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You have been such an inspiration to me, I watched you when I was younger and love to hear you sing on PTL.
Henrilu Smith
(Wichita Falls, Texas)
I wish I could talk to you in person and tell you many funny stories about my trips to PTL. Your ministry was a lifesave to me at a low point in my life. Now I am part of a ministry using my training as a counselor. You taught me more than I actually learned in school! Thank you for being there for me. Now I am here for you...standing in the gap and praying for a miracle. You will be healed. God is so faithful. I love you dearly.
Pastor Art
(Manteca, CA.)
Hello Tammy,
I've never had the honor of meeting you but i feel as if i've known you almost all my life. It saddens my heart to see what you are going through but your own personal faith and positive attitude only confirms why you have been an american and even international hero for so many people. Tammy, please know that your joy and enthusiasum is being felt even in your season of tears, and your prayers during the many years at PTL have echoed in my heart for the past 30 years. I'll nver forget your song "You Can Make It" for as long as i live. In a recent interview you mentioned how you long to sing again. Your songs will always be heard in our hearts, and for now, just let the Lord sing over you while you get well (Zephaniah 3:17).


Pastor Art,
Robin G.
(Toronto Ontario Canada)
Dear Tammy Faye, I want to send my best wishes to you. I know your struggle must be so difficult but I know that the Lord Jesus is looking out and taking care of you. I watched you faithfully back in the days of the PTL club you were then and still are today an inspiration to millions out there. I wish you nothing but the best. And to know that one day you will be a beacon of light from heaven,just like you have been here on earth. God bless you Tammy Faye and all of your family at this difficult time. From a loyal Canadian viewer.
(Bowie Maryland)
Tammy, God Bless you. I am praying for your recovery. I don't know you, but in watching you on various TV shows, including Surreal Life, it was evident that you have such a pure, loving and kind spirit. I admire your strength, knowing that it comes from the Lord. Keep fighting and I'll keep praying for you
Rosanne DiBenedetto
(Yardville NJ)
Tammy, I wish you all the luck in the world. I have been praying for you everyday and seeing you this way hurts me very much.You are a wonderful person and a great role model to everyone.My God bless you always.
(Mesa, AZ)
God bless your children for being there for you though this very difficult time. What a wonderful gift they are from God. You are still a blessing to so many and I want thank you for turning my life back to Jesus so many years ago when you and Jim were on PTL. Your rewards are all waiting for you in Heaven and I know you'll have many. Gentle hugs and prayers from Me
(Orlando, fl)
Dear Tammy,
My youngest daughter was able to survive liver cancer at the age of two. She is a very healthy teenager today. During the worst of times, I never felt like God had left me. I felt the opposite, that he and all the gaudrian angels he could fit in that hospital room were there with us. I think you are a woman of extreme courage beyound what you might feel and I will pray for you with all my heart that your suffering be lifted. I wish I had gotten to meet you. You are and will always be a woman of character. God Bless You.
(marco island,fl)
dearest tammy faye,i am so sorry to hear of your illness. you were here on earth for many reasons. when i seen an interview the other night with e.t. i realized you have to open your eyes to the signs god gives you. i am 37 years old and have cervical cancer. i am dealing with alot of lower back pain along with a yucky stomache also. so when i heard your message to never give up. i knew at that moment you were there to help me. so you are and always will be an angel to me. i pray for us both and everyone else out there with cancer. i will listen to your words. NEVER GIVE UP. love you. all my prayers for you and your family
(Dallas, NC)
I was watching television the other night and saw a story on how you were doing with your cancer. I am only 21 and don't know much about you, but I wanted to send my love and prayers to you and your family. I've lost people I love to cancer and I know how hard it can be. God Bless and much LOVE!
Tina DiScalfani
(Bay Shore, NY)
Hi Tammy,
I too have Stage IV cancer since 2004. My prayers are with you and your family. I know Jesus will get you through whatever road you travel.
Dody Cole
(Lebanon, TN)

You are the sweetest person and I think about you a lot and pray for you often. I know the power of prayer can be so unbelieveable and God answers our prayers in many ways. I think the most inspiring thing I've seen watching you on your show is your great desire to sing again. As a former singer I know what a feeling of personal strength and power it can give you and I miss it also. I can say though Tammy, when God hears you sing he hears the voice of an Angel. Take care and know that you are loved...
Ruby Hernandez
(Garland, Texas)
I believe in miracles too! I have watched you on TV these last few days. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!!

