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(Gainesville, GA)
Dearest Tammy Faye...I was trying to remember the first time you came into my life...I think it was around 1984 or ' helped me through some really difficult times, albeit your help came through the television...I want you to know that my prayers and beautiful thoughts of healing and peace are being sent to you from me now...take care and G-d Bless you!
(Los Angeles, CA)
Dearest Friend & Sister,
I stand with you in faith and believe for GOD to Bless you with His Presence and Healing Touch. I pray you have healing, peace and comfort in your body. You are so beautiful in body, spirit and mind. Many are blessed to be able to watch you and your walk with GOD over the years. You are a LOVELY inspiration. My prayers are with you and all your loved ones.
Donna Thompson
(Talbott, Tennessee)
Dearest Tammy,
You are just the most precious soul and I just cannot stop praying for you. I was thinking about how important it is to finish this life of ours well. I know God is using you more now than He ever has in all of your Christian walk with Him. That is the greatest compliment to Christ that you can finish well. I just love your faith in Jesus and your outlook on living every day to it's fullest. What a woman of faith you truly are! I will continue to pray for you as God leads me to and I know that He is honoring every prayer of every saint that is lifting up your name every single day! I don't know you personally, but you sent my two hand written letters many years ago and I cherish those letters to this day. Stay strong my sweet friend and know that Jesus is still on the throne and He hears the Cry of His Child.
Love always,
I wish you well. I remember growing up watching you and it was so inspiring. You are such a genuine person and I always loved seeing you on tv. My prayers are with you and stay strong.
(Clay, KY)
I've been keeping up with you since 1980. I always enjoyed your sweet spirit and your zest for life regardless of what may be been going on! I could only hope to have such a beautiful outlook on life as you seem to have. I also respect the way you love everyone, reagardless of their past or indifference to others. You are a shining example to us all! I will always have warm thoughts of you! I pray that God will keep you in his loving arms and give you the peace you so richly deserve!
Nelda Free
Tammy, I have loved you since my husband
and I visited PTL in 1986. God Bless You Tammy and I wish you well.
(Virginia Beach, VA)
I just saw you on TV (I think it was Extra). I stopped and prayed for you...I prayed for divine healing - a miracle. It could happen. Until you take your last breath, there is always hope and the possibility that you will be healed. I'm glad you kept your sense of humor...yes, we all think of eyelashes when we think of you :) You are one of a kind. I am 51 years old and just found out I have a mass in my lower pelvis. I see the surgeon tomorrow. Your message was timely and inspirational to me. I pray that if I get cancer, I will be as courageous and faithful as you are. And I thank God that you have a sweet daughter there to comfort you and look after you...along with the Lord and His angels. God's richest blessings to you. I will keep you in my prayers.
Becky P
(Vidor, Texas)
Tammy Faye, may our Lord Bless you and keep you free from pain and illness. You are most definitely in His Hands as we all are in this life! Your grace and dignity shine through as does your bravery! I love your spunkiness! May God Bless you and your family as we all pray for a miracle for you! We love you always!
(big bear california)
I have fought with religion all my life and it is still a battle for me. Throughout the years though I have always admired you for your devotion and strength. Even though you don't know me and we have never met, I feel you have become a part of my life. I'm very sorry to hear about your illness and how bad it has become. You are always amazing in the way you show yourself. You give me strength every day and I pray that you keep up the strength each day. You are a lovely lady and we all love you.
My love and prays go out to you and your family.
Peace and love
Bliss Dickens
Bless your heart, no matter your weight your beauty is still radiant. May God hold you close and take away your pain and tummy upset. My prayers are always with you and your family, and I am in agreement with you that God still works miracles. He gave us his son, what good thing will he withold from us? (Hebrews)

Much love and blessings,
(Intl'l Falls Mn)
God Bless and keep the faith..your in Gods hands now as you have been always
(Louisville, KY)
God bless you and your faithfulness. We will keep you in our prayers.
(Burton, Michigan)
Dear Tammy,
You are in my thoughts and my prayers, keep your head held high and God Bless You. You are an inspiration to many people. It is my hope that you get your "5 minutes like you used to feel very soon".
(Richmond, IN)
Stay strong Tammy Faye! I hope the good thoughts and prayers of all of us who love you wrap around you and keep you strong in these trying times.
(Pismo Beach, Ca)
Sister Tammy,
I hate hearing that you are so sick, I am praying for you and I know that what ever happens, God will be glorified in you. You WELL be HEALED either on this earth or in heaven. For selfish reasons I pray God well heal you here. Either way you well be Blessed.
(Saint Paul, MN)
Oh Tammy, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. (((Hugs)))
Monica Martin
God Bless you Tammy Faye.

(Greer, SC)
Tammy, You are in our thoughts and prayers. You have shown such great courage during your journey. It is an inspiration to others that are traveling down the same path. God will see you through.
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)
Tammy, I just want you to know that I am one of the many who are praying for you. I lost my sister-in-law with the same horrible cancer one year ago in October. I will also be praying for your family. I have lost a son and I know he is with the Lord. It is so comforting to know that he is with the Lord. He is out of pain and safe in the arms of Jesus. On his grave stone we have put "For I have chosen him to be my son, and I will be his Father". God has chosen to take you home to take care of you. I pray that you will experience the peace that passes all understanding as you approach those pearly gates. We love you..judi
(Meadville, Pa.)
Tammy, you are in my prayers.
God is the great healer, in His way and His time.
God Bless
May the Lord comfort and give you His peace as you go through this difficult time. We are praying for you
Donna Holmes
(Bellville, Ohio)
Dear Tammy Faye; I want to let you know that you are in my family's prayers and hearts. I have lost four grandparents,my father and my 29 year old son soon to be four years. I hope that your pain does not kill your wonderful kind and godly spirit. You have shown to be a very strong and lovely woman. Stay strong and know that you have touched the lives of many people and we care and understand your physical pain. Best Wishes From Ohio Donna Holmes.
(North Carolina)
I well remember the young Tammy Faye that came to a little church in Wanchese NC very early in your career! If I remember correctly, at one of the revival services, I heard you & Jimmy tell about a woman so ill with cancer that she could not walk and her husband had to carry her in his arms to bed, the table and the bathroom. She weighed less than 100 lbs but God healed her on her death bed and she regained all her strength. I pray that you will be like the person you and Jimmy used in your sermon so many, many years ago! If God chooses not to heal your earthly body, then I hope to see you again some day in heaven! GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU TAMMY FAYE!
(Big Rapids, Michigan)
As a breast cancer survivor myself, who is battling a recurrence, your faith and beautiful spirit are an inspiration to me.
You are in my prayers!
Melodee Vicars
(Fort Wayne, IN)
Don't be afraid, Tammy Faye, especially since you believe in the after life. I underwent chemo five different times over 16 years and finally a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor seven years ago, and I'm still alive and kickin.' Best of health and faith.

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