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(Arlington Texas)
Dear Tammy, I always liked you on tv with Jim Bullock. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this terrible time of your life. I hope your suffering will end. I am glad you are surrounded by people who care about you.
(Phoenix, AZ)
I just saw you on Entertainment Tonight. You have a graceful spirit. May you have the painfree time you seek and may God continue to hold you close.
Wendy Munro
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Bless you Tammy Faye,
My mother and I were watching ET just now and they showed you weighing only 65 pounds, but you know even sick as you are you still looked good. Mom and I were remembering when we first saw you many, many years ago with Jim Bakker on your show. I used to love watching your whole family and enjoyed hearing your daughter sing. We are not religious but we tuned into your show every day just to see you and what you were wearing that day. I don't know anyone who has cried more than you have. I believe that there is a God and I hope that he is listening to all the prayers for you because if anyone deserves to live it's you. I don't know a sweeter soul or a person who loves life as much as you. But if he calls you, I know you won't only be remembered for your eyelashes but also for being the kindest, most forgiving and loving person that you are. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world and with our family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family. Stay strong and as you used to say and still do, "Miracles do happen" and my hope is they happen to you.
Stay strong,
(Gainesville, VA)

Dear Tammy,
Am thinking of you, and praying for you. Bless you. Love you. Sending big hugs.
Lenny LeClair
(Orlando, Fl.)
You are in my prayers every night since your fist battle, You have such a wonderful outlook on you life right now! You have influenced me in so many ways, there is no way to thank you!!
I Love You!!
(Los Angeles)
I think you are wonderful. I have always thought you were a prime example of God's love in someone's life. You have always kept a beautiful smile and happy demeanor through really difficult times and this one is the worst and you have still managed to be grateful! I hope that you come through this - but if you don't I hope God grants you a pain-free passing and that you rejoice that you get to be with the Lord!! God bless you Tammy!!!!!
(Ontario, Canada)

You have been an inspriation for me and have helped me to come out of many dark holes in my life. You are an amazing woman; and a truly beautiful soul.

You have touched the lives of many and are loved by those who know you.

You have greatly affected my life and have helped me to become a better person.

May God bless you richly. I am praying for you.

Love, Heidi
Loretta Thomas
I am so sorry you are having to so much pain! My Mother passed 11/16/06! She went into a comma and dint regain consioness ..she was in the last stages of cancer and never knew it! I love you very much and it is a blessing to hear you sing I just love to hear you always have! Your in my thoughts and prayers always!xoxoo! Loretta
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
How happy I was to see you tonight on ET, Tammy!

I've been watching and admiring you since the days of PTL in the 80's, and your enthusiasm is as infectious now as it was then! Never have I seen so much faith and strength in the face of adversity, and never have I witnessed such an indomitable spirit! You're an inspiration to all of us who love the Lord, you dear, sweet person!

Never change, and never give up, Tammy. I will be praying for you and singing your little song "Somebody Cares" ... just for you! xoxoxoxo
David Z Lugo
(Fort Lauderdale, FL )
Hi there tammy, I hope all is well. I was the special on TV today, I I am very scared to because I am going to the doctor tomarrow to see if i have liver cancer, I am 28 years old, i have been very sick with HIV and today you gave me faith on how strong of a person you really are. I hope all will be fine, and i hope you will do ok to. Keep on fighting as thats all we have. Best wishes and Love, David
Tammy I never stopped thinking you were a wonderful women and truly God's gift to all humans.
(Las Vegas, Nv.)

What an inspiration you have been to millions of people. Your dignity, your strength, your ability to communicate to individuals on all levels and all faiths make you a very special person in our caotic world in which we live. Live in peace, Tammy, knowing how many lives you've touch.
(Glendale, Arizona)
Dearest Tammy,

I admit that I didn't follow your life when you were with PTL. However, since that time I have come to admire you and the way you live your life. You not only talk the talk you walk the walk. You are an inspiration to all of us on how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. I know that you are in a fight now and that it is in God's hands. I think you should be so proud of the life you have lived and take comfort in knowing that you have made a difference in so many lives. I sure wish I could meet you. I can't imagine a better friend.

