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Sheila S.
Goodbye dear Tammy. The world is a better place because you were here. There will never be another like you. We will not forget you. Godspeed.
(New York)
Tammy Faye, I believe that you have only seen beauty from the first moment you left this world. You were something special and I thank you for sharing yourself with us. May you rest always in the arms of the Father and the peace of the Angels.
(Minneapolis Minnesota)
I will always love Tammy Faye for her compassion and her love of Gay and Lesbain people. She was a REAL Christian!
Donna Thompson
(Talbott Tn 37877)
This message is for Tammy Sue, May God Bless you dear child as you face each day that lies ahead. I know that your mom is dancing the streets of Gold right now. She is singing the praises of our heavenly father as never before! Praise God that He is faithful. Your mother is just too precious for words and I personally know that you will never ever regret one day that you have spent caring for her. Those are precious memories that you can hold on to forever. The legacy that your mother has left is one of faith in a loving God and belief in the fact that With God all things are possible.I believe many souls will be added to heaven as a result of Tammy Faye's testimony and I will always cherish the two sweet notes that she sent to me many years ago. She gave me words that I will never ever forget and I love her for that. You will be in my prayers as will your brother and may we all celebrate the life of this precious saint by living each day as she did....celebrating every moment and sharing our faith in a loving Jesus.
God Bless you,
Donna Thompson
Julie King
(Ovilla, Tx)
I feel sadness for Tammy`s family and for myself. I pray that God`s grace and comfort will minister to all who loved her, she was used by God. I know that there is a cure for cancer and I pray that God will raise up someone to discover it soon, so that this horrible disease will disappear.
(gillette wyo )
tammy was a wonderful lady. u will be saldly miss god bless
I just want to sat to Tammy's children for they are the ones here, Iknow what you are going through I too lost my mother to a terrilbe illness, for years I was anger at my father for having an affair on my mother while she was sick , it took me years too forgive him and I too am a born again christian ,yet it caused me to back slide. But God is faithful even when we are faithless the bible tells us. Sometimes we dont understand why things happen the way they do but we know that the Lord is in control even though things my not seem fair. It took my siblings and I years to forgive this women who betrayed my mom , but I know that we will all reap what we have sown and so will this women who betrayed your mother , yet there is forgiveness and we must press forward. How I pray for you both you are always in my prayers and I pray for your father as well. As far as those "burgers" are conserned your mom spoke about she is now at the marriage supper of the lamb for HE has come to take His bride so that no one can ever hurt her again and like my mother your mom is in her new body that Christ tells us in the Book of Revelations "No more tears no more pain". Her husband Jesus is all she sees now!! So you kidz take care be there for each other and when times get hard just know that all we have to do is bow our heads and the Father will hear us and answer us! God bless you guys! Your sis in christ, Lizzie
(gillette wyo )
tammy was a wonderful lady. u will be saldly miss god bless
Denise Weekes
(Topeka, KS)
You have inspired me, your ministry will continue because it was of God. You always gave God All The Glory! Thank you Tammy for being a blessing to me in so many ways. You have made it, and I can make it. In Heaven you will see the many souls that received Jesus Christ as their Savior through your ministry. God Bless you Tammy for your faithfulness. Well done Tammy, enter into the Joy of the Lord.
Your Sister In Christ,
Denise Weekes
(oklahoma city)
As the bible tells us, the date of your death is known before the date of your birth. How loving and generous of Our Heavenly Father to let you know that the end was near so you could summon you incredible strength and that great smile so you could bid us good-bye, knowing that our hearts would ache for you, and knowing that our souls would rejoice for you to berestored to your perfect health and happiness in Heaven. To Tammy's family, Thank you for sharing your mother and her abiding love with the world. We will keep you in our hearts and in our prayers.
(New York, NY)
To the Family of Tammy,
Please know that your Mom touched more lives that she even meant to touch. When she and your Dad were on television I was a young girl in a small town in Minnesota. I used to babysit to make extra money and a lot of times your parents show was the only thing that was still on televison late at night. Your mother comforted me during those late night babysitting jobs. I enjoyed her on the PTL as well as A Simple Life. Just know that her love of people truly did reach the masses.
