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(Los Angeles)
Tammy - I just heard your interview on ET. You are such a cool woman - such an inspiration and still with your sense of humor. I remember watching you on PTL as a teenager and just finding you so endearing - God Bless you for being so generous in your spirit that in your time of need you think to reach out to comfort others - I am routing for you - hang in there!!!! - Tara
(ft. worth, tx)
I met you at a church in Ft.Worth. You truly live and walk in the love of Christ. Thank you for being real and so courageous.
(gilbert arizona)
tammy we all love you.and i am so hurt in my heart that you are sick and in pain i pray that the lord would take that pain are and insperation to are a blessing i am praying for you and your family we want you singing again.we love you tammy!!
(New York, New York)
I know the love a mother and daughter have and it is beautiful. You are the reason people believe, you are the reason people love, you are the reason this world is a better place!
(Oswego, IL)
Dear Tammy,
I wish you pain free days. I have chronic pain and it is horrible. And yet, I know it does not come close to what you go through each day.
You are a role model for all of us who want to live our lives as Jesus did. You treat each person as one who is deserving. No matter who they are. When the end comes for you Tammy, you will just be wrapped in the loving arms of God to be swept up to heaven. I am not the best christian, Tammy. I look for God every day. When you get there will you remind him that I am here and I need him?
You are such an inspiration to all of us.
May God bless you more than he already has.
(St Charles. IL)
Hello Tammy. You and your family continue to be in my prayers. You're shining for Christ through your outspoken faith & love in the face of death. I pray you receive the gift of grace and peace to help you. I love you Tammy.
(mobile, alabama)
May God Bless you and keep you safely in his arms. Thank you for being such a wonderful lady, you have been an inspiration to so many people. You are loved by many. I love you and pray for you.
Judy Sandberg
(Beaverton, OR)
I pray for your comfort. We all love you, Tammy. When you shut your eyes from the pain, remember and hang on to that fact. You are a special angel. God bless you always.
Denene Harper
(Corn, Oklahoma)
Dear Sister in Christ,
You and your family are in my prayers. Keep fighting and believe for a miracle yet it isn't to late.
My mother is going through a cancer scare! I will believe in a miracle for both of you! God & I love you Tammy! I watched you years ago with your ex Jim daily when I babysat! Always a fan of your's and your sister in Christ!
Denene Harper
Corn, Ok.
J. Bee
(San Francisco)
Bless you, Tammy Faye! You have friends in SF who are thinking good thoughts and saying a prayerfor you, good woman!
mary Ellen
(merced ca)
Dear Tammy I will keep you and your family in my prayers, God is forever watching over us all, I know you feel this comfort of God, you are a spiritial woman and you must very happy to your family with you, I am so sorry to know that you are in great pain, I will pray for you always
(Oroville, CA)
Hi Tammy,
I truly feel like I know you personally. Actually, I would LOVE to just sit down with you and share the simple love of Jesus!!! You can't do that with everybody, but I believe He is foremost in your thoughts. We are sisters, yet you would not recognize me ... but when we get to heaven I'd like to dance and sing with you! I want to have a good voice like you and just sing to all the heavens..."We're blessed, we're blessed, we're blessed...." for eternity!!!!! Can you just visualize that? Does your heart jump for joy to just be able to actually hug His neck?

Even though I've never met you personally, the same Holy Spirit you love brings you into my heart and prayers with strong feelings of unconditional love!!!
Dawn Whisenhunt
(Palmer, Alaska)
Hold Steadfastin your faith Tammy Faye,, I watched you on surreal life and was in awe by your faith. God knows you and has you in his hands. The pain is great but he is here for you. Don't give up he will lead you down his path, whereever that may lead. Keep your faith my dear the pain will subside. God bless you.

D.W Alaska
Dear Tammy,
I have never been one who has had much faith..but for some unknown reason, you have inspired me to open my mind and seriously rethink my position. Your never ending faith is my inspiration. I wish you the best.
You are such a strong lady and I have so much respect for you. You're in my thoughts and prayers. You are loved by so many people. God bless!
Tammy Faye...You TRULY are an inspiration to us all! In spite of how you feel, you are STILL believing God for His healing virtue to be made manifest throughout your body. I sit here and recall how you used to open your show years ago by singing that song "You Can Make It." Well Tammy, you CAN make it! Thank you for sowing seeds of faith and love into my life years ago. I will pray for you with the love and ferverency as you have for many others throughout the years. You are beautiful, strong, courageous and wonderful Woman of God. Just KNOW that people across the world are holding you up in prayer. God bless you ALWAYS!
(Sacramento, CA)
Dear Tammy Faye: I've always thought you were a wonderful, kind-hearted person. My prayers and thoughts are also with you, as are thousands of others. I hope it helps you to know you are held in the prayers of so many. God loves you and He will guide you. One day we will all know the answers to life's questions, which we so earnestly yearn. May God Bless you and keep you and yours. Kerry 5-31-07
Joye Prater
(Tula oK)
You are in my Prayers! I feel for You And All Your Pain and Suffering! God Be with you! (I Like You Love My Eye Make Up) But That Is Ok With Our God (I Love Him More) I Love You Tammy..God Richly Bless You and Your Precious Daugther...I to am Caring for my Stroke Striken Mother I know How That feels,So hard to see our Mother's this way, But God Will Bless and Keep You...Just know people Love and Pray for you..God Bless You! Love In Jesus Christ! Joye
From all my heart I wish you well.I am not religious but I will take the time to pray for you
Sheila G.
(Palm Springs)
Dear Tammy Faye

Years ago you when I was in a dressing room at the old Palm Springs Saks 5th Ave. at Ramon and Palm Canyon Drive, I heard your unmistakable voice and blurted out something like, "That must be Tammy Faye!." You answered with a friendly greeting and brief chit chat. Jim Bakker was in the next room with a pile of gift boxes for your employees, I noted, as I walked out. That night, by chance, I came across a TV special showing off your new desert condo- in Palm Desert, I believe. Years later after your life had changed so dramatically and you had moved to the desert after your re-marriage, I ran into you at the Tuesday store in Cathedral City. You smiled and said hello as if we were old friends. Tammy, you are always friendly and kind to everyone, whether you know them or not, and under the best of circumstances and the most trying. You understand the real meaning of the Greek word agape, a state of unconditional love for everything. You have achieved much in the ways you touch people in all the small and great activities of your life.

You will be rewarded for being so kind and welcoming to everyone who has crossed your path.

Thanks for sharing your loving spirit with so many along the way.

Sheila in Palm Springs
(Boston Massachusetts)
Dear Ms Tammy.
I want to let you know how sorry I am that you have to go through as much pain that you are going through.You are such a sweet person, after watching you on the Surreal Life I instantly like you, your faith in GOD is so powerful that I cool feel him when you talk about him. I really wish I could give you some of my health for just one day so yu could stop hurting. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers, keep fighting until god calls you to come home.
Jett You are an Amazing person, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and will always be with you.
(Windham, Maine)
You are in my thoughts and prayers! I wish I could make your pain go away.
God bless you...always!
Rod Karr
(Sarnia, ON, CANADA)
Hard for me to see you like this as I just recently lost my mother to cancer. I am praying for you and your family; to be at peace. You have touched and are still touching so many lives. I met you and Jim and the kids back in the 80's at Heritage USA and I will never forget it. You are one of a kind and you remind me of my mom so much. Keep your spirits up and live each day to the fullest. I truly wish I could be there with you to give you a hug and comfort you as I did with my mom. Bye for now and we will meet again someday soon. Praise the Lord.
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