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(Roseburg Oregon)
I love you! You will see God very soon- I am so jealous, but I will be there too-- sooner than I think! Thank you for all your faith-- You are a true woman of God-- a true inspiration and I thank you!
Never have I written or shall I say reached out in my life to someone that has seemed bigger than life due to her actions. There are not the words to put to paper to express to you how truly inspirational you are---your bravery in the face of pain,your push to live everything to the fullest, your example to us all is beyond touching, it is teaching. You have touched so many hearts and taught so many people how to live in faith and to truly love what we are all given and take for granted too often. My heart and soul thank you and as does everyone who sees or hears you--we pray for you.
(Columbus, GA)
Tammy, you are an inspiration to so many people. I know you can pull thru this! I am praying for you. Continue to be the wonderful witness that you are!

Paulette J Smith
(Atlanta Georgia)
Dear Tammy,
I still have the Bible I ordered from you in 1983. I have great admiration for you and I am so sorry for your suffering. Pray that as you move on to meet our heavenly father, he will take away all pain. Much Love Tammy Faye, we will meet again.. in heaven.
Kimberly Goins-Ford
(Birmingham, Al 35243)
Tammy I am praying that God will grant you strength to overcome this difficult battle with cancer.
Psalms 103:3-5
3who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,4who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,5who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle.
God bless you and your family
(Mineral Wells, TX)
I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the Sundance shows on your son...I love his heart and am praying for his ministry. May God continue to sustain you and give you rest and peace.
sharon goerlitz
(Laguna, California)
Hi Tammy,
I am a retired flight attendant with USAirways and I had the pleasure of serving you on many flights. You were always so gracious and possesed a wonderful aura. Please know that I pray for your recovery. Keep smiling and laughing Tammy as I sincerely believe these ingredients will help you during this difficult time.
(Charleston, West Virginia)
Dear Tammy,
I am so sorry you are having to suffer. But our Jesus suffered also. I am praying for you. My thoughts are with you so much and my heart is so with you. I have followed your life for years- when you were on PTL. I didn't always agree with you on issues but I could always relate because we were both women and mothers. I read your autobiography a few years ago and also Jim's book, " I was Wrong". Those books made me 'see' how things seemed to be with you guys when the PTL 'scandal' took place. I really believe you did not realize you were doing anything wrong. I also am glad you have seemed to come to terms with Jerry Falwell because I have liked him also. Our son graduated from Liberty U. and works there now. Most important, I want to say I love you Tammy Faye and I am praying for you so much. God be with you- I know He is. I pray He will help to alleviate your pain and that you will sense His divine peace. With all God's love and my love to you, Brenda
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Dear Tammy,
I pray that you will get this message. In 1983, I was supposed to have my tubes tied. One day in October of that year, I was watching PTL and I saw a picture of your family. At that time, my husband and I had a 16 month old daughter. We thought she would be an only child. I started to think that maybe I wanted one more child, a baby boy. To make a long story short, in January 1985, I gave birth to a baby boy!!! We named him Samuel (because I asked the Lord for him)Charles!!! If it wasn't for the picture of your family I saw, ESPECIALLY Jamie Charles, I probably would not have had another child! God blessed ME through YOUR family!! Please stay strong, Tammy, and know that millions around this world love you!
(Laughlin, NV)
Tammy- I saw you on Entertainment Tonight and was horrified. My dad died of cancer Christmas day 1978 and lost so much weight like you. He was down to nothing and it was so very sad to see him that way. I hope you can pull thru Tammy Faye. I like you- you've got spunk! My sister saw you when you came into Trader Joe's in Palm Desert. Take care and get well soon!
just had to stop by and wish you well, if only i could, i have and will pray for you. beleive it or not how i got to know you was thru the surreal life! but i was just so impressed with you! good luck and best wishes to you and your family!
Norma R
Ijust heard the news recently..Where have I been.I pray for you and pray you will be well soon.Your so loved by all. God Bless you and your family and your strenght to stay alive.Gte well soon..
Kandy ( Patty Sewell)
(Ulysses, Ks)
I am praying for you. You have a special place in my heart. You were good friends with my aunt, "Patty Sewell" She loved you so much, I feel close to you through her. I want to thank you for writing about her in your book, it meant so much to me! Keep trusting Jesus, he can do it.
Love, Kandy
(San Marcos,Texas)
Hi Tammy,
I am a breast cancer survior. Five years ago I was told I had stge3 breast cancer in both breasts,Iunderwent surgery to remove both breast,I had six months of chemo and six weeks of radiation.God Healed me! I put on the armor then and I put it on every morning,as I'm sure you do. I have a dear uncle who had colon cancer in 1999,surgery and no treatment,five years later it came back inthe liver. He had surgery again and again elected to not have any treatment. Last year it came back inboth lungs. Hehad surgery to remove the tumors a month apart. This time he thought he had better have the chemo. After four treatments he began to have problems, lost alot of weight,could not eat and rapidly went down hill,wound up in the hospital just so that they could re-hydrate him and be feed thru tubes. So we prayed real hard for answers as to what was best at this point. He decided he was not going to have anymore chemo for now. His scans were good, no sign of any more tumors! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He has regained his strength and put some weight back on and looks, talks, and acts like my sweet ole Uncle Shorty again. By the way he's seventy-three years young. Now I wanted you to know this because I'm praying for you to re-bound like my uncle, I believe you will, Put on that Armor and "GO GIRL" From one of your many sisters in Christ, Jan in Texas
Vivian R. R.
(New York, New York)
My best wishes, prayers and thoughts are with you at this time.. You are a fighter and truly strong. A true inspiration to all. Know that you are loved and are beautiful always. God Bless. Always enjoyed you on Larry King show. Hugs and Kisses. Stay strong
(Calhoun, GA)
I have a step-daughter named Tomi Sue - and I love her deeply. I felt compelled to write because of the Surreal-Life show.

