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(Madison, Alabama)
Dear Sweet Tammy Faye,

I just saw part of your interview on Entertainment Tonight and it was such a blessing to hear your sweet voice! I am so saddened that this is such a very difficult time for you physically. But your beautiful faith remains strong and that is a powerful testimony and tribute to our precious LORD JESUS.

I am thankful that your dear daughter is there with you - what a gift of love!

I am praying for you. May the tender love of JESUS and His gentle peace and comfort, feel as near to you as the air you breathe. That is how close He is to you. You are so safe in His strong and loving arms. He is your loving gentle shepherd, and you are His precious, precious little lamb.

GOD bless you,

Lynn Jackson
(Detroit, Michigan)
Dear Tammy, I admire your courage in the face of death, but know that just as Jesus told his disciples about Lazarus, you will just be asleep. Asleep awaiting the resurrection as promised by Jesus (John 5:28,29) and the Apostle Paul (Acts 24:15). Just as a flame once extinguished goes out and is our lives once extinguished lie in the hands of our creator to recreate us in a Paradise.
Best wishes and prayers for you, Tammy. You are truly an inspiration! May you be granted peace and comfort in this and all times.
(Akron, Ohio)
God bless you, Tammy Faye, for your strength and positive outlook during this trying time in your life. Stay positive! We will all continue to pray for you. God is hearing our prayers. If anyone can beat this, you can. Stay strong! Much love!
Jane Dhans
(Bayonet point, Fl, 34667)
Dear Tammy Faye, i seen you on E T. You are truly an inspiration to all, keeping yourself looking so good even to sick. Dressing and putting make up on. fixing hair. Most importantly is your testimony to others of salvation and that having faith in the Lord sees you thru situations. Just hang in there I am sure you will get thru your sufferings. Take care. Mrs. Jane Dhans.
(Boca Raton, FL)
Tammy, You truly are an amazing soul! Your bright, upbeat and positive attitude though all your pain is an inspiration to anyone. Thank you for touching me so deeply. You've made me think twice about alot of things in my life. God bless you.
Mary H
(Atlanta, Ga)
Oh, Sweetheart,
I had no idea that you were ill. I just saw your story on ET. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. You are such a lovable and inspirational gift to us all.
Honestly, I've never followed religion (although I have my own faith) and I never watched reality TV but I watched Surreal TV for some reason and just fell in love with you as did all of the contestants and the rest of the world.
You made all of their lives better for knowing you and you make the world a better place for being here. God bless you and I know that *she* does.
Thank God for you and the gift that you are. I so hate that you are in pain. You are such a light to this world.

I love you,
Mary H
(Woodbridge Va)
Ms. Tammy Faye I won't be to long. I just want to tell you, I have always thought you were a beautiful lady inside and out and still are. You are in my prayers. I always thought your I make-up was Stay sweet God Bless
Glenda Smith
(Franklin Ohio)
i watch you on tv i miss you and you are strong and the lord is true and he will heal love you and hang in there there is better days a coming God bless you always Glenda
(Dallas, Texas)
Tammy - May God keep you and hold you during this time. May he heal your body from head to toe. Just rest in his peace and grace...You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best - today, tomorrow and always. Elaine :)
(New Hampshire)
God Bless you Tammy.I'll pray that you find peace soon.
Debra Andrews
(Sudbury ontario Canada.)
Keep up your spirit Tammy..I will pray for someone from Heaven to lead you back to us its too soon for you to leave us..I have always enjoyed seeing you on television..You are a very lovely person in and out ..Even while your battling this nasty beast of a desease..My prays always ..Debra
(houston, texas)
dear tammy,i have grown up knowing you from tv, and have followed you in the news from time to time, but i just felt compelled to write to you now, my mother died of lung cancer just 2 years ago, and im not over it yet, and may never stop grieving for her, so too i feel so much empathy for you. i have prayed to out dear Lord for your recovery and pray you get that 10 min you so richly deserve, i know you know that the best is yet to come, for nothing on this earth can compare to heaven for surely there is no other place for you! you are so very brave! and my mother was just like that and never wanted us to worry about her,just to know you will be there with her is a comfort to me, God Bless you!
alice prewitt
Gayle Presley
Dearest Tammy,
you are a blessing from God. I believe in miracles. God may not come when we call but when he gets there he will be God !!! you and I or anyone else will not leave this earth until
we become a masterpiece to the great artist !!!! so you just keep trusting and believeing we are all right here prayering for you !!!
may God grant you peace,pain free, and good nights of rest.
we all love you,
God bless,
Trish Frederick
(Lima, NY)
God has always had a plan for you. Your work here still is not finished and will be here long after you. Your daughter will be guided by her faith and her faith will heal. You are blessed in more ways than you know and have been a strong role model for many. I am not a religious person just a spiritual one. I believe in fate, life beyond death, and the goodness of people. Events in our life makes us who we are. You are in my prayers
(Crystal Lake, Il)
Tammy I just saw you on Entertainment Tonight and you still look beautiful and I admire you for your positive attitude despite your pain and worries. God Bless you and the Lord be with you!
(Okeechobee Florida)
Tammy , you are a great lady with such a kind heart & soul . You have great strength and faith in God ! You have been so good to so many people in your life what a gift you have been to our World ........May God Bless you and yours
(lutz florida)
Tammy may god bless you and keep you in the palm of his hands. Good luck .
i do hope you are in good spirits. i cna remeber when both my parents were stricken with cancer . my dada died 12/28/98 and my mother passed april26, 02. she had cancer for about 10 years and she always beat it some how. but the cancer took its toll onher/. i rember how ill she was and at the time all iwanted was her to still be here for the family. she was the rock of the family and now i am the rock of the family. i seem to take in her footsteps. she wanted to be creamated in which we made sure her wishes were done, we lal have a contianer of hr wishes and i fell she is here every day with me. i know that she may noyt be here phyocally but in spirit she still looks after her little girl, she is ina better place now andi am saddened that you have to be in so much pain. you are such a strong person that i look up to you . i know that you area sweet person and that you are so blessed.
(jackson, michigan)
Tammy, you have my prayers. I admire you so much for your strength, your humility and your frankness. Your life has not been easy, but you have always risen above it all. Please know in our house, we are thinking of you and hoping for the best.
(Kansas City, MO)
Tammy -

GOD bless and keep you. HE knows the number of hairs on our head. Praise GOD for HIS tender mercies. What a blessing when HE says "well done, good and faithful servant"!!
(Oshkosh Wisconsin)
Tammy I seen The Insider tonight. I never was a very religious person but you have touched my heart. I pray for you and your family. My thoughts and well wishes are with you Tammy. You have done so much good in this world and may you carry on.
(Shawnee, Ok)
Tammy, We are praying for you, Be strong until the end sister, Jesus will carry you home and you will be full of joy and peace along your journey. God bless you for your strength, courage and your faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. He will uphold you when you cant hold up yourself.
Tammy, your book "I Can Survive" got me through my divorce, which was made up of some of the the darkest days of my life. I give that book as a gift to people who are going through a hard time like I was years ago. I'm on the other side now, and you helped me to get there with your encouraging words and messages of faith. You have touched so many lives, and you continue to do so! Bless you.
Brian McNew
(Springfield Missouri )
I praying for you and i hope you get better there nothing that god can do. Im a gay christian that loves the lord with all my heart and you have shown great love in the gay community. I going to pray for you everyday and the lord is going to heal you god bless ya
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