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David Salt
(Bloomfield, NJ)
I always enjoyed watching you on TV. You impress me buy showing the spirit in Christ to everyone you meet. What I really like most was your get up and go attitude about spreading the gospel on TV. With out Tammy, there would be no PTL where countless people got saved or were inspired by God's message. Im praying for you!
Mary Murphy
(Bethel Park, PA)
Tammy: Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you. You have handled yourself with such Grace and you give other believers hope and courage. God Bless!
James Stoneburner
(Camp Hill Pa )
Tammy, Don't give up your on the brink of a miracle!!! you sing that to me every morning as I drive to work, I have it in my car, a cd at work and in my phone, You can Make it !! is also not to far away. I used to hear these songs and think you were singing for me. now when I hear them I sing them for you. I know that God's not thru using you. You and your son have been a great source of inspiration for me. I can't picture anything happening to you. God is in charge and I feel He Will heal you. Yuo are such a blessing to me. keep Smiling, laughing and praising Jesus. You can make it!!!
Annette Mancino
(New York)
God bless you, Miss Tammy! You are truly an inspiration of strength, faith, belief, and trust in the loving arms and promises of our Lord. Gods' path is our only journey. I am a believer, and only the good lord knows just how much of a work in progness I am as well as how hard a nut I am to crack, but He will win! You will succeed to conquer all you strive to, and no matter what you WILL live, for Gods' light burns brightly for you! god bless you, Miss Tammy. You're in my prayers.
(Chesterfield, Missouri)
Hi, Sweet Tammy!

You can make it! You said so yourself!
When I visit my sister, Joan, in Matthews, I'm going to look for you at South Park Mall! And you BETTER be there!!! I love you very much! And I'm always praying for you. By His stripes you ARE healed, in Name of Jesus!
(Southern CA)
Tammy please forgive me for laughing at you and celebrating when PTL became embroiled in scandal. I had no idea who you really were then. I saw you as the butt of a joke and not as the incrediblly loving woman you clearly are. In the last ten years, you have shown others how to forgive, how to lay down burdens they have strapped to their own backs and how to simply love others no matter what sin they have committed. You have reminded us that God loves all his children and not just those who go to Church. I also want to thank you for your wonderful son who is continuing your work and witnessing to those others often neglect. I too suffer from severe pain and when the pain is terrible, i just offer it up to God and remember that people like you are also suffering pain and not letting it make them bitter. I wish you could stay with us forever as a reminder of how much love can accomplish. When you have gone to your rest, I will pray for your family. Again, please forgive me for having judged you in the past.
Dear Tammy,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Many years ago you and Jim helped me through a very tough time. I was married to an alcoholic who was abusive. I would pop channels looking for your show waiting for him to come home. Your shows got me through the long hours waiting for him to come home drunk. Your singing and prayers were very special to me and I want you to know you were loved.
Thank you so much and God Bless You!!
(Adrian, MI)
You are such a stong woman have always carried yourself so well. I have great respect for you. My love and prayers to you and your family
tim radford
(london, england)
Tammy you have been so much an inspiration to me I pray for you every day . I have gone through so much but God has always got me through . The best is yet to come
Marilyn Fulton
(Winston-Salem, NC)
Grave and Peace,
Tammy Faye, my prayers are with you. Doing the PTL ere You and Jim helped me so much in my early walk with Jesus....
God is still faithful.... Continue to keep your eyes on the prize....
Keith Jones
(fillmore ind)
Hi tammy ipray alot for you we both have cancer and itsso hard butas you said keep the faith thy gaveme 3 days to live inApril of this year on Easter and ibeat those 3 days now hospice saids iam living on my own i have gotten babitized and i can feel the differince god is so wonderful i dont fear this anymore i look forward to see my love ones in heaen it will be so great and i always keep my faith...Fith and hope and prayer will get u throughthis me i try to talk but ican walk a lil and ican eat alot and use the restroom on my own but i shall pray for you eeryday we will beat this
Cathy Neff
(Davis, California)
You're the best!

