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Ruth Lewis
Dearest Tammy,

I have watched you on PTL and just fell in love with you. You are such an example of a Godly Lady. I know that God has His arms wrapped around you and He is surrounding you with His Peace. You are loved dearly by my husband and I.

K ay Frederick
(Huntsville, Alabama)
I have watched you and Jim when I was a young child on PTL. I have always Admired you. You have the Love of Christ shining through you. I believe for your total healing and restoration. Thank you for showing us that nothing is impossible with God. You are truly a woman with the gift of faith. Thank God for your beautiful daughter who is with you now to comfort you in these times. May God Bless You All!
(Martinsville VA 24112)
Tammy,u dont know me personally but im your sister n the lord i use 2 follow your ministry n 1987 i was not saved i didnt have a realationship with the lord but i use to watch u and jim i always knew that there was something special about u i knew God wuz with u that u were real with what wuz in your heart i use to watch PTL faithful i was very sadden to hear of the scandal i said all of that to say then was when seeds were planted 4 my salavation thank god 4 your faithfulness when man forgets god remeber stay encouraged ;
Joanne Levey
(New York City)
Thank you for your
advice about not reggreting
"Regrets Steal Today"
I will try to live it
God Bless You,
Phillip S. Furgalack
(Atlanta, GA)
May God Bless you and keep you. May he cast the pain from your body. And give you the comfort that you so greatly deserve. You are truly one of God most beautiful and devoted servants of faith. You are the most inspiring women of faith in our life time. And for that I want to thank you and to let you know I truly appreciate all you hard work of spreading the word of our Lord. Thank you Tammy. Love you.
(Bowling Green, Florida)
You are such an inspiration. Your courage is amazing. I just watched you on Entertainment Tonight and heard you on Larry King regarding Jerry Falwell. We thank you for being the wonderful person that you are and we are praying for you.
You are one of God's angels.
Annette King
(Moncton, NB Canada)
God Bless You Girl.. we all love you and you will be remembered as a Good Person with an awful lot of faith... We pray for you !!
Patricia Marshall
(Lithonia, Georgia)
Dear Tammy~

It is comforting to know that regardless of what YOU are going through, your continued love for Christ is such an inspiration. Recently, I've watched you on Entertainment Tonight; your strength and courage is making MY realationship with Christ much stronger. It shows that you truly love the Lord!! I continue to pray for you and your miraculous recovery. I, too believe that God can heal. Thank you for all the prayers, love and petitions that you have brought to the Lord on behalf of others. Take care. God bless you always.

(Colorado Springs, CO)

I think of you often and know that you are feeling the fear of the end as life decides a different path for you. As a Nurse Practition, I know that the end is near and your family will be there with you as you make your transition to that beautiful state of concsiousness. You will be free of the body that confines and limits you.....and you will fly!!!!

I hope to meet you on the heaven side when my time comes....I will be looking for you!
Pat Cofer and family
(Athens, GA)
Our entire family is claiming a healing for you in the name of Jesus Christ for He has promised in His word that by His stripes we are healed and that He will never leave us or forsake us!! You have been such a blessing to us in the past and we know that through God You will make it!! We are also praying for Tammy Sue as she takes care of you that God will strentghen her every day!!We know God will bless her for her sacrifice.
(Chester, South Carolina)
Hello my Angel,
Tammy I love you and I'm here to tell you God is watching over you. God is blessing you as I write this. I pray that the stomach pain will go away and right now I speak healing over your stomach pain. Tammy you are such a beautiful person and I just need for you to know that our Father in heaven is working many blessings in your life right now. Have a bless day!! Lovelivelife
(hartselle, al)
Tammy, I attended Heritage University in 1978 for a year. You and Jim madeit one of the best years of my life. You are a very special lady. You are real. Thank you so much for being a real person serving the Lord. Your honesty and openess all through you life has been a shining example of a true follower of Jesus. I am praying for you daily. Remember that His grace is sufficient. God bless you, Tammy Faye.
Terrie Benge
Dear Tammy,You are very much in my prayers.I pray that GOD will ease your pain.My husband had colon cancer surgery in Jan. 2006.I thank GOD for answering our prayers. The doctor got it all.He didn't even had to have chemo.We love you.And know that GOD is always with you. GOD BLESS YOU, Terrie
KathLyn Hamilton
God Bless You Tammy Faye, as You Walk in the Light & the Love of Jesus Christ.You are in My Prayer's.
Kathee Hamilton
Mitch Llorens
(Wethersfield, CT)
I always thought you were a very nice woman and your talk show was as refreshing as you Tammy. I saw the cesitive and caring side of you on The Surreal Life and I have to tell you, that are a magnificent Human being and I only wish you the best and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you Tammy.
Tammy. I have been seeing your story on ET and I am so sorry for what has happened to you.
But you still look wonderful with the hair, make-up, clothes and shoes!
I am living through a disease going on my 14th year and I am living every day to its fullest.
So when the end is near, all that I ask. Please don't bury me next to a Bush!

Love you and keep up that spirit!

Tammy, You have always been an inspiration to me, and I love your continued faith in God despite your circumstances! From the show, till now, you continue to fight the battle, and that's so encouraging and inspiring to everyone. I pray that God will releave you of the pain, and bless you abundantly and give you grace and peace. Love in Christ Anne
(Tampa, FL)
I never have left a message on a website but I have followed you ever since my sister-in-law iived near you in Tega Cay. I didn't believe you in the beginning thinking you were only looking for money. Now I know you are suffering and have found God. You are in my prayers and know you will be with God and out of pain soon. You are in my prayers.
(Syracuse, NY)
Please take comfort in knowing that people all over the world are praying for you and inspired by your courage in facing this challenge. You have been an inspiration to so many people for so many years and a model of grace and dignity in the face of all of your life challenges.

My respect and admiration for you really developed when I watched your season of 'Surreal Life.' Your fairness and decency was so apparent, no matter who you were dealing with.

You will certainly be rewarded for your good deeds on this earth - your forgiveness and decency. Thank you for making us smile.
(Statesville, N.C.)
Tammy, I served you in a restaurant in 1986 in Eastland mall...I felt your genuine love then and have followed your survival against the odds for years since...I think your are one of the most loving person I have ever met..I am here praying, and hoping you know how you are loved....
lydia boykin
(conyers, ga)
Dear Tammy,

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You are such an encouragement to soooooo many people. I pray that God will ease your pain and ease your tummy! Stay strong! we love you and I know that you know that God loves you too!
kimberly clement
(lake placid, Fl)
God Bless you Tammy, you are such an inpiration. I know you are looking forward to going home... To be in the arms of Jesus... love you
(south nj millville)
Dear Tammy,
My prayers and Love are with you GOD BLESS you and your family ..South N.J. Loves you !! God Bless
(Norcross, Ga.)
You are a fighter Tammy. I first became familiar with you in the 80's. I used to watch you on t.v. I have seen you go through all the battles that you have (even that crazy surreal life show) God has His arms around you. I will pray for you that He will give you strength. You are a strong woman and a fighter. I am going to ask my church to pray for you as well. God Bless you. I believe he already has. It is a wonderful thing to have your daughter at your side. My daughter and I are praying for your recovery and continued strength. God Bless
(flushing ny)
my heart and prayers are with you. i wish i had your faith. you are a true inspiration. hang on. my sincere wishes and prayers are with your family. God bless you. love susan
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