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(orange, california)
You are a special angel whose effervescent sparkle and light has added more of God's love to this world. I pray that you will be healed in the name of Jesus. Your music, books, and tapes have given me faith, hope, and smiles. You are a wonderful example of a true Christian wife, mother, and grandmother, as well as a friend to your fellow brothers and sisters here on earth - from all of us - we love you!
Dale Chandler
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Hi Tammy,
I have been thinking of you often and praying for you daily. I need to tell you that God has blessed me through your ministry over the years. As I high schooler, I was a complete outcast. I was teased and bullied on a daily basis and I wanted to die. I would get up early enough before school and watch you on PTL and many times was moved to tears because you expressed how God loves each of us. God saved my life through you and I am forever grateful. I will continue to pray for you on a daily basis.
Dale Chandler
vicky cooke
(carlsbad,new mexico)
tammy , I sure hope your pain goes away and you feel better.. I loved watching your cooking shows and talk shows ,you are a special person .. you always laugh and cut up even though we know you haven't felt like it... you have a wonderful daughter helping you ,what would we do without our take care tammy and I hope your pain will go away ,so you can laugh again..
(London,On Canada)
Tammy God bless u, i have loved your music/songs and books over the years and PTL ,we shall meet on that golden shore some glorious daybreak
(battle creek, michigan)
Dear Tammy Faye, God Bless and keep you strong during your journey,Maybe if all the folks who have sent a message to you agree to pray at the same time, Let's say tuesday June 5, at 12:00 noon Let all of us at the same time talk to our Father,and hold Tammy Faye up in prayer for a healing, one mighty prayer rising up to our Father.... God Bless You, much love jill
Cheryl Gray-Tennis
(Gladwin, MI)

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I read your note that said your daughter and her friends are taking care of you. It's amazing how these things in life bring us even closer to our family. It's one of the silver linings!

Remember, on days when you feel like you're not going to get through the Bible tells us if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, God can move mountains for us!

I pray that He will grant your strength for your mind, body and spirit. Blessings to your entire family.

(West Virginia)
Hello Beautiful Lady!
My heart is with you, I pray for you to get through this difficult illness. You are a true fighter! You are amazing to look so beautiful during these times of sickness. You are an inspiration to me and also my Mother, who just loves you & your spirit. We both will continue to pray for you...Keep the faith, it can move mountains!!!! We send our love, our thoughts, our prayers for you to overcome this. With God all things are possible. You have a smile that warms the are just a wonderful person and we are all pulling for you. Take care sweetie, softest hugs to you. Many blessings. Diane
(Fort Smith Ark)
Tammy your in my prayers God is in control
Hi Tammy ,

You are such a special lady. You have always shown courage and dignity in your life.
God does heal and healing is just as real today as in Jesus time, but there comes a time when you know the Lord is calling you home ,and that is O.K. too.

The ultimate healing - God taking His loved one home to HIm.

So , if you feel God calling , don't resist . He love you more than any of us can imagine.

Yes , it is hard to let go , but your loved ones can be assured that you are in Paradise with the LORD !!!

The Lord always knows what is right for every one of His children . His timing may not be what we like , but it is always the right timing for all of His children ; those going home ,and those left behind to go home later.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

In His Grace ,
Gianna & Lisa
(Ventura, CA)
for years we have watched you go through so many tribulations and your smile and faith never left. Now in this time we want you to know by your example we pray in faith and with smiles.Your journey has blessed and changed our lives. We thank you for your guidance on how to be a true woman of God. They always say if just 1 person is touched, well know we both have through your spirit.
Love always
Lisa & Gianna
(Plano, TX)
HiTammy,I have been praying for GOD to heal you. Last night GOD moved very powerful as I lefted you up.I had HOLY GHOST bumps all over me as I prayed. I believe something good is coming your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Houston, Texas)
You're a beautiful lady and a ray of light in this world. Thank you for all you have given us. You are very brave and strong, and I wish you peace and happiness.
wendy Nichol
(Deltona Florida)
dear Tammy you are such a blessing and inspiration to all of us we are all praying for your healing and hope you get well soon God bless Tammy Sue for helping you she is such a blessing too love you wendy nichol
Jacki Wittman and Emma Zaslowsky
(Columbia City, Oregon)
You're a beautiful woman inside and out and you've helped more people than you can even think of.

