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Jennifer B

None of us know how much time we have left. But God has given you an opportunity to do even more with what's left of your life! Your purpose ain't over yet! Dig in and share Jesus with those in Hollywood and every person you meet. Send those emails and make those calls! :-)

I hope that all of us who love you will honor your kindness by sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Thanks for keeping the faith through all the tough times you've been through. I look forward to meeting you in heaven someday. :-)

Anne Sanderlin
(Hartsville, SC)
You are in my thoughtws and prayers. I went through the lung cancer with my father six years ago. Your daughter and son are doing what they want to do and what is part of the cycle of life God has in his plans for us. You see we hope to get a chance to parent our own Parents for what they did for us. It seems such a small thing to do. My mother is with me. She wasn't happy about it, but I was told she didn't need to be living alone. As a diabetic it is never a good idea. You gave us all the gift of your faith and laughter. Thank you and my prayer circle online is praying for you.

Gods Blessings,



(Summerford, Newfoundland)
Hi Tammy, I think you're an amazing lady. I will pray for you and hope that God continues to give you grace and strength. My only real knowledge of you comes from t.v. and the Surreal Life - but you really showed how it's possible to be a believer in a world that seems to sometimes have gone terribly wrong. God Bless You!
(Fort Myers ,FL)
Never was A PTL person. Never really got the whole thing but lately have come to love you and your strength. May God be with you Tammy. You and your family. You are brave. You are LOVED!
I respect you. You have a great legacy here. You are a lady.
(Dover, NH)
Dear Tammy,
I can remember seeing you on the Jim and Tammy show years ago. I thought you were a wonderful person then and I think you're even greater now! Thank you for brightening so many people's lives and demonstrating real Christianity.
Stephanie Price
(West Chester, PA)
You have power, you have strength, and you are stronger than any sickness that comes your way. My prayers are with you. May God continue to Bless You and may your light continue to shine..
Love You!
(Sacramento, CA)
Hang in there sweet Tammy.
I pray for you daily.
Fold in.
Michael Presler
(Hoboken, NJ)
Dear Tammy,
I thank God for people like you Tammy Faye. You are the real deal, unconditional love and honesty.
Always be strong.
With love and admiration,
I never really thought much of you one way or the other before March 2004. However, in March I experienced the worst day of my life. Rock bottom. I was alone in a hotel room and turned on the tv. There you were on Larry King Live. I almost changed the channel, I only knew you by reputation. However, I didn't. I listened and got to know the woman you truly are. I hung on every word. You talked of your lung cancer, new then, among other things. You gave me hope and encouragement in a way no one ever has. Your words saved me Tammy! It seemed as though you were personally addressing all my problems. I always hoped to be able to meet you someday to personally thank you. I became a Big fan that night in March 2004. I also began to read the hotel bible after the show was over. Prayer entered my life. I want you to know I prayed for you each and everyday since then. I wanted you to know that you made a huge difference in someone's life. And, when all is said and done that's what its all about. I didn't want what you have done for me to go unmentioned. Thank you so much Tammy! I pray The Lord will grant you peace and comfort at this time. I know we didn't meet here on earth, but I am so looking forward to meeting you in heaven. God's blessings, Anne
(New York State)
Dear Tammy,

I pray for you that you are not suffering. I loved your show on the The Surreal Life and your good sense of humor and positive attitude are a joy to see. God Bless you, Tammy ! : )
Hannah Drinnon
(Lanett, Alabama)
I have always enjoyed hearing you sing and I admire your courage. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

