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Phyllis Beck
(Reno Nevada)
My Dearest Tammy.......I have watched, like the rest of the world, you and the many trials and tribulations you have endured for many many years. I have been praying for you and light candles for you when I attend Mass. What strength, courage, and love you have shown us all. I have admired you for many years, and wanted you to know that you are loved by so many people. I love your voice, and miss hearing you sing. What a joy you have brought to my heart. God Bless you always Precious, Precious Lady!! Never give up your valiant struggle and remember we are all with you. Big Hugs and much much Love. God Bless you Sweetie.......An unknown friend...
Debora J Proietti
(Las Vegas Nevada)
Dearest Tammy,
Many, many years ago while I lived in Los Angeles, I watched your television show from Heritage U.S.A. You use to sing a song called You've got the Power, and it seemed like you were always singing it to those of us who were lost and our situations were hopeless. I hope you find comfort in those words now. I'll always keep you in my prayers.
God Bless you now and forever

Warm Wishes
Brenda Woolford
(Sandy Ridge N.C>)
I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE YOU< and always have.
I got to come to PTA when it had,nt been opened up all that long.It was just for a day trip.
Thats when I first got to hear you sing,You have been a part of my life for many years.
I got a couple of your tape, which they are all wore out now.
I sing two of your songs with out music in my church or where ever GOD tells me to sing them to people that is down in the dumps.
I sing " He dont,t see me with his eyes. and I sing You believed in me.
I hope to try and get another tape since I have found this web site.
If you still have a copy of them.
I know that one day we will meet in heaven, and what a wonderful time we will have.
I pray that you will not have to suffer at all.
I work for Hospice in my county, I am their CNA, I go into homes and help out with baths. I love all my people that God has sent me to help.
So my sweet Tammy.
I will see you in heaven one day.
Sue Donovan
(Shenandoah Virginia)
Hi Tammy, We are praying for you! My Brother had throat cancer, They were going to operate on him they had already put him to sleep they were waiting to see how bad it had progressed, they told him that if it had moved to his lungs that it would'nt do them any good to operate they would close him up and let him leave, We were all in the waiting room waiting and praying and Thank GOD the Dr called and said that he did'nt understand what was going on my sister, I was watching her holding his daughter She dropped the phone and started thanking GOD she took the phone again and we could hear her telling the Dr that she knew what happened GOD healed my bro he had some scare tissue also from the other chemo they had given him before, but even that was'nt there, I no that you belive, I used to watch the PTL club every day, and when you would sing or even talk I could feel GOD around you! and when you would sing that song I wounder if GOD crys, I know that you are going to be ok, You are a beautiful person and I love you very much! I will continue to pray for you every day, and you keep fighting, fight the devil with everything that you have, and never give up! Prayers and hugs!
mary wilson
(houston, texas)
tammy I am praying for you and for a miracle...we love you and you are an inspiration...hold on tight to your faith. Love, Mary
Vicki Nees
(Tuckerton, NJ)
Dear Tammy, I was so heartbroken when I saw the video on Insider/Entertainment Tonight of you from the Fall of 2006. Please know you are loved and that we are standing with you in agreement that the Lord will do a miraculous healing in your body, for His honor and glory! I know your heart is pure before Him and my hope is that He will grant you this as a testimony to the many lives you have touched that do not know Jesus as personal Saviour - yet! Take care of yourself and we will continue to pray with you. God bless you and your family.
(Rhode Island)
Dear Tammy,

I have seen you on TV often and heard stories about you from many of my friends whose churches you have visited. Your kindness and caring and openness to everyone are the true defintion of Christianity. I wish you all happiness and comfort in this life and the next with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Christina Ewing
(Chicago, IL)
Dear Tammy, I cover you with the BLOOD OF JESUS right now. Satan you are a liar and a deceiving spirit. I rebuke every evil imagination and work that you've ever created in this woman's life. YOU SHALL LIVE!!! You are covered by the blood of Jesus. Jesus healed me of temple pains and sufferings in my head, and he will do the same for you. The first thing i need you to do is to relax. I know that this is scary for you right now. Continue praying. get on your knees and pray, and ask god for your healing. But just relax. I need you to laugh, laugh, laugh and relax. Have someone to massage you to stimulate your muscles. There's nothing like the power of touch. you are not going to lose your mind in Jesus name. I need you to constantly say I'm healed, and I constantly need you to sing precious hyms to the lord. He is a healer. Celebrate your healing sister, because you will live in Jesus name!
Heather Gasway
(Los Angeles, CA)
Hey Tammy,

I just wanted you to know that you are in my, mom and dad's (Sam and Sandy Gasaway, Atlanta, GA)prayers everyday. Please don't give up. God still has a big plan and purpose for your life and He has brought you through so much. Even if you don't have the strength, know you have brothers and sisters fighting this fight for you. Don't know if Tammy Sue would remember me from PTL, but please tell her hi and to be strong for you.