Brian Rodgers
(Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN)
I just found out on ET that Tammy passed away. I know she will be missed by everyone that loved her. I send mu best wishes to the friends and family of Tammy. I know I will never forget her, though I never met her in person, but TV is close enough. I am sure she is watching us all from Heaven, and one day I will meet her in Heaven when I passaway.

Debra & Quinton Washington
(Houston, Texas)
Another soldier has gone home to be with the Lord. We will be praying that God will comfort your family at this time in their lives.
Becky May
(Urbana, Ohio)
I have always been a fan. I received Christ in my life due to you. I will always be grateful to you for being that special blessing in my life. Thanks for playing such an important role in my life. I am looking forward to meeting you in heaven. What a day that will be. Thanks again.

Love You,
Becky May
(Miami, Florida)
My deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Tammy. My mother passed away last October and I know how all of you must feel at this time. Such great losses we all suffer during our lifetime. Loss of a family member is probably the most powerful sorrow a human can endure but I know deep in my heart and by watching Tammy on Larry King a couple nights before her passing, that our moment here on Earth is brief but Everlasting in Heaven with God. Her suprising uplifted spirit at the end will I always remember for I am sure she is sharing that gift with all that have departed us.
Randy Brown
(Miami, Florida)
Pass the ketchup! Tammy wanted a celebration after her death. so i say order up some hamburgers and bring the ketchup. i know she's having her burger and fries now whenever she wants! my prayers are now with her family and friends.
I love ya Tammy!
(hopelawn, n.j.)
i know that you with Jesus right now, and i believe that you showed the love of Christ to bridged the gap between christians and the unsaved, no matter who they were. i believe you took alot of flack for the reality show that you did, but all in all, i know that all of the people that you came in contact with knew that you geniunely loved them and that Jesus does also. my prayers go out to the family and thank you for sharing your mom with the world.
Susan Claussen
(Wonder Lake, Ill)
I would like Tammy to have known what a role model she is for Christians everywhere. She died with dignity and her faith strong. We can all take a lesson from her life. Blessings to her entire family.
Allison Maxwell
(La Salle Ontario Canada)
Dear Tammy fayes family
I wish to express my deapest sympathy to you. Your wife and mom was a amazing person. No matter what she was always smiling and laughing. Heh even if she was crying she always had something positive to say after.
My daddy passed away june 25. I miss him dearly. I know that I will see him again,just as you know you will see your momma too.
I wish nothing but peace and happiness
Allison M
My message is to Roe- Just saw a clip on your upcoming interview with ET. My heart is broken for you. May God bless you. AS well as yours and Tammy's family during this most diffulcult of times. May you find peace and love in His care. May God bless you in these sorrowful days, but his light shine ever so brightly as did your sweet Tammy Faye.
You certainly loved life, people, and most of all our Lord Jesus the Messiah!!!
Carol Herndon
(Brooklyn, NY)
May God rest the soul of Miss Tammy. Over the years I had my own judgements about her and her, work mostly it was negative. However, she led her life with a style and grace all her own. In the end I admired her for being so positive. She went through alot and came out a real southern lady. I am sorry she is gone sorry for us still living because I think she had more to share with the world. I know she gave me courage to face my own woes. I hope Miss Tammy is sitting with Jesus and looking down on us and praying for the world. We sure need all the prayers right now. Rest well with Jesus, Tammy.
Pat Mulei
(ocala, fla)
Thank you God, for sending us an Angel like Tammy who has taught us many lessons about life! What an inspiration!! Tammy, we will miss you much!! Peace be with you!!
Anthony Adams
Hello Tammy Faye--I know you have passed on to be with Jesus in Heaven yet I still want to address this note to you.I first saw you on the PTL club during the mid 1970's on late-nite television. I was very positively influenced by you back then. I became a partner with PTL and considered going to Boble College and coming to live at Heritage-although I never followed thru on the part of coming there to live. I have tried to fopllow some of what's happened with you thru the years. Even though you've gone on now to Heaven you will continue to have a very positive influence with me.God Bless you and yours and I do pray that we see you in heaven some day.
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