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Cindy Joyner
Dearest Tammy Faye,
I just saw you on ET.(6/5/07) My prayers are sincerely with you. My mom had cancer, and I stood right by her side. I am so sorry you are having to endure all this sickness and pain. Mom said,well he can't touch my soul. That is so true Tammy. You have a wonderful spirit that God has used to win souls for a long long time. I used to feed my baby and watch PTL and pray with you. My son is now 37. That's how long it has been. Thanks for leading me in the prayers that made my son turn out to be a great young man, with a wonderful spirit like you. I may not have found the prayer chain if not for you.Whatever God has in his storehouse for you Tammy Faye, I am sure the Rewards you reap will be all so great. You have fought the fight, and kept the Faith, and taught us, For God So Loved The World,and HE loves us too. God, touch Tammy Faye, and help her to rest and the pain subside. Give her the same faith and peace that she told us about. Hold to your faithful servant God, and lead her where she should follow. In His Sweet Holy Name, because We love you,Tammy!!!!
Cindy Joyner
Be Strong.........You are beautiful.
thelma rocha
(abbeville ,s.c.)
tammy i pray for you i know you are in good hands you are loved .
Suzie Mulahll
(Uxbride, On Canada)
Tammy, its a plain and simple message to you... I love you....Be well...You will be with him...I too will be and We will meet again
(Spring, TX)
My Dearest, Dearest Tammy Faye, I owe you so very, very much... So many years ago, somewhere back in the 80's I was on the bring of sucicide, I flipped through the channels, and came upon a women who I had never seen before.. She caught my attention, because of her eyes, so I just stopped and watched.. You then began to sing a beautiful song, but then you just stopped, looked into the camera and said... I want to sing something else, the Lord told me that there is someone on the verge of committing suicide, and you began to sing...Your on the brink of a miricale or somthin like that....I listened, watching you, tears rolling down my face and I asked God to come into my life, and to Bless You... Over the years my life too, has been so hard, andnow I too, take so many meds just to keep me from pain, but if I could I would take your pain, so YOU could continue to sing, laugh, preach and LOVE as you have...You are a TRUE WOMAN OD GOD... I thank YOU I will pray for your healing, and for the pain to flee..With all my LOVE, YOUR SISTER IN CHRIST
cindy singleton
(victoria ,texas)
dearest tammy,
my prayers are with you and your family.i pray for your continued strength and courage and know that God will work his miracles. you know this deep within your are still so beautiful and such an inspiration to us all. i am a survivor of breast and colon cancer and when i think i'm having a bad day i think of your days and the pain i know you are feeling and lift us both up to the Lord for only he knows our fate,and we have to trust in him. we have a "pink ladies"cancer suvivors group and we lift you and your family up in prayer daily.
so hang in there, we're with you.
cindy singleton
Ricki Newman
(Ellwood City, Pa.)
Hi Tammy, Your doing a great job being tough through all your sickness. There are a lot of people that are wishing and praying for your healing. Thank God for your daughter sticking with you through it all. I lost my Mother a year ago in March and I Thank God He gave me the strength to be there for her. I hope God brings you through this in Jesus Name. Love, Ricki
Vanessa Hadley
(Indianapolis, IN)
Dear Tammy,

You are a light, an inspiration, and a vessel from which God continues to use each and every day. You are Loved by so many and your brothers and sisters are praying for you as we all stand by your side. I believe your castle awaits you for their will be a time when we all will leave our flesh. The best part is that your ending will be a happy one. I wish we could say that for everyone here on earth.
(New Jersey)
Seems as though I have known you for so long, yet we have never met. I read somewhere once that a friend is simply a stranger that we have never met. Tammy, you are a light, and have always been so full of energy, hope. Your love for life and your courage to survive is to be admired by all! Remember however Tammy, regardless of how much time Jesus allows you here with us, if you trust in Him you already know that what He has promised to all who love HIm, this life is but a twinkling of what He has in store for us in heaven.
I pray you find health and if not, the peace and serenity that only the Lord can give.
God bless you.
My prayers are with you. You are one of the few true Christians in this world. I to pray to hear you sing again. I am a gay Christian man and loved your movie. I am also now a huge fan of your son Jay I loved his show One Punk Under God. I hope they bring it back for another season he holds the same sweet spirit as his mother.
My Love and Prayers.
Colleen Fallon
(Mt. Prospect Il)
Tammy, I have always thought of you as a class act. You are in my mind the meaning of love and forgiveness. I pray for you and your family every day. Best wishes Colleen
Marilyn Frederick
(Kernersville, NC)
Tammy, you are such a BEAUTIFUL, SPIRIT,inside, and out!! I am praying for your complete healing!! REMEMBER!! ALL things are possible, thru Jesus Christ!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! PS. YOU WILL SING AGAIN!!! LOVE, MARILYN
Janice Rogers
(Port Arthur, Texas)
Sister Tammy,

