to be said is I am praying for you! God Bless!

(Spartanburg, SC)
Dear Tammy, I first knew you in the PTL days...where I spent many hours with a friend from Charlotte. Your witness was an insiration to me; one of the most touching things for me was to watch your prison ministry. May God bless you as you have blessed others, and give you comfort and peace as only He can do! You are very much loved!!
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