God Bless
Hannah Drinnon
Dear Tammy,
Don't forget that Jesus asks a lot from his favored ones. He must love you immensely! Hang in there! Prayers and best wishes.
(Charlotte NC)
I will never forget hearing the song run to the roar! You have touch so many peoples lives,and I feel your spirit with me.I thank God for you being a witness even in your season of sickness.You are truly my sister in the family of faith. May God be merciful to you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Rev. Patricia Danker
(Wellston, Oklahoma 74881)
Tammy we have been praying for you at our Intercessory Prayer time we meet 2 times a week ,Mon. and Wed. nights at 7 PM, Years ago PTL sent me a wonderful Bible, I still have it, It started me on my road of Ministry. Your ministry has meant a lot to me and helped me to go on when things looked rough. I ask God to send His Healing Blood to flow thru your veins so the Healing Power can work in your body and pain be gone from your stomack in Jesus Name. Amen God Bless you and yours mightly Pat
Dear Tammy,
My grandmother is suffering from lukemia and everyday is struggle for her. She is less than half her size and has lost her hearing and most of her sight, but she never gives up praising God. She and now you are an inspiration to myself and my faith. I will tell you as i tell her that you are beautiful and i will keep you in my prayers. May God grant you peace and help you to overcome this obstacle.
Joanna Howard
(Sayre, OK USA)
May God hold you so tight in his loving and everlasting arms. NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD-HEALING IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE!!! GOd loves you!!!
Alan Thompson
(Chattanooga, Tennessee)
Dear Tammy, I am praying for you. I hope you know you are indeed loved. To me you are what Christians should be, love. Thank you for all you have done to show that love to me and many others. God bless you.
Robin Stofko
(Montclair, VA 22025)
Tammy Darling:

I recently saw on ET that you would be remembered for your eyelashes. My dear sister, you are so much more than you eyelashes, you've inspired me for many years. You are drop dead beautiful and a Christian who walks and your fruits show you are real. I love you deeply.

(slidell, louisiana)
dear tammy, never give up, God is a God of miracles, our hope and prayers are with you and your family. love in Jesus, cyndi
(Sunman, In)
As a cancer survivor 2x over it breaks my heart to see you this way Tammy but I know Our Lord works in ways we don't understand until we are faced with it. And I know He has greater plans for you ..ones that you couldnt do on this earth. Most look at death and an ending , but death is just the beginning and one of the greatest gifts, we get to see our Father once again..and I am sure He is waiting for your arrival..always with Jesus
Mike O'Hara
(Broadway, VA)
Dear Tammy,
As much as so many of us love you...we want is is best for you. Life on this side of earth is just a moment compared to eternity. A loving Father awaits for His children in heaven when they leave this earth. Don't be afraid to let go of this old earth. Jesus loves you, and is waiting for you.
Be at peace, take His hand.
Love in Jesus,
Mike O'Hara
(Yarmouth, Maine)
Dear Tammy,
The photos shown of you on ET last week broke my heart ... I am so very sorry to realize the full extent of your illness now and the level of pain you must endure every day. You and I have never met, and yet I think of you as someone Iíve known for years. You first came into my life on my television screen via the PTL show. And, I once visited Heritage USA way back in the early days when it was little more than a campground with a couple of small inns, an amphitheater, and a barn; I attended services and activities there in which I saw you and heard you sing, but I didnít approach you out of consideration for your familyís privacy, so I guess I passed up my chance to meet you. But I will say to you now what I would have said to you even back then: thank you, Tammy, for sharing your heart with the world in words and deeds and song. You are delightful. You have blessed more people than youíll ever realize with your genuine and loving spirit, and over these last many years as youíve remained in the public eye and have sometimes been treated unkindly by others, you have continued to conduct yourself with courage and humor always, maintaining your belief and trust in God despite difficult circumstances. You have been deeply loved by many, Tammy ... and you will be greatly missed. God knows the number of your days, and whenever your last moment comes, whether it is ten days or ten years from now, may you be welcomed into His kingdom with joy and thanksgiving ... and someday, on that Other Side, I hope that I will have the pleasure of meeting you at last. God bless you always.
With love,
(Atlanta, GA)
Hi Tammy. You have such a sweet spirit. I am a 10 year survivor of cancer and I feel each day is a gift. One thing I remember my primary care doctor telling me after I was diagnosed was, "Be Brave." That stayed with me throughout my surgeries and treatment. It was just two words but they had such an impact on me. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. Take care sweet lady!
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