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(Dallas Tx)
You are so beautiful, lovely Child of God. I hear you singing. I pray, "God comfort Tammy Faye now, in the name of Jesus, and with thanksgiving." Amen.
Felicia Olivarez
(West Olive Michigan)
For a few months I have thought of you constantly. I wondered how you were doing and if you were getting better and this week I saw you on television and I knew I had to write you. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but I still must write you personally. I pray for many people and you are going to be on my list permanently. Hugs and Kisses to you. You are a dear sweet angel.
Teresa Gutermuth
(Larue, TX)
Precious sister Tammy,

Years ago, when I was a young woman and going through trials of my own, I read your book "Run to the Roar". The story about the aging, toothless lion's roar driving the prey to its doom showed me that I was allowing fear to drive me right into the devil's traps. That story imbued me with courage and inspired me to keep on keeping on.

I know you've had many trials and setbacks of your own, and your illness is another that you are having to fight. I want you to know that you are a woman of tremendous courage and an inspiration to many of us. May the Lord help you to continue being an Overcomer, touching you with His healing and His peace.

Jeff Monroe
(Atlanta, Georgia)
Tammy, I recently saw a broadcast of the cooking show you co-hosted. I felt so welcome and loved, excited by your laughter and jokes.

I pray that God's presence would fill your heart, mind and body. I hear your words and feel your desire to live and so does God. God is Divine Health in each of us and I want you to breath that Truth into the very core of your being.

God loves you! God created you! God sustains you! Thank you for believing God even in the midst of this dis-ease. We are not conquerors by what do but by what we believe!

Believe in God the Divine Healer in you.
Kelly Johnston
(Burnaby BC Canada)
Dear Tammy,

Years ago when I first heard about you I was confused as to why you did the things you did.

I then saw you a few years ago on The Surreal Life and I admired you.

For your beliefs and your audacity at your spunk and just you!

I have had two kidney transplants and have died twice on the operating table.

I am here for a reason, so are you!

I believe there is a higher power that is here to guide us.

I do not go to church and I do not believe in God per say.

I do believe that all higher powers all want the same thing,

That is Love and Forgiveness ad for all of us to get along

I want you to know that you have given so many people the reason not you give up

I will carry on your vive de joie long after your gone and my friends and family will do the same for me.

I hope that your suffering will end with your family and God by your side as you are a treasure to behold.

We'll miss you Tammy Faye!

Please remember you are bigger than everything that is happening to you and that is your spirit.

We will miss you and your tenacity,

With all my love and respect,

Ms Kelly Johnston

Ps: I have never written to anyone before but I will again thanks to you!

You will probably not get to read this but know you are in my prayers.
Gary Dixo
(Atlanta, Ga)
You are worthy of God's perfect love. I am praying for your recovery. Much love and good wishes.
Bunny Griffin
(Louisville Ky 40219)
Dear Tammy My prayers and well wishes are with you I have been a fan of yours for many years I hope you aren't in to much pain.Just remember God is with you and I will continue to pray for you God be with you my dear friend Bunny
(Boulder City, NV)
Dear Tammy,
You are such a special person. I'm sending my very best to you and I pray that there will be a turnaround for you. Know that you have touched so many people by being the kind of person that most people wish they could be. You're a doll. Hang in there and be strong. We love you.
Monte Howell
(Baytown, TX)
Dear Tammy, I've had you on my mind so much lately and wanted you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers since discovering your illness had returned. You are such a light in this world and an inspiration to many. God is good and I know he will watch over you duing this hard time. Keep strong and know that many are praying for your recovering. Your an amazing woman! Love always.... Monte
Kendrick-Raye Family
(San Diego, CA)
Nobody has had unconditional love for everyone as you did. Nobody has ever been so unjudgemental as you have been. Tammy, you have showed everyone what a Christian should be and the world would be so much better if the rest of the christians were like you. My whole family is praying for you. Your the best!
Audrey Bragg
(Granada Hills, CA.)
Dearest Tammy,