God Bless You.
(brooklyn new york)
god bless you
I just lost my mom to cancer , she was an angel on this earth.
as your messages of love and acceptance too have been your wings
god bless you and your family
my prayers are with us all
Jacqueline Figueroa
(Newark n.j.)
Muchas mujeres tenemos fuerza gracias a ti eres una colunna para las que somos mas debiles adelante guerrera valiente Dios esta ahora mismo y siempre a tu lado.
(St Louis,Mo)
Tammy,how you are loved. Be assure our household is praying for you. You hold a very special spot in my heart. You see when I first met the Lord someone said I should watch this lady,she really love the Lord she said. You know she was right. No matter what or where you've been you are always walking out the word and never have I seen you compromise. My daughters have a respect for you from watching the tv program you where on. You never waver on your stand for Christ and his word. It's been a blessing to see your wonderful family come full circle.
Pastor Roger Johnson
(Vancouver, BC)
Dearest Tammy..
We can never begin to express the the profound impact that your life and testimony for Jesus Christ have made in our lives and the lives of millions around the world... Your steadfast faith in the midst of years of horrendous trials and testings stands as a testimony to the faithfulness of Jesus Christ and the power of God at work in a human life... Your struggles may have been great here on earth, but your rewards in heaven will be MUCH greater!
Our prayers are with you, and we are trusting the Lord along with you for your complete healing....

God Bless you!

Pastor Roger & Shirley Johnson
Associated Family Ministries
Dear Tammy,
I'm praying for your full recovery. I pray that you will have total healing in your body. I know this is possible through our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep staying strong.
Hi Tammy-
I saw you on Larry King some time ago and since then have been thinking of you and the PTL days. As a child my parents and I would visit while going to my aunts house in Charleston. I was young then and H-USA wasn't the ideal vacation but since I've grown I realize the overall impact that it had on my life. It always had a sense of 'feel good 'about it. I can remember sitting in the ampitheater and thinking how huge the place was, listening to Dino play the piano.Anyway, enough of that. I really wanted to let you know that God really has used you for His glory during your time here on earth. You truely have been an inspiration to MANY throughout the years. I pray God's blessing on your life as you continue to fight your illness. May the Lord bless and keep you , may his face shine upon, be gracious and give you peace!
Bobbie Lancaster
(Danville, KY)
Tammy Faye,
You are so loved. I have loved and appreciated you from the days of PTL. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I was a PTL partner for many years. Someday when we all get to heaven I look forward to hugging your neck and chatting with you for a while. You are so brave and have given encouragement to so many. I know God is still a miracle working God and I am believing for a miracle for you. I know you are so proud of Tammy Sue for taking such good care of you. Until we meet in heaven, I am one of your many friends even though we never got the opportunity to sit down and chat in person. Looking forward to that someday.
Until He Comes,
Miss Bobbie Lancaster
Minister Byron G Zealey
(Dallas Texas)
Tammy, We have never met or even spoken but of course as you might be able to imagine you have impacted the lives of many many people.

I am one of those people. I will admit it has not always been for the right reasons. Sometimes as it is with people we only encounter through television can seem so far away and at times even unreal.

After the fall of PTL and some church scandal that touched my own life growing up, for some reason I sensed a kinship with you.

Since hearing news of the direction life has taken for you as of late I felt I needed to close the circle of this connection I felt.

Please forgive me but I am reeling over this absolutely stunning photo of you here on your website as I am writing this.

Tammy you have such a beautiful spirit. Scripture says the perfect Love casts out all fear. Even if the time has come for you to leave this earth that God is just waiting to be in your presence. Isn't that a switch we as christians trying so desperately to be in His presence..but he wants to be in our presence just as bad if not more.

Tammy the Lord says Fear not for He IS with YOU.

Thank you for being inspirational to me. Your life has helped get to where i need to be in God and move to he place of fully accepting his call upon my life.

I want to write more I want you to know that I am praying for you and your family. That the Holy Spirit will be exactly what he is..A Comforter.

I love you..

Minister Byron Zealey
Atmosphere of Praise Ministries
(Las Vegas, NV)
Tammy Faye,
Your wonderful son gave a fabulous message at my church yesterday. He asked us all to pray for you and Tammy Sue. You are in all of our prayers as is Jay. God Bless you and keep you close.
(St Paul, Minnesota)
Hi Tammy

I see you on ET tonight and my heart just breaks for you. My prayers and thoughts are with you always. I'm so happy to hear your daughter is with you daily and your friends are with you too. Love you sweet lady. :) Sharon
Aloha Tammy! I hope you're doing better. Please stay alive because we need you here. You're like a mother to me and you've got a lot of living to do. Jesus needs you here and so do we. Please don't go yet, Mom, you got a testimony and a praise report to give<:) I love you and God bless you and your dear family.
Tammy, i pray for you, i have watched you threw the years, you are a very strong woman, Tammy the world loves you, i am sorry for your pain, as i to live with it everyday, i to am very sick,mine is in my liver,with no help,as i have no health care,no insurance,not even medicade, and i pray everynight, for god to stand by me, and to help me, i will do the same for you, may god bless you, Love John
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