My mother (Jacki) has loved you ever since she first stumbled across you on PTL and when I saw you on the Surreal Life I fell in love with you too. =]

You're gorgeous... we need more people in the world like you. Please get better.

Always and forever, love Jacki and Emma.
Charles and Michael Becker-Lanzilotta
(Port Jefferson, New York )
Our prayers are with you during this difficult time in your life. May God bless you and watch over you and bring some peace and comfort into your life.
(atlanta, ga)
i was talkin to god last night and had this feeling come over and i remember the times ive seen u on tv and thought this lady has an incredible energy that god can use thru her to help him touch peoples lives and i do believe that i thank god most everyday if i can remember for the gift of another day of life i to live with a deadly disease that i got 23 yrs ago and i ask god for his healing energy and spirit ....while i see people struggling for big things i try to keep my things small day to day...and believe tammy ur here for a reason and ur not finished ..i said to god tammy is very special and u need to keep her here for ur work ...and i asked god for his healin spirit to fill u ....for today tammy i give u part of me and hope it helps you thank you tammy and god i thank you for another day one day at a time..... keep smiling and the light will still shine and touch the people around you...huggs to you
Orlando 5-7-9er
(Orlando FL)
HI Tammy~
I am so deeply sorry for your illness and I truly hope that so many of our prayers for you are heard. You have always been such a nice, cute, upbeat person. I am glad that I got to know you a little bit.

I grew up with you on the TV and then you frequented my store in the Florida Mall in Orlando all the time (Size 5-7-9 Shop) and I always looked forward to you coming in. You such a joy to help. You always had kind words for everyone there. And of course most recently on the Surreal Life. So many people got to know who you really are.

I send you many prayers and wish you much love and peace and comfort.
God Bless You Tammy.
Cathy Ruggieri
(Brooklyn NY)
Tammy I want to say to your daughter that she is really always going to feel good about her work to help you now. She is being the best daughtet to you right now and although she will miss you one day, she will know she did all she could for you. Thank you for sharing your life with us Tammy.
Kirsten Porter
(Miami, FL)
I grew up watching you through the fallout of PTL and the tribulations you went through.

As I see how couragous you've been dealing with the cancer, you inspire me Tammy! You are a strong and resilient woman who has my utmost respect and admiration.

That being said, I pray that you pull through this latest trial and that God will heal you completely. The world will never have another Tammy Faye!
Nancy Carr
(Las Vegas NV)
Since I heard about your battle with cancer, you and your family has been in my prayers. As you very well know God has the power to heal. He knows what is best for us. Your family is lucky to have you, and to be by your side through this tuff times. You are one strong women and if anyone can beat this certainly you can. I saw you on inside edition and you still look beautiful. Keep the faith in God and he will never leave your side. We all must go and be with him one day and if the time is now then the better it will be. Not saying this to be mean but to give you hope and not be afraid. God loves you and so do I. God Bless you and your Family always. You are always in my prayers.

Nancy Carr
You are in my prayers Tammy. Odaijini. xx
(Glenville, N.Y.)
Dear Tammy,
I have enjoyed watching and listening to you for many years, PTL to present.You have always inspired & lifted all of us! You have a wonderful soul & a mighty heart. I continue to pray to our Lord for you & your family, for healing, strength and comfort. Prayers ARE powerful!
Keep your chin up, continue to lean on the Lord...& keep those eyelashes on! Much love to you,Tammy & may God bless you. Janet
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