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(winnipeg. Manitoba)

God will bless you Tammy! I remember a long time ago maybe 20 years back when you sang a song and I still have it on tape.. God will take care of you
you were preaching about your cousin who had cancer I think, You were wearing a lovely pink dress
and singing God will take care of you
that was like in 1983
i will never forget it. You are loved so much Tammy Faye. I love you, Craig.

(Portland, Oregon)
Hi Tammy,
Just wanted to wish you the very best
of luck and God Speed! It takes tremendous courage to do what you are doing! God Be With You!
(Manhattan Beach)

I will never forget the special that you had on tv about glasses and how you collect glasses of people that have meant so much to you and they have passes away. You said when I look through their glasses I see what they saw.
It really touched my heart. When my dad passed away the only thing I wanted were his eye glasses. I put them on and it reminded me so much of what he saw and how he saw it.
God Bless you and keep fighting!
My mom passed on when she was 52 and she had scoladerma for 17 years.
She raised us and kept fighting till the end.
I pray for you and wish for you to end your suffering and be strong.
God Bless You and keep you close to his heart forever.
June Storicks
(Lake Placid, Fl. )
I just wanted to tell you that I really didn't like you very much when I would see you and your husband Jerry Baker on TV. After he was put in prison, I liked him even less. But I saw you on that reality show, and fell in love with you and your faith. You are such an inspiration to me. To over come all that you've gone through, and still have the unwaivering faith that you have. I know most people write you and say how they pray to God that you are OK. I can see by the inspiration you are to everyone, that you should be praying for us. I think you are and have been closer to God than most of us....Mother Teresa was an Angel on earth, and I think you are too... I know you already know he does, but GOD BLESS YOU TAMMY FAYE...I hope you live to 100 years old, but if you don't, I have no doubt where you will go... Love your friend June....
(New York, NY)
Tammy, I hope to one day have just an ounce of the strength, courage, and faith that you have always carried and shown. God Bless
(Oregon City, Oregon)
Tammy, Thinking of you and my early days of starting to walk with the Lord when I watched you and Jim. Never doubt how much God used the two of you to impact souls. Wherever each day finds you know that many pray for you and hold up your weary arms in victory, God Bless!
Stacey wainscott ,
(winston salem,nc)
Tammy, My mom used to work for you and Jim at PTL. I remember your records and your daughter singing oops her comes a smile. You and your ministry was my first experences with churh familys. God Bless you Tammy and God be with your daughter too. My heart and prayers are with you.Lord Jesus please take her pain and let her feel well and rested. Amen
Diane Lupker
(Beloit, WI)
Dear Tammy,

I'm so sorry to see you so ill. I watched you on "The Surreal Life" and I really admired your steadfast devotion to God. Your certainly are an inspirational, courageous person who I will remember in my prayers for a miracle from the Almighty for you to get well again. God Bless!!!! I know you will eventually find your reward in heaven!!!
God Bless You Tammy - for your strong will and powerful faith. You are an inspiration to the world and I hope you know how much you are loved! We are praying for you and I pray also that you can get a day without the pain. Thank you for being so kind and non-judgemental of the world. Know your voice is heard and you have and still make a difference.
Jim Johnson
(vandalia, oh)
dear tammy, if God does call u home before me ill see you there in heaven,,but Just incase God has things for you to do then he is never late and always on time,,God is greater than anything and is more than enough !! so just clain your healing until your last breath coz u are healed,,, love you,,,jim ephesians 3:20
(Mesquite, Tx)
Tammy -

I am a hospice nurse here in Texas. I want you to know that sometimes God picks special people to bear a burden for many others.

Through your illness, others are being brought closer to God. Seeing how you handle adversity through Faith only shows the Lord picked you to be a messenger for others. Keep your positive attitude. You have defeated the cancer (Devil in disquise).