I could not rest until I said this; I apologize to you for every negative thing I ever said about you all through your ministry. I was wrong. Truly you are a woman of God and I assumed something else. Truly your witness is for real. Please medidtae on the 103rd Psalm which refers to healing. My prayer is that god will heal you miraculously and embarass the enemy.
Brigitte Mason
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Dear Tammy you have truly touched my heart. Keep your faith, for all things are possable with God. I will pray and believe along with you for your total healing.
thomas e mullen
(Charlotte, NC)
Dear Tammy,
I am a gay christian, from St Louis County, Minnesota. (Duluth)

I left there in 1959 ! I still love it though.

I have been a follower of your ministry since I first heard of you...years..... ago . I have lived in Charlotte for 1-1/2 years now.

I pray for you ...allllll the time.
(hyattsville, md)
you are in my prayers...Stay strong ms. Tammy...Maryland loves you!!!!
(Portage, WI)
Dear Tammy,
You inspire me to be a better person.
Laura Martin
(Atlanta, Ga)
Darling Tammy,
I just saw you on ET and was rocked to my foundation that you are afflicted and suffering. The last time I saw you was on VH1's The Surreal Life and I tuned in just to watch you every week. I'm a Christian and I was SO impressed by your faith and the way you loved and spoke the Truth to all the people you were living with. Our influence in this world is like ripples in a pond - we dip our finger in and an hour later the ripples reach the shore. I wonder how many young people watching VH1 were touched by the Spirit of God as they watched you? A LOT! I just know it! Remember when the show had a palm reader come to the house? You were so gracious and just refused to take part. What a beautiful woman you are. For you, a prayer, "Lord Jesus, we just can't do without Tammy here on this earth. Yes, we're selfish, but we need her light and laughter with us for many years to come. I know you never allow anything in the life of a Believer without purpose, and I thank you in advance - WITH FULL CONFIDENCE - that you will heal Tammy Faye and it will be a TESTIMONY to You and how you can bring LIFE to the broken and afflicted. I thank you that Tammy Faye will SING again to us - in PERFECT HEALTH! - and that the world will know that YOU are the HEALER. Cover her with your shed Blood, heal her body, comfort her Spirit, uplift her family, give them all strength, and let them all rest under Your Mighty Wings until Tammy's healing is MANIFEST in her body. In Jesus' Mighty, Mighty Name I pray, Amen"
I love you. I'll continue to pray for you. Laus Deo,
(Houston, TX)
I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you. Remember, all you need is faith, the size of a mustard seed. Everything will be alright. God is in control.
God Bless you Tammy,may god comfort you and keep you.
Donna Temple
(Montgomery,Alabama )
Tammy Faye,
Our Thoughts and prayers are with you dear.May God love and bless you in his loving care.You are a true Lady.You have touched so many peoples lives.We Love you and and wish you comfort. The Temple Family
Terry Birkes
(Tulsa, Ok)
I just want you to know how much you continue to touch and make a difference in so many of us.
You are a true angel here on earth and I pray for you that you remain strong and in gods light!
You are truly what our lord is about!
Thank you so much!
With love,
Terry Birkes
Jim Deering
(Neenah Wisconsin)
My heart is with you I will pray with and for you till God gives you your health back you are an ispiration and I cant tell you how your life and courage has inspired me and will continue to do so. You are an angel and a true messenger of God.
Prayers and thoughts of love and strenght are being sent your way.

Your friend and admirer,
(atlanta, ga)
i want you to know that even though we come from very different places i like you and i will always remember your name. i think you're a gem. i wish you peace my friend....
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