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(Rhode island)
Tammy..I have been through a difficult couple of years myself and just want to say what an inspiration you are! You are truly a testament to what real faith means. It pains me to know you are suffering, but rest assured you are in my prayers as you are in so many others. I hope you can feel the love that is felt toward you..for you are a sweet, good really shine! Good luck, honey. Bill
(Irving, TX)
An Angel Hug expresses sincere emotion and comfort for someone in time of need... That's why I am sending you this Get Well Angel Hug with a simple prayer of Health and Happiness for today, tomorrow and always.

Get Well Soon!

God Bless you,

(Los Angeles, CA)
Your courage is an inspiration to all of us who are traveling that long road. I believe that you will heal through your faith and that you will receive a miracle to swallow.

LaVonne Seale
(Safford, AZ)
My Dearest Tammy Faye: You are certainly in my prayers and heart, and I love you so much; and know that God loves you so much it cannot be fathomed here on earth. I want to share one of my poems with you - God's Protection -
Go over, under, around and through
To reach the One who blesses you.
Be not afraid of the enemy -
You're protected by His Divinity.

When you're beset by arrows' slings,
And feel they've torn your fragile wings
Just stand with God in one accord
And lean upon His sacred sword.

With ups and downs; touch and go --
Keep faith and in your heart you'll know
That in His arms you'll safely abide,
And torments and fears are all swept aside.

I had a near fatal car accident many years ago and spent some time on the other side of life. There is no
pain there; only Love, Joy, and Peace. HE is an awesome healer and I join you in saying "Don't give up!"
Much Love and Blessings to you....LaVonne
Kim Meunier
(Three Rivers, MA)
Dear Tammy Faye,
I am and have always been in awe of your strength and faith in God. You have always been such a rock for EVERYONE who has ever had the pleasure of seeing you on television, interviews or the surreal life. I am a child of the PTL club which I watched as a young woman and my how I loved watching you and hearing you sing.
You make me and everyone around you feel truly loved and accepted.
You don't judge people, but accept them flaws and all. You changed my life many years ago. I was seventeen (41 now) and felt so lost. My spirit was already broken, I was on my way to ruining my life, trying to find a way to escape the pain. I went to church for the first time and I was immediately touched by God. His presence around me was so strong I about fell down. The tears flowed and for the first time I realized I was not alone. From that moment on I watched the PTL club everyday. I cried when you went through the awful times or when you were ridiculed. I felt joy
for you when you remarried and have
yearned to hear you preach again.
How I miss the PTL club even now. I have never been even close to perfect and have lost my way from time to time but I always know Jesus never leaves me. It was not Church that taught me that but you... Most of all I want you to be well. I want God to cradle you in his arms and tell you how proud he is of you. I want God to heal you, but if it is not his will to do so then
he must have a much bigger job for you than even you could
have imagined. You are an angel of God and an example of his work. As I was writing you this letter a song came into my mind that I just have to share with you all be it simple.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away".
One of my favorite scriptures is "Laughter doeth good like a medicine". I pray that you continue to find joy even in these trying times, I hope somebody makes you laugh everyday and most of all I pray God fills your spirit so deep with his love that you don't have time to feel the pain in your body. God Bless you.
(Cecil County, MD)
Everyone buy Tammy's CDs. They are a real blessing--full of cheer & memories & hope. When you listen you can believe for your own miracle & hers. God Bless. Trust Jesus. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, Tammy- I have always admired your ability to be authentic. No matter what- you are always just yourself and that is a wonderful, rare thing. I am always astounded at your neverending faith- and am amazed at all you have gotten through because of it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God is always close, and He will continue to see you through anything this earthly existence has to challenge us with. May God bless you and bring you much peace and happiness.
Jean Whittington
(Four Oaks, N.C.)
I remember you from way back; my son is 40 years old and he was on you and Jim's TV children's program in Virginia. My husband James went to be with the Lord in 2003, but his parents (Minnie & Leroy Whittington)lived in Norfolk and we lived there for a while. I will always remember you as being very excited about who you believed in; and the children loved that energy. Life throws us a lot of unexpected turns, but you are strong, and we serve an awesome God; so hang in there. God is good.
Kathy Owens
(Lexington, N.C.)
God Bless You Tammy! I remember watching you and Jim on the PTL Club and I always felt the love from both of you. Also you have a beautiful voice,just loved your singing.You are a Beautiful person, and God will always be with you here and in the hereafter..What an inspiration you have been to so many people. I am keeping you in my prayers.. Love You, Kathy
Eddie Rushe
(Los Angeles, CA)
Tammy, of all the celebrities in the world, you inspire me the most. I have felt your love and compassion emanate from over the airwaves since growing up in Salisbury, NC. Today, please know I return that love to you and whatever strength I have to share is yours as well. Tammy, be strong, for God is always with you. That's a lesson I learned from you. Although I never met you, I love you and all you stand for.
(Milwauke, WI)
Tammy, I just saw you on Entertainment are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. Thank you for your help us all.
(San Francisco, CA)
God Bless You, Tammy--I've watched you on TV for so long now, I feel like I know you! You've always been the real deal--someone who practice what she preaches and means what she says. God Bless You. You are in my prayers. XXOO
Ryan Kellum
(Memphis, TN)
Hey Tammy, my dad "went on ahead" as I like to say on may 6th 2007 due to his fight with colon cancer. He was a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. We really do not grieve like those who have no hope Tammy. We know because He is risen, we will also rise. If it is God's will, He will heal you but if not you will be in the presence of Jesus Christ for all eternity! What an awesome truth! I was really proud of you while you were on Sureal Life because you kept the faith and did not waiver. Your a great example of how to live as a Christian. I think we try too hard to pray believers out of heaven because you know God could be saying to " I want to be with my child, I want to be with Tammy". I pray for you and your family that the inner peace that comes through faith in Jesus Christ will flood your hearts and ease your mind. "No eye has seen, No ear has heard, nor has even entered the hearts of man, what God has prepared for those who love him"
Stephen Long
(Kettering, Ohio)
Tammy, God bless you! You are definitely the most couragous women there is. I honor you for your honesty and faith, and I applaud you for your open-mindedness and belief that we are all created equal. My love and prayers to you and your family!
Tamara Rolfe
(Round Rock, TX)
Tammy, my name is Tammy too! I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are so strong and an inspiration to us all. Your must be so proud of your children. I loved watching you special on TV. Hugs Tam
Lisa G.
(Brooklyn, NY)
Dear Tammy,