God Bless You and watch out for you.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
(San Francisco, CA )
I aspire to have the same amount of strength in my heart and soul as you have. I wish you peace through the rest of your journey. I will always have a tender thought of you in my mind.
(Carpenter's Home Church)
You won't remember me, but our church (of yesteryear)and choir were privileged to have you as our guest and I had the chance to say hello and hug you close.You & PTL were a blessing to me in my early Christian walk. You have continued to be one to me and to so many. God bless you for never giving up and never losing your faith in God through it all. I pray that your pain will ease and you will be filled with peace--body, mind, and spirit. Much love and courage to you and to Jamie and Tammy Sue. God Bless you all.
Alicia Simpson
(Reidsville, NC)
Hi Tammy! My whole family is praying for you. We have been fans of yours for so long! I really admire your spirit and I think you are just a fabulous person!! Thank you for being you!
(Spokane, WA)
Dear Tammy, My wife and I were raised Catholic and have since turned away from all organized religions. We are on a path for faith that may end up being the path itself. We cast our fate to one that is harvested from doing good when we can and by learning to do good. We did not think much of you when we first "met" you, until we watched you on the Surreal Life. We became fans of yours for life. You taught us not to judge, a lesson we try to exhibit every day of our lives. You are a crucial part of our path. Thank-you for your contribution to this planet. The universe will never regret you.

Rebecca McDaniel
(Hammond, LA)

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

(Hollywood, Florida)

God bless you. I have always loved the spirit you show when you are speaking and I think you should always remember and be proud of the many people who have been inspired and come to the Lord because God has blessed you with a gift of his inspiration for others.

Never, fear going with the Lord when he calls you, remember his gifts for you will never end.

If you met me you would never believe that I was a very sickly child. During a bout of fever I went into a coma, and
drifted between life and death. During this time I was so happy, so peaceful and the colors, warmth, love were so bountiful that I did not want to return. Only this was not to be, I was sent, pushed back by loving hands and feelings. I will just say to you now that there is no sound, feeling, no words to describe or express the Lord's coming.

Being grown the humbling of my soul to know that the Lord saw fit to show me his presence has been an ever inspiring force in my life and my ability for compassion, and empathy for others.

Our bodies are only here to house our souls, and our souls are what is his.

I hope that you continue in your recovery and I will ask the Lord for comfort for your body, soul, and heart.
Precious Holy Father please give Tammy Faye comfort, understanding, peace, and health, and faith. Also, Lord give her your gifts as you would desire her to have.

Pamela Fullem
Dear Tammy:

Just wanted to drop a line to say I pray you get well. You have been through quite a bit in your life and deserve some peace. I was very sorry to hear about your illness and I am deeply struck by the grace and strength that you have shown. Some would say that your mistakes should not be forgiven or forgotten, but many other - myself included - believe in second chances and forgiveness. You are such a beacon of light for so many. Hang in there and I wish you God speed.
(fayetteville, nc)
Dear tammy, i am so sorry that you are having to go through this. like many others have mother also died of cancer in 2002 when i was only 22 and seeing you made me remmeber what a fighter she was even thoug she too had widdled down to a small little body. you are an inspiration and a wonderful christian woman who i look up to. I saw you once at the express store in charlotte nc and i wanted to go up to you and say hello but chickened and i did not want to let that happen again... this is why i am messaging you here. please find peace knowing you are not alone and god is with you every step of the way.
(Hampton, Virginia)
Madam Tammy Faye, I want to thank you for holding on to the faith that's with in you, Given as a Gift from the father. I pray that your encouragement and the ability to speak the word over yourself in this trial period that we are going through blesses those that are in this relationship with Chrit Jesus and you. Your ability to yet still believe is magnificent, this is a test. Hold out and keep standing on the word, It's not about what it looks like. Be encouraged even more so now than ever. Love You ! ! !
(raleigh, nc)
You have brought so much joy to so many people through your work. You go girl! Thank you for being a light in the darkness. We wish you only the best and pray through your example others will draw closer to the strength of God. You're in our prayers. God bless!
(Conway, South Carolina)
Tammy Faye ...... I wish you peace and all that you are wishing and praying for. I shall keep you in my prayers and always have a smile when I think of your eyelashes !!!
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)
Tammy Faye, you are always in my prayers.
I have loved you and your wonderful spirit going back as far as the PTL .
You know that GOD loves you and that you will forever be in his loving hands and care.
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