In Christ Jesus,
(New Orleans, LA)
May the Grace of GOD abide with you and give you the peace and comfort you seek. We serve and big and powerful GOD through whom all things are possible. Keep the faith and stay encouraged. You will remain in my prayers.

I remember watching you with my grandma every morning at 6:00 a.m. when I was young. I would often stay at her house and you and Jim would be on and tell of the love of Jesus. It was that early belief in Jesus I learned from people like you that has enabled me to be a kind person, foregiving and nonjudgmental. So many time beleivers are the first to condem rather than being the first to pick up a wounded soldier of the lord. Your strength through all your adversities has given us all strenght. I pray that the lord will touch your body and make you whole. I speak the word of his healing and send it to you though the messenger of the holy spirit. My favorite Psalm is Psalm 91. Please read it,I am sure it will give you strength. Thank you for being you and letting your life be an example of all that we all go through in our own "worlds." You have been the wind beneth many of our wings."
Tiffany Hawkins
(inkster michagan)
dear tammy we are praying for you and we love you love:carloyn,natasha,and Tiffany
Carol Unger
(San Angelo, Tx)

My thoughts and prayers for your complete healing are sent with much
love. I know that when God heals he heals completely. I don;t understand it all, but sometimes we have to trust God to be God. Please know that you are a blessing to many, many people.
Linda Angustain
(Mission Viejo, California)
You are a true champion for the Lord ,What a mighty powerful legacy you are living, we are so proud of you and the standard of faith you are setting for us to glean from.My family and I are in agreement with you,no more cancer,and for your body to recieve and process nourishment in Jesus name. We love you, The Angustain Family.
Joyce M. Green
(Salina, Kansas 67401)
Tammy Faye, God's beautiful child, you have endured so much in this life and yet through it all, you have been a true example of God's love.

How anxious Jesus must be to hold you in his arms and take your pain away.

You have fought the good fight and we all admire you and love you for your strength. I pray that you will be carried home softly and gently.

With love and admiration,
Joyce M. Green
(Lawrence Ks)
Tammy I am praying for you every day.
You are such an inspiration you really are. You are in my thoughts and I wanted to wish you all the best.
( Canada)
Tammy I think of you often and hope the very best healing possible. You are an wonderful woman who has had many trials and troubles but as I hear of you condition I pray Godspeed. You have showed how a real Christian woman comes through the depths of despair and came out on top proclaiming God's love for us no matter what. God Bless You Tammy and your precious daughter who is there for you in ever way possible. Whatever is ahead for you, you will be able to give Jesus that hug and he will say well done good and faithful servant. I thought during the Surreal TV show you showed how a Christian should act in that type of environment. God Bless You Tammy and your whole family. Sincere thoughts for comfort and pain to go away. You have blessed many. Take care and do your very best as I know you will. Thank you for your time.
Jan Hanson
(Watertown SD)
You brave little bird...I found my spiritual side while helping a beloved friend pass last summer and fall and I know what you are expecting when you get there. He told me what was there and when you get there I am sure you will find him, as he is as gregarious, loving and forgiving as you. Please know I think of you and commend you on your life and afterlife.
Tammy Faye, you are in my nightly prayers, and I am believing that God with his mercy, will bring you back to health. I am a Jewish believer in Christ, and feel as though I have this deep connection to you. I wish I knew why, but who cares, as long as you are feeling well again.
God Bless you, and thank you for your inspiration to others.

Kathy Swindell
(Greenville, NC)
Tammy, You are and always will be an inspiration. We are All Tested to see what kind of person we are. You are so strong. Only the best.
Dear Tammy,
Keep holding on to the lord's hand he is with you.I praying that healing you will receive.And the lord is all time you are his daughter and his hand is on you.He is walking with you every step of the way.He will work it out. Love April
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