I have watched you for years since PTL. I have always been inspired by you and your wonderful spirit. In the past years, I have watched your courageous battle with an insidious disease. Your courage, strength, and never-ending faith have moved me beyond words. Thank you, Tammy with all my heart for your example and portrait in courage and especially your FAITH. May God bless you with HIS quiet peace.
Sherri Cannon
Tammy, I saw you on E.T. and I felt so bad for you I have loved you since PTL I used to watch everyday and I loved you and Jim, I am so sorry that you are having to go thru this but I know you are a very stong woman and if any one can get thru this it's you YOU CAN MAKE IT Tammy just don't give up.
Darlene Drissel
(Los Angeles, CA)
Dear Tammy,
Thank you for sharing your illness and for being so open and honest. I have been fighting Rectal Cancer for 3 years now. Lost a portion of my colon, my left lung and my left scapula to this very difficult disease! You have been so brave. You are my hero! I feel such understanding for what you've been through as I also get very ill with the chemo. Your message of hope and inspiration has touched me very deeply. You are very kind and full of life. I pray that you will only have days of feeling well. God will not leave you alone. He will be with you through these very difficult days. Thank you again for giving so freely of your experience at such a difficult time in your life. My prayers for your feeling better - You're not alone, Darlene
(Mesa, Arizona)
I have watched you for years and always admired you for how you stood strong. I grew up watching you on TV, I have your albums. My favorite album of yours is with Allie the Alligator and Susie Moppet. lol I always wanted to meet you to get your autograph on that album, it is very special to me. May God bless you, I'm praying for you.
Love and prayers, April
(Temecula, CA)
Tammy, just wanted to say that I think you're wonderful. I first saw you on the Surreal Life and I called my Mom in the room to watch it with me. I am a Gay man and I love what you preach.
Lady, you're SIMPLY THE BEST!
(Edina, MN)
You are a gem. I pray for God to help your pain and take care of you. Even in your most challenging hours, your message is for others instead of yourself. That amazes me.
(Indian trail)
Dear Tammy,
I hope you remember me, you and your son use to come in at sweet union flea market and stop and a talk with my husband and myself we are the ones who sold knives and swords well my husband passed away with cancer last september and it breaks my heart to see you going though all of this and I pray for you and your family. Its hard on everyone and God bless your daughter for being there with you they are our god sents I know my daughter was there for my husband and she is here for me now she hasn`t left myside and I am happy to know that you have your children and husband are there for you. We love you Tammy and will keep praying for you.
Teri Storch
(Kodiak, Alaska)
Dear Tammy,
I still recall the wonderful letter you wrote to me decades ago when I was an alaskan bush homesteader's wife, and needed so much encouragement! And it was encouraging!! May God help you be like David at Ziklag, who encouraged himself in the Lord, and I'm sure He has been doing that, as you deserve His special edification.
Love & prayers,
Teri Storch
(Nashville, TN)
Dearest Tammy,

Thank you for your stength and your faith. You are a blessing and a true example of God's love. You are in my prayers!

With love,

(Hickory, NC)
We ARE praying for a miraclke for you and so many others thatneed them. You have been such an inspiration to me and my family fo many years. We will continue to supplicate for you in Jesus name. Youy are loved.
Greetings Tammy!

I have watched you for a long time, since your PTL days. Right now what I want to say to you is that this might be the end of the race for you, but it's not the end of the road. We serve and worship a good God. This just means that you will enter paradise before any of us will and there you will wait until the Trumpet sounds and wait for the others. There should be nothing to fear, Jesus said he has gone to prepare a place for us, isn't that wonderful? you will have your own room. There will be no more pain.

We have never met but we will meet on that beautiful shore one day you will be able to sing your heart out for eternity. You have been an inspiration to me and to others, I've learned alot from your life. Remember God is forgiving and Soveriegn. See you in the morning.

God bless you and your family.
(Carson City, NV)
Dear Tammy,

If we all could persevere the way that you have through all your public trials, and private battles. You are and have been an encouragement to me, and I have admired you for many years. You have stayed the course and your life is a testimony to God's great love for all of His children.

I wish you well, and I know that His banner over you is LOVE!!
Tina Morris
(Milan, Illinois)
You make me want to be a better Christian. You are a strong a faithful servant. I hope you realize how many people love and respect you. You have helped so many, I just wish everyone could experience the joy that is Tammy Faye. God Bless you and your family.
(Santa Rosa, Ca.)
Tammy, I do believe in God and his son Jesus Christ. I am not however, active in any organized religion. So apart from your christian self, just you as a human being and woman, the enthusiasm and warmth that emanates from you makes me feel like I would have loved knowing you here on earth. We are all here for such a short time,I know in my heart that this is most certainly not "all there is" and that God sees our heart condition and will reward us for lives we lived while on earth. Stay strong Tammy Faye!
(Loveland, CO)
Dear Sweet Tammy: To know how much the Lord loves you....your suffering will not go unoticed...and the Lord will take you home....I will pray for you as
I know how sick you are. I know the Lord will take you home soon and all the suffering will be over....Remember
me when you get to heaven...and pray for me too....thank you...You are so loved....
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