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keeping you in prayer!
Chris Torres
(Baldwin Park)
We all have you in our prayers. I know that the fight is a tough one and hard to stay on but we all know that your one hard GAL. God is love and love is god.
Mikki Pettit
(Winnetka, CA)
Tammy, your strong faith is an inspiration. May our Lord grant you His joy and strength in these tough times.
Love in Christ to you always, Mikki
Greg Bryson
(Concord, Ca)
II want to tell you that it is OK! YOU give me a comforting look into the inevitable future that WE all face. I just hope I can deal with it with the same amount of courage and integrety that you have showed me. Angels fly cause they take themselves lightly...
Laura M
(Toronto, Ontario)

You have always been a gorgeous spirit and a courageous woman; its amazing to know that you are still able to be that even through this hard time.

Were all thinking of you, and god is by your side.
Sister Tammy,
I am praying for you and your family. Just wanted you to know that I am a soul saved from hell because of you. I was about to give up my walk with the Lord. And one day While watching you on PTL, you were speaking to people in tv land and I felt you were talking right to me. The power of God came over me and I have not been the same since. I have always wanted to meet you and talk with you, but never got the chance. God Bless you Tammy. If we don't meet down here. Then I can't wait til we meet up there! I love you! Don't Give Up your on the Brink of a Miracle! Brian
Yvonne Cinna
(Orlando Florida)
Dearest Tammy, I will say a prayer to St Jude Thaddeus for you. I have always admired your courage and positive outlook. I as a single mom have had many hard times in my life but am truly blessed with my two daughters. God only knows what is best and you have taught me never to question His plan for us.Myself and my daughters, Christy and Stephanie love you and will pray for you. Your beauty shines through always, God bless
(Kansas City)
My view of you changed when you did the Surreal life... How vast God's wit when
You appeared with the porn legend Ron Jeremy.I believe thanks in part to you he has become more spiritual and open to God.

I lost my mom to cancer. It took her three days to pass and those days she was high on morphine. I hope God calls you home long before you suffer like she and we did.
(San Francisco, CA)
My god bless and watch over you through this difficult time!
The Alexander & Norwood Family
(New York, NY)
Hi, Tammy we just wanted to say, "You're Blessed, You're Blessed, You're Blessed, You are Blessssseeed! We love you a lot. You're smiling face has helped us through a lot of hard times.

Good wishes and good thoughts will make everything better for you.

Much love and all Gods good graces to you always,


The Alexander & Norwood Family
Ms Shawn B
(Lenoir, NC)
I was so very sorry to hear of your illness. I will keep you in my prayers and May God Bless You and ease your pain. Much love goes out to you!!!
Viviane Trevithick
(Williamson NY)
I hope and pray that you will get well. I have seen you in TV interviews in the past and you are a though but very kind lady.

My mom also went through chemo and radiation therapy. I know how hard it is but I know you will get through it.
(Valencia, Carabobo, Vzla)
Hello Tammy, i really hope you win this battle against cancer, i'm from venezuela and the first time i saw you was in the surreal life, and you're amazing person, i admire the personality and soul that surrounds you. Keep smiling you have thousands of people praying for you.
(New York City)
God bless you, Tammy! You continue inspire hope and happiness in all of us. My thoughts are with you.
(lake gaston, nc)
Tammy, I have prayed for the Lord to hold you in His loving arms and comfort and strengthen you and your family. I used to watch you with my children way back with Susie Moppett I believe her name was. You have been a wonderful testimony and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you on TBS not long ago. God bless you.


I am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to tell you I love you and you are in my heart and prayers. God bless you, dear Tammy Faye.
(Houston Texas)
Tammy, I've known about you all my life. I'm 24, and thru television I've seen clips of you. I rean across an article online that mentioned you were down to 65pounds. I had to see if if was thru so I went to your homepage and saw it was true with your own diary online. I will remember that you said how when you see young people just to feel good for a day, I will take that to heart. You are strong, and if you believe you can beat it well I hope and pray God will save your body, as we all know your soul is SAFE with God already! Be happy for that!! You are a survivor,God bless you!!! Julio
misty clark
(knoxville, tn)
Tamm, i just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you have been to me, and how much your love has affected me on a personal level. I know that you have been through it, more than i could ever imagine, or anyone for that matter. But, nomatter what you have always shown love, and stood your ground for what you believe. If there's anyone in the christian community that i look up too, and respect, its YOU.
You truly know the meaning of how to love people, nomatter how much they hurt you, or nomatter how different they are from you. You are a light too many people, tammy, and my prayers are with you. And so many others. Thank you so much Tammy!
(San Antonio Tx)
Dearest Tammy
I miss seeing you on Tv with your spirit filled personality. I pray that god gives you the endurance you need to fight this and live each day pain free. Stay strong with gods blessing.
lisa samson
(lexington ky)
I'm praying for you, Tammy Faye. I've always admired the love you have for others and for the Lord, despite the setbacks and the pain. Thanks for always being who you are.
nancy scott
dear Tammy Faye,My Thoughts And Prayers Are With You And Your Family.Like Your Daughter,I Looked After My Mom,Who had Melanoma Cancer.Please keep up the fight,dont give you lots your friend nancy in canadaxxxxx
Ongie Gray
(Birmingham, Al.)
I have always loved you Tammy and I pray that you are pain free very soon. You have helped me so many times to get through some very hard times and I love you so very much! Please continue to love the Lord in all of you sorrow because you know he loves you back. I will forever, because of you, take my lemons and make lemonade.(smile)

(Ahoskie, N C)
I wish you well and hope that the Lord will keep you out of pain. God will take care of you. I remember you as far back as when you were on TBN with your puppets.
Take care and may the Lord bless you and keep you in his care.
(san francisco)
I am sorry you are in so much pain. You seem like a beautiful person and I hate to see people suffer. Let go of this cruel world and go to God ,for heaven will be a lovelier place with you in it!
God Bless on your new journey and dont fear for you truly are already an angel and now you can watch over us all!
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