God bless you.
Francis James
(Amherst, MA)
Hi Tammy! I heard your voice on the Larry King show and I was moved by your courage and your great faith. I am praying that you will have less pain in your illness, and of course I'm praying for a miracle that you will have a complete recovery. You sound like such a very sweet person and I'm thinking of you and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. All the best of good wishes to you and lots of love, from Francis.
(Palm Bay,Florida)
As I was praying for you I saw your healthy cells fighting the not so healthy ones.The healthy cells will over come the bad cells and you are healed in Jesus name!I am sending His word and it is healing you! Like the army of God strong healthy believers we can by faith help the not so "healthy" believers and pray them through. Amen!!!!!! He has forgiven our sins and healed all our dieases!!! Amen!!! Just a little note to say I am praying for you and healing is yours!!! Amen!!!
In His Service,
Katy Andersen
Keep your faith Tammy God's will shall be done, I'm still praying for you.
(Gladstone, Oregon)
Hi Sweetie:
You looked sooo beautiful on TV the other nite. No matter how much pain you must be in, you take the energy and special time to look so beautiful. Your a very special Lady Ms Tammy - God Bless and keep up the positive and loving thoughts you have every day.

Any time you need to talk to someone, just email me - I'm always here.

Gayle Montanez
(Wichita, KS)

You are an inspration to all of us. Peace be with you. Love, Gayle
Linda D.
(Lincoln, Alabama)
You are truly a Child of the King, You have always been quick to tell everyone about the Love and Miracles of Christ, that there is hope, to just trust Jesus.Your courage, faith, and love for God is so inspirational because we will all come to realize we need HIM.
You're in my thoughts and prayers daily for God to touch you with His healing hand. You're a genuine person and a true Christian, We pray God isn't finished with you yet and will heal you in this life. God is touching others because of your obedience and love for Him. Thank you for loving God as you do and for being a role model for all of us. We love you. We want to continue to see those beautiful smiles and sweet words of inspiration for a very, very long time..Blessings of Good Health for you and strength and courage for your family. Beautiful Tammy, keep smiling.

Christopher K
(New Orleans, LA)
For your message inspired by true Christian faith -- that God's love is for all -- I cannot thank you enough. May He continue to give you strength and the courage to accept whatever His will may be.
(St Paul Minnesota)
Tammy,Over the years I have watched most of the TV Evangelists,mostly out of curiousity. You(and Jim also) stood out because I never heard you say an unkind word about other TV Evangelists or other religions. I'm sure that your kindness has been a blessing to many people. My thoughts are with you on your journey. Bless you Tammy.
Jessica Mendoza
(San Francisco, CA)
Dear Tammy,
I am sure you don't remember me, but i attended a party in your honor a couple of years ago in san francisco at Robert Pritikans house and i just wanted you to know what an impact you and your husband had on me!! I had such a great time hanging out with you guys. I wish you all the luck and you're definitely in my prayors!
(Redwood City, Ca.)
Tammy, I like you because you are a really good person. I have a couple friends right now who are having their own battles with cancer, and I say to you as I have said to them, stay positive and don't give that cancer any more power than it already has, stay strong Tammy, my prayers are with you and your family.
(Tulsa Okla)
You are one strong soldier. Through all the negative comments, you never hid from the public, and I have not doubts you know the Lord and will know that one day all the great souls will meet face to face. God bless you love, and may your pain be decreased and joy released. Love you
Christine Gardiner
(Langley, BC. Canada)
Dear Tammy,

You have always come across as the kindest, sweetest, and most caring celebrity I've ever seen. You were a gift from God, to everyone on this planet. You are stronge beyond imagination, and an inspiration, and incredible role model, to all those struggling with very difficult illnesses, like yourself. I think your amazing, and I think God is having you go through this in your life at this time, so you can be a teacher for others in the same situation. Thank you, for being you, and sharing yourself with the world. I pray for you, with all my love and hope. And a special thank you, to your daughter, for caring and taking care of our angel from God. And the stangest part of this note, is that I've never been a really religous person, but you stirred up a lot of those feelings, I didn't know even existed. God Bless, Christine xo.
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