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(Church Hill TN)
Dear Tammy,
I pray for your comfort each day, God has his loving arms around you and your family at this time. God Bless you all!
(East Orange, New Jersey)
Hello tammy I just saw your partial interview on access TV I never knew you was sick; be strong, I love you I just lost my grandmother but she had cancer in the 80's and by God and her belief in God she was cured of all Cancer, just ask Tammy and you shall receive. God bless you.xoxoxoxo
Hi Tammy - I just saw you on ET - you still are beautiful in spite of your suffering. You look great! As my sweet little Mama, that you met a few times, used to say "Keep on Keeping On". Love and my prayers to you.
Tara H.
With all that you've been thru in life you have always had a beautiful smile to give to others. You are one remarkable woman!! The thing that really made me start admiring you is that you are a genuine person. You love so much and passionately. I pray everyday that I can have a heart like yours. Please know that you are in my prayers and I love you......Tara H.
Lisa and Linda
(orangeburg, NY)
Dear Tammy,
We are 44 year old twins and when we were 15 we would watch you on the PTL Club. We just want you to know that you have been a blessing through all these years. Your positive way of thinking has been a true inspiration and we thank you for that. We love you and want you to know that we pray for you and are grateful that you put all your trust in our good and merciful Lord. Stay strong in the Lord. You are great!
(East Lansing, MI)
Tammy, I am praying for you. You are such an inspiration to so many people all around the world. Just know that you are loved from so many people out there. Stay strong :)
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
you are a godsend
(Sydney Australia)
Dear Tammy,
It saddens me to hear you are in pain.
Stay strong girlfriend, we may be along way from America, but our prays come to you all the way from Down Under. Best wishes and a big heartlfelt hug to you gorgeous... Carol xoxox
Linda Swann
(Delta, AL)
I am so sorry for your sickness. God bless you and your family. But you got it right, Tammy. You know Jesus. Isn't His love marvelous? God Bless you. Linda
Minister Louis Adams
(Atlanta, Georgia)
I am praying for you. I believe in Miracles. Is there anything too hard for God! Jesus, cover her in your precious Spirit and do a Miracle!!

In Jesus Name!
(Philadelphia, PA)
Tammy, I am praying for you-God be with you. You're such a beautiful women, always loved your eyes:)
Tina Johnson
(Roseboro, North Carolina)

Tammy I just want you to know that I have always thought you were the greatest! You are so very entertaining and full of so much knowledge. Your inner and outer beauty have always made you glow. My mother loves you too! If you were on tv and I didn't know it -then my mother would call and say "Tammy Faye is on tv" and I would hurry to turn the tv on. We will always love you. Tammy you will always be one of the most beautiful people in the world to me. God Bless You Always.

Karen Thompson
(Bowie MD)
Tammy, Keep in prayer and stay focused on God for healing and a comforting hand during the hard times. Praise Him everyday. I was diagnosed with colon cancer, went through surgery, and chemo for 6 months. I have to rely on God through Jesus Christ and I know you do the same too. I remember your bubbly attitude when I was younger as a guest on the Jim and Tammy show for children. Keep that personality!!!
Kim Hendricksen
(Linden, NJ)
I grew up with you on PTL and I always thought you were so cheery and wonderful! Your personality is so much like mine!
I just wanted to say you have always been in my prayers over the years, but you are definately in my prayers now more than ever! Keep on fighting and keep having that wonderful disposition, as hard as it may be! We all will stand before the Lord one day and what a miraculous day that will be!!!! Whether it is now or a hundred years from now, every single tear will be wiped away, as we know, and all of our hurts will be healed! I pray for a miracle for you, Tammy! Love and prayers always!!!!!!
Kim Hendricksen
Rita Ashton
Tammy I have watched you and Ptl and Trinity for years. I love you and your courage. I am praying for you.I sure do know that God has many blessings instore for you be it here or in heaven. I just pray that you get rid of the pain and the sick stomach Luv ya Rita
(Fayetteville, NC)
Dear Tammy,
I am joining my faith with yours. It doesn't matter what it looks like, God is able. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed.Believe it and receive it.
(pittsburgh pa)
My heart felt prayers to you. Thankyou so much for sharing your experience with us, your gift of your loving spirit that reminds me of the story of the Eagle and the Butterfly. Healing hugs to you Tammy. Love Cindy
Robby Kitterman
(Atlanta, Georgia)
Hi Tammy,
My Thoughts, and Prayers are with you.
You are an angel, and you are loved so so much.
(Sanibel )
Sending prayers your way beautiful lady. Your spirit has always lifted me so I am sending good wishes and big hugs your way. Tammy Faye we love you!
Marlene Cruz
(Toronto, Canada)

Tammy, you were such an inspiration to me when I was diagnosed with cancer in October 2005. You are such a great witness for the Lord. You have endured so much with so much grace and great faith. I am keeping you in my prayers.
God bless you.
Joe Brown
(Kannapolis, NC)
Tammy, I am praying for you!!!!
I hope you have a blessed day
Lisa Lopez
(new york)
Stoping by to tell you we think of you and know that you are in our prayers you are one strong lady.I am so glad they show your picture with make up and standing up to show us that you can be strong no matter what.You are such a great person,we love so much.Keep strong no matter what.Hugs and kisses.
Hello, Tammy
MY heart goes out to you. I know you are in pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are always so positive and have a smile for everyone. I pray that God will help the pain. My motto has always been "Do Not Pray for an Easy Life, Pray to Be a Strong Person." You are that strong person with God's help. May God Bless You, Virginia
(New York)
Tammy, I'm praying and believing in Jesus name for a miracle for you! I love you in Jesus.
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