I went to see you speak a couple years back when you were helping raise money for your son's church in Atlanta, Ga. I was going through a sad time and seeing you speak made me feel so much better.

I feel like you are an amazing example as not only a Christian, but as simply an amazing human being. I am Jewish and when I was very young some closed-minded "Christians" said some very mean things to me. In my heart I had all of this built up anger toward Christianity because of how mean and nasty people have been to me and it was weighing me down. The more I learned about you, the more I learned about the way that Christianity was suppossed to be. You love everyone for who they are and so forgiving. You have helped me learn the power of forgiveness. I will never forget when you helped me throw the dead weight off all the years over my shoulders that night in Atlanta. You helped me open up my eyes and become a better person.

I have a picture of me and you that is one of my dearest possessions from that night.
You are amazing! Stay strong and keep your faith!

-Lisa G.

p.s. Tammy Faye, you are my hero.
Darlene Lemire
(Dover, NH)
Dear Tammy:

God Bless you angel. I am praying that the pain goes away from you. You are such a dear wonderful loving lady. I pray and ask all who love you right now to visualize us all holding hands and believing God for a miracle for you.

You are and always have been beautiful inside and outside.

You are loved!

Andre Rodgers
(Los Angeles, CA)
Dear Tammy, I have followed you since I was 10 years old. Being raised by My Grandmother Who was a Stone Christian woman as yourself, I learned to have a relationship with the master instead of having religion. I thank God for you, your message and life. You will never know how much I love You and feel for you at this time. My Mother is also living with Cancer and the only thing that gives me hope is knowing no matter what the both of you are in God's Care. I Love YOU. I love YOU and I Love You.
Saw your interview on ET...I don't think I have ever seen anyone display the grace, courage, and faith that you have. You are an inspiration to so many people. What a wonderful woman you are. I am praying for you Tammy.
Ken Pearcy
(Circle City, AZ)
Whatever God has next for you will be wonderful indeed. Whether He needs you at home or has a miraculous healing it will be wonderful. I have watched you and prayed with you for many years and have always felt your sincere love for our Lord. May He now comfort and strengthen you and those around you for His Glory. Your Brother in Christ,
Jamie Palmer & Sam Villeda
(West Hollywood, CA)
Tammy- Keep fighting, we love you so much, you are our angel! Wishing you and your family strength and love in this trying time. Jamie & Sam
(Chattanooga, TN )
Dearest Tammy,
Although we do not share the same religious beliefs, I am praying for you in my own way, in what I believe in. You are a wonderful woman and I adore you. I know so many people have you in their thoughts and prayers. Take Care...
With lots of Love,
Rachelle Rutherford-Hanson
(Ventura California)
Tammy, You have heard it all by now ..How beautiful you always are and how much you inspired us all to be better women and all that,but you will always be in my heart as the unexpected gal on the surreal life ...for making me deside to turn back towards Gods loving embrace! I was always a good little christian girl then I lost my way.You enspired me to pick up the lords book and give it another glance! Just with the reminders of the day and how you pitched gods word so effortlessly on that silly show! LOL! I just wanted you to know ...You made a difference in my life through your relentless efforts to keep Gods word alive! God Bless your beautiful and lovely sole! Rachelle, your friend
Thank you for being such an inspiration
to us all. May your light always shine as brightly as it does now & may being in God's arms bring you the warmth and comfort you need now & forever.
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