We love you,

The Gasaway Family
Kay Gingrich
(East Berlin, Pa.)
Dear Sister Tammy,
I have been with you since the beginning and have visited PTL many times. I watched the struggles and have continued to pray for you in the good times and bad. God is a God of miracles and we continue to pray for one for you and your family. Blessings to you and your family.You are always an example to me of what God will do with a yielded heart.
(Hershey, PA)
Hi Tammy, I'm thinking of you. You are loved by many. My best wishes to you.
(Watsonville, California)
Dear Tammy,
My prayers and well wishes are with you. I am glad your sweet family is with you at this time.
God Bless, Tracy
Velda Doucette
(Dartmouth Nova Scotia Can)
Tammy, You are and always will be a beautiful person. Enjoy your family, they need you too. We love you...take care!
Hi Tammy, Just wonted you to know that I'm praying for you.Life has gotten so hard for me,if you have to go wish I could go with you.You are such a lovely person inside and out.Keep looking up
(El Paso,Texas)
I lost my son-law to lung cancer last year. He was only 21. He used to smoke"Mary Jane" for the pain,and to get an appetite. Maybe it would work for you. I'm following your story on tv.You have such great faith, that I just know you'll be allright.
Deanie Goodsell
Dear Tammy,
I have been praying for you.:)
You are a wonderful lady,who I know God has led to save many,many souls for him.
I know you will sing again,you have a very beautiful voice,just remember it may be Heaven for God.:)
I have had 3 different experiences myself with God,during very sick periods of my life,the first one was during a terrible period of pain from adhesions in my stomach, he lifted me off the couch I was laying on., and I knew I was on my way to him,I asked him to let me live a while longer to help my daughter,I was all she had then,,and I heard him say, as he put me back down, as I saw his light,'Not Yet My Child,but I shall return for you."
Oh,what a wonderful feeling spiritual experience.;)It was like walking on air or flying.:)
The second time, blood posion hit my mouth,after extensive dental surgery, while in the hospital,I was as cold and weak as a peice of ice.,
and as I turned to look on my right shoulder of my winter housecoat, I saw his image,just after blood had started running out of my nose, I was so weak, I know he brought me through it, I lost 30 pounds too, and the Doctor told me I was one lucky lady, that God and his angels were looking after me.:):)
Praise God!!!:)
The third time, was in my front yard, where I pray at the doorsteps on my knees every day,I felt an angel as I was praying on my shoulder, I could hear her wings,so I know that God is real,and so is his one and only begotten son,Jesus Christ.:)
Just please remember, Dear Tammy,noone has ever suffered as much as Jesus did on the cross at Calvary over 2000 years ago to save us from our sins,and give us life eternally.:)
Praise the Good Lord for loving us and forgiving us for our sins, just remember nothing here is permament, just temporary.:)
We are just passing through here, I look forward to the day Jesus calls me home to live eternally,pain free, with him in Heaven forever and ever.:)
Smile Tammy,God Bless You, dear ,sweet lady, God loves you and so do we.:))
Deanie Goodsell
(big lake)
Dearest Tammy,
When I was 20 years old, my father had a stroke. I had to move in with him ane take care of him. When i went to bed at night i turned on P.T.L.I could not sleep at night without hearing your tears and Jim's voice. That was the first time I ever heard about Jesus Christ. It led the path to me accepting Jesus as my personas savior. I beleive that listening to you and Jim was the past to my salvation. No matter what the mistakes you and Jim have made, God brought you into my life. I LOVE YOU TAMMY FAYE BAKKER!
(Holland Michigan)
Dear Tammy,

I love you!! I know that GOD has a greater plan for you. Your work is not done!! I just know that you are a wonderful and joyful person, you have helped so many women over come so many things. My sister was a drug addict with four kids and they were taken from her. We just found out that my dad had cancer of the coloen. But he did not let that get in the way of him fighting for his grandkids. We all went to court everyday until we got them back. But it was my dad that told all of us to have faith in GOD our LORD!! to overcome this. My dad pass away two years later on Feb. of 2005. And we all miss him very much, but my mother keeps the faith and told all of us that someday soon that we will all be together in our LORD! Tammy I love you and I will pray to THE LORD to make you whole again!! I LOVE YOU TAMMY!!
Denyse Kenney
(Tysons Corner, VA)
There is nothing greater than God and there is nothing God cannot do. Keep looking to God and not the circumstance, he will give you peace and see you through. My heart and prayers go out to you. May God bless you in a way that the world will see and draw near to him because of it.
Carolyn R. Tarr
(Parkside Pa)
I've seen you on ET recently, and I'm so
sorry to see you so ill. You know the Lord is still willing to heal and I do believe that, so I will still pray for you and for relief of the pain and fear you must be experiencing. Our family have watched you on TV in the past and have seen your children grow up so we all feel we know you in a way.
May the Presence and peace of the Holy Spirit be with you now in the Name of Jesus.
joe gailey
(twin falls, idaho)
Dearest Tammy. I lost my best friend and sister to breast cancer. I have an idea of what you are going through.
I started quit smoking 4 days short of the end of this month. I wish more people could find the way to do it.
Tammy I am not a Christian, nor Jew, nor Islam. I am Sprititual. I will meditate and send good energy your way.
Tammy you gotta stay around for us.
My greatest love,
Edgar Joe Gailey
(Alabama )
I am praying for you Tammy Faye. Your story has touched my heart so. I grew up watching you over the years. May His Peace be with you always.
Liz T.
(Methuen, Ma)
You are in my thoughts and prayers. You have touched so many people and now we would like to reach out and let you know just how much you have touched others through ministry. May God Bless you. xoxoxo
(New Brunswick Canada)
Tammy I have watched you since you were on PTL. I have followed your life and I admire your courage. You mentioned on one show that you were scared to die. Tammy look to the lord..I feel there is more for you. I am writing to you with compassion and concern for eternity. Are you familiar with Acts 2:38. I believe this to be the full gospel that will give us the peace and assurance we need to go beyond the grave. My earnest prayer is for you to really consider this most important step for your eternal salvation and rest for your weary body. I will continue my prayer that you will see this truth..
(Bethlehem PA)
Dear Tammy,
Dear Tammy,
I admire your sweet spirit of joy and true love of the Lord. Know that you are in my prayers.
In Jesus' love,
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