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janice johnson
(colonial hgts, va)
you are love, light, and inspiring-i hope that we all will find some measure of your courage and faith

stay beautiful
we are all blessed to have shared even a small part of your life. you have inspired so many are in my prayers are loved tammy!!
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Tammy Faye, I think you have so much to pass on to others. Your attitude is great, your faith and family come first and will get you through anything. But, as you know we can't control what is ahead of us. But, I have never met anyone as strong as you. Hang in there and I am praying for your and your family.
Jean Gaetz
(Surrey, BC)
Dear Tammy

I appreciate and admire your faith. How important it is to know what the Bible says about situations, so that when we face them, the Word bubbles up on the inside and becomes the Rhema. You are such an inspiration to all who know you. You have inspired me and people I talk to admire you and appreciate you for your innocence and for your stand for Christ.

We are contending with you and for your healing Tammy. Keep on.

This could be the dawning of the day of your complete healing.

We need you hear to reach the people who have been shunned by the church and others. Your methods of loving and caring, not judging has done wonders for the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

We hold you arms up today, Tammy.

Love Jean Gaetz
Lynn Fennell
(Sardis Ga)
Hey Tammy Faye
I'm praying for you.I have faith and I believe the Lord is gonna heal you.I had ovarian cancer back in 2001.I've been cancer free for 6 years.You will be cancer free,too.I have faith and I believe that for you,Tammy Faye.I love you and I'll keep on praying for you.
Love you in God's name
JR Saldivar
(Houston, TX)
I will pray for you and your family. You have always been so positive in your life and have inspired so many people. I wish that I could do 1/100th of what you have done to change people's life and make them laugh. By laughing at yourself you have shown us how beautiful you are inside. Your two children have obviously inhereted their momma's strength.

My family and I thank you for so many good memories and especially for being so accepting of everyone around you.

Hugs from the Saldivar family in Houston
and South Texas.

Be strong and know that the best is right around the corner sweetie.
Cathy M
(Columbus, IN)
Dear Tammy,
You are such a loving person. I hope you can feel all the love around you, even now when you are in pain. You are such a sincere, thoughtful woman. You are in my prayers. God Bless you, Tammy Faye!
Christopher Da Rosa
(Hanover, Mass. 02339)
Miss Tammy. I too had cancer, and it was in my stoumach. Had surgery and treatments. I pray that the lord keeps me safe, as I do for you. I have been watching you on t.v. and it breaks my heart that you look so thin. I wish that they wouldn't show you to the world. But I guess that is just how you always have been, an inspiration to all of us. Please continue to get better and if not may the good angels guide you to where ever Gods wants you to be. Bod Bless
(red deer, alberta)
Dear Tammy
Dispite your situation your spirt still shines through .You are a true inspiration.
Jani Honka
(Helena, Montana)
May you rest in the loving arms of Jesus. You are His Beloved daughter. May He fill you with His strength, peace, comfort and love.
My Prayers and Blessings,
Love ya Tammy Faye! After all you have been through you continue to keep your humor and trust in God. You are an inspiration to all. God Bless You!
Melba Barnette
Dear Tammy, I left a message for you when this message board first become available. But as I have seen so many from all over this earth come together with one heart of love, it is clear, you truly bring God's children together. This must make him smile. I see in my spirit, a wind blowing all around you. So I would like to say, don't be afraid and ride the wind sweet lady. This is the wind of the Holy Spirit who will always carry you into the presence of God and your every need will be supplied. You remain in my thoughts and prayers and you will never be alone.
You are God's child. Created in His perfect image. Accept your perfection.
Rev. Russ
(Bradenton, Fl.)
TO TAMMY SUE: Hun, I just want you to know we are praying for YOU as well.

Danny Stevens
(Hesperia, Michigan)
Dear Tammy My mother was a member of your PTL following she use to bring us there too. WHich is where i saw a live taping of the PTL show with Jim and Tammy. I have always loved your singing. I Admire you deeply. You have touched the lives of so many including mine. Just know that even people in Michigan care and love you for who you are and what youve done in this world.
GOd be with you.
Judy Burris
(Concord, NC)
Dearest Tammy Faye,
You are the strongest person I have ever seen. You give so many others hope and strength. God bless you. Bless your family! Yours in Christ!!Judy Burris/Concord,NC
Im so sorry to hear about your illness Tammy,your too good a person for this to happen to.Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers..God Bless You Tammy
Judy Burris
(Concord, NC)
Dearest sister in Christ, I love you. It is that simple. I pray for you daily. All my love to you and your entire loving family and faithful family.
Rev Russ
(Bradenton, Fl.)
Darlin', You just keep on keepin on God's got you right there in the palm of his hand.
We ALL love you.
(Vero Beach, Fl)
I watched you everyday when you were on PTL and my Babies were little. What a joy and inspiration you were and still are. May God bless you with the strenghth and courage you need. You will be blessed for all the thousands of people that you have lifted up in your life.
You shall live and not die and proclaim what the Lord has done for you!!! You are a sweet soul and God needs your testimony to bless others. STAND and keep motivating individuals such as myself. Coninue to help us believe in MIRACLES. Stand in the wilderness and he will renew your strength.
Miss D
Tammy, it has been a tough road for you. God has always been in control, even now. From reading about you it appears that "8" is your number. Do you know that eight is the biblical number of "new beginnings"?. You have a new beginning in Christ which does not have to mean that you have gave up, but are Ascending. You have been in my spirit since learning of your illness. Know that prayers have been lifted on your behalf because this is the most important moment in your life.
pamela willeford
(mount vernon missouri)
tammy i seen you on et tonite and what a brave lady you are,im so sorry this has happened to you,you are very loved tammy god bless you.
Dear Tammy:
I used to watch you on tv everyday eager to see how Heritage USA was progressing. I remember when you would sing "Don't give up your on the brink of a miracle." It's funny that you have become a part of Americana. I am so sorry for you not feeling well and this illness taking its toll on you. I am glad that your children are there for you. Its all in God's hands now I wanted to let you know I am praying for you.
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