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(Las Vegas)
Tammy, See you in Heaven
To Tammy's Family: May God give you peace and comfort always.
(Las Vegas)
Tammy, See you in Heaven
To Tammy's Family: May God give you peace and comfort always.
Jill Spooner
(Villa Park, CA)
Dearest Tammy,
You were a true Christian in all parts of your life. You were a wondeful person and made me love bring God into my life. You never judged a person for his or her color, sex, lifestyle, and felt God loves everyone. The world is missing an angel but God is holding you in his arms.
Bless you for being such a wonderful lady and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.
RIP Tammy
(Fremont, CA)
Goodbye Tammy. You will be deeply missed.
Gail Pasha
(Halifax, NS Canada)
I and many of my family have been saved because of Tammy Faye. We loved you and your family always and our sympathy to the family. Because of Tammy Faye, we will see you in heaven. Blessings in your time of sadness.
Jamie Leman
(Ninilchik, Alaska)
Watching Tammy on Larry King as she was suffering but still being so brave right to the end, was amazing. I think that anyone suffering from cancer who was watching her was inspired and helped by her faith in God and in her ability to remain true to herself through all her suffering. She was a great lady, a genuine person, and will be missed and remembered forever.

(orlando fl)
miss you
(Tupelo, Mississippi)
I believe Tammy was a true inspiration to all. And, the fact that she was on Larry King 2 DAYS before her death only means to me, as a Christian, that she was meant to be on there to share her testimony to millions, especially Larry King. I think she will be the one chosen person to lead him to Jesus. How could a person watch that interview and not think it was JESUS at work!!! I know you are in Heaven, and Jesus met you at the gate and said, "Well done thy good and faithful servent"
Thomas Bryner
(Arp, Texas)
Tammy Faye said a few kind words to me when I needed to hear them. It probably was no big deal to her- but it meant the world to me.

I think the world is a kinder place because she was in it.
Bob and Lloyd Peacock
(Vancouver, B.C. Canada)
Dearest Tammy:
Lloyd and I have watched you since PTL and never once saw you waiver in your faith, even though we did at times because of our being gay and hearing all of the hatred towards us. Even though we knew the difference that God loved us and that Jesus wanted us to follow him and love him we did. We Thank you for you many messages of encouragement and for restoring our faith. God Loves US. He definitely loves YOU. We know that you are truly the Royal Jewel in His Majestic crown. You are now at peace, at rest and leading the choir of our heavenly angels in song. Continue to sing for us. We will keep your precious family in prayer including Jim and until we meet in our beautiful mansions. We will continue to hear you sing, laugh and yes cry for us down here. Thank you Tammy Faye.

Bob and Lloyd.
Toni Everett
(Jersey City, NJ)
May God Bless the family of Tammy Faye and keep them in perfect peace during this most troubling of times. It's our great faith in the Lord that will help us get through.

I know the Angels in Heaven are still rejoicing over the arrival of Tammy Faye.
(San Antonio, TX)
As a gay teen in the early 1980's, I was outed to my parents. They automatically assumed I had AIDS and would infect them, my brothers and sisters. I was immediately kicked out of the family. They believed I was lost and going to hell. Then they began watching Tammy Faye on Christian television telling the world that AIDS was not God's wrath. All Christian's, especially parents, should love not hate God's gay children. God made them that way, God loves them and God does not make junk. It completely changed them. They accepted me, let me come home and became supportive, too. God spoke through Tammy Faye and for me, changed the world. I will ALWAYS Love her. God Bless You, Tammy Faye
(Canal Winchester)
Thank you for being you. You have added much to my life in the way of love, understanding, and joy.
I watched you through the every day as well as the major struggles. Your life during the PTL days gave me much comfort and validation. Seems you have left quite a bit of "pieces of yourself" throughout the world.

Larry and Rebadean Dashner
(Ocala, FL)
Tammy, We miss you down here, but will see you up there.
Ashley Blair
(Toronto, Canada)
I was so shocked and horrified to see Tammy on Larry King 2 weeks ago, the suffering you must have gone through was hard too see. No human being should ever have to suffer with cancer, I urge everyone to donate money to a cancer charity in honor of Tammy, or a loved one you lost to that awful disease.

I'm jewish, and I have to tell you, Tammy was awesome, right to the very end she stood her ground and held her private beliefs true to her heart, g*d bless you for being a genuine person.

I hope your journey to heaven was swift, and lay off the hamburgers and fries Tammy, then again eat all you want, you were a very unique lady on earth, and you will be missed always.

I hope Tammy's Family and friends find peace in their our personal religious beliefs in the days to come, and to be thankful that they had someone like Tammy at all in their life, is the biggest gift of all from g*d.

(Easthampton MA)
Tammy, we cannot say goodbye, only,see you again someday.
Alice Hawkins
I will always remember the joy spread by her ministry. I had family members who were so moved by what she shared. May you all rejoice in knowing that her life has been a Blessing!
(port st lucie florida)
Dear Tammy,
You are truly a great inspiration for someone who has lost everything at one time of their life also and knowing that God is on our side that we can overcome and defeat all the obstacles that the devil has placed in our paths. May god bless your family and i know you are in heaven,
mary carney
(clifford, ontario, canada)
my dearest tammy--an inspiration to all--even the ones who weren't so kind--you have your complete healing now and enjoy those burgers--see you when i get there--loking forward to endless times with you....xo
Donna D.
(Oahu Hawaii)
I want to express my sincere condolences to tammys family, I know that she made alot of positive impact on many lives to this day when i am down I sing the verse to that song she used to sing Dont give up on your brink of a miracle, God Bless you all
Love and Aloha
Donna D.
Stan Smith
(Los Angeles, California)
Our loss is heavens gain. You made a difference. Rest in Peace beautiful Tammy.
(Atlanta, Georgia)
Dearest Tammy, I cried tears of sadness when you left this world..... and joy because I know you are now with our Father in Heaven and your pain is no more. I will miss you... until we meet, may you rest in peace. xxx
Jennifer Morgan
(San Jacinto California)
My message is to Tammy's family. My cousin is 25, and she is currently battling stage 4 ovarian cancer. She is doing chemo, and I pray for her many many times a day. My prayer for your family is that you will bask in the memories of time with Tammy. I am learning each day how precious even the slightest hint of a smile is. God bless your family and you are in my prayers.
(Belton, Mo)
I know you are at peace and visiting with my mother who was your biggest fan in heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with your family in this time of sadness.
Lee Lail
(Charlotte, NC)
Roe,Tammy Sue,Jay,James,and Johnathan, I would like to express my deepest sympathy in the passing of Tammy Faye. You all will be in my thought's and prayer's. I know that it is going to be very hard, and that you are going to miss her terribly, but I know that you all are going to have great memories of her. She was a very special and unique lady. I admired her very much, with her lively spirit, and the way that she kept her head up through all of her trial's and tribulation's. She had her faith, and she very much loved the Lord, and she was not ashamed to show it. I myself, saw her several times, when we at some of the same places, and I was so glad to have got to meet her, and talk with her. I even e mailed her several times, and she e mailed me back. I wished that I could have got to know her better, and to have got to hang out with her, but I do thank the Lord that I did get to know her. I really thought a lot of her. I am going to miss her myself very much, but I do hope that she is one of the first people that I do meet in heaven. Again, you all are in my thought's and prayer's, and I would like to say God bless you all.

Love, Lee Lail
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