I loved you on that show and it made me realize you are much more than your make-up. You showed me you can be a christian and still have fun. I love the fact that you stood your ground on so many very important issues.

I also love that you and Ron Jeremy became friends. You changed my view on yourself and Ron.

You are such a strong woman and I am so glad I got to know you a little better thru that show.

God be with you and you continue your fight. I just lost my step-son, Trent, 34, to cancer. I miss him so much. He put up such a strong battle.

This world has been blessed by you. Your faith and your strength will always be with me.

Thank you for putting yourself out there for folks like me to see you as you are.

God Bless my friend,
Darlene Brennan
Dear Tammy, Iam so sorry for you ! My Father had lung cancer. He passed away in January 2007.I took care of him for two months before he died I moved to fla to be with him so he could die at home.That was the greatest gift I could give him. we shared some great memories old and new.he did the chemo for 6months and decided to stop he said he lived a good life of 81 years Ifound strength from DAd was a GREAT MAN.. HE was not afraid to go he wasnt very religous but had his last rights. my father got down to 65lbs but had no pain.Iwill cherish that time with dad seen angels and God before he passed and said its going to be Peaceful there .Tammy find your strength from GOD.Cherish every mintue you have with your family .god is strength dont be scared . tell your dauther she wonderfulfor all shes doing. Ilearned that myself... You are awonderful person Ms Faye.
(Arlington TX)
Im have watched your smile for many years.GOD bless you Tammy Faye.

Your kindness has touched my heart,I miss PTL but most of all I miss you stay strong.
Brittiany Wright
(San Dimas , Ca91773)
I love you. You are such a non legalistic representation of our Lord. You are trophy of his grace and beauty. I am praying for you. Love, Brittiany
Kay Long
(Knoxville TN)
Tammy, you are a precious jewel! I am praying for you. I loved getting to know you on the Surreal Life your sweet spirit and loving heart really came to light on the show. God Bless you! You are close in my prayers~Kay
(Chicago, IL.)
Tammy Faye you were one of the first individuals to show compassion to those with HIV/AIDS and for that you are forever in all of our hearts! We love you and our prayers are with you!
andy staten
(riverside california)
my prayers r with you tammy-- god will heel you-- you are an angel from heaven- i always love to here you talk about the lord because i feel the lord coming through you-- i love you and god bless-- your friend always andy
(Little Rock, AR)
Hi Ms. Tammy. My name is Dee. I saw a special about you on Entertainment tonight. I never really knew who you were or what you are famous for(don't mean to offend)but last night I prayed for you. I don't know what I really prayed for, but I did tell Jesus to pray for you. Ok Ms.Tammy, stayed blessed!!!!
(Palm Springs)
I have followed your story for many years. I am most impressed in your ability to see Gods hand in everything. Even now you continue to give prise to Heavenly Father and comment on how he has blessed your life. You are in Gods hands and it will work out in the end. Let your children help you, it is your time to recieve service. I am thinking of you.
Felicia Soriano
(Havelock , NC)
We love you, and i pray that you heal. Your a good lady and human being . Your love for people radiates through the television screen . You have touched my life . All my love and god bless , Felicia
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