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(So Cal)

Keep the Faith and May God Bless You!
You are in my prayers :)
Hello Sunshine,I hope your having a Good Day.
I found getting a MinPin Puppy was My way of taking MY Mind off Pain,they are a Riot the Lil Stinker he is but well worth it for a Giggle,Smile,Laughf.Who knew watching a Dog Poo would be Funny,and it really is. Or when he steals My Panties and gets them stuck on his head/body.Or when I put up a Saftey Gate up which took me awhile to get it done only to have him go right Under it seeing he's so small,oh boy!
Or mabey it was the time when My 10-11 year Old Son was on the Floor "Scooting" like the Dog dose with his Butt going come on Scoot,and after a few Min.the Dog was doing the Scoot right next to my Son on the floor,I nearly Peed Myself it was So Funny.
Well Tammy I hope this put a Smile on your face,it sure did mine and I hope your feeling better soon.
(Hendersonvlle, NC)
Tammy you are truly a godly woman. My thoughts are with you and your family.
(los angeles, ca)
tammy may God continue to give you the strength in these very trying days. know that god allows us to reach out and place our hands on the hem of his robe and pull us to it or threw it.God said where two or more are gather in his name there he would be in the mist. i stand with so many people when i say we are praying with you and for you.may God hold and keep you forever more.

(Joliet, Illinois)
Your Faith & Wonderful Spirit is so Inspirational!
God Bless You Tammy!
(Easton, MA)
Stay Strong Tammy. God has a plan for everyone. I know exactly how you are feeling as I just lost my mother on May 4th to a five year battle with Lung Cancer and my father has Brain Cancer. It's been really hard for my family and I, but it helps to know that she is with God and is pain free now and we just keep praying to the good Lord to heal my father. I just wanted to write you because you remind me of my Mother as I read your entries because she felt the same way you did. She always told me to trust in God and if she did die that she would be in heaven and if I ever wanted to talk to her she would be there. I am getting married in November and she told me that if she did not make it physically that she would most certainly be there spiritually. It's just really hard because I havent got my weddding dress yet and I can not even think about getting it without her so here I am six months to the wedding and I have no wedding dress becasue I know when I have to go get it, I will not be able to stop crying because she will not be there. I miss her so much and it gets hard, but we just have to trust that God knows what is best for us. I trust that he is with you and just keep believing in him and he will guide you with whatever road you shall go down. You are in my prayers. God bless you!

(Eugene, Oregon)
My prayers go out for your comfort and strength! God Bless you!
Michael Soldan
(Brookfield, Connecticut)
Dear Tammy Faye,

You have always shown unconditional love for your friends and critics alike and have maintained your trust in the Lord through all of your trials and tribulations. You are truly an inspiration to me and so many others.

I pray that the healing power of the Lord is upon you RIGHT NOW, for a complete and total recovery - let the doctors be amazed - in the name above all names, Jesus!
(ft. lauderdale,florida)
Much prayers to you. You are such a wonderful person. Lord bless you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep praying gods hears all of our wishes.
Donna Wilkinson
(Memphis, Tn)
As another born again believer, I know that your faith is helping you through this horrendous time. May God grant you peace of heart, healing of body and serenity of soul!
Dear Tammy, you are an inspiration. Thank-you. May you experience our Father's love for you in an unmeasurable way.<><
Mary Beth
(Lima, OH)
Tammy, I am praying for you. Stay strong and have no fear. The Lord is truly with you and he will allay your fears and put your heart and mind at peace. God Bless!
I ll never forget your kindness about 13 yrs ago you sent me a autograph picture of yourself since we both share the same name. Your one of my favorite people. My mom says you deserve this since you stole all that money yrs ago. I say No one Is Perfect and i know you have paid for your sins. I pray for a miracle for you and I love you Tammy. God Bless.
Kathy Carpenter
(Stafford Springs, Ct)
Tammy-I always thought you were such a silly air head, all make up and eye lashes and not much brains. I have been following your story and your illness and have seen you on Larry King and other TV shows and I have come to admire you so so much. I think you have incredible strength. The way you have faced and dealt with your cancer is absoluutely inspirational to all of us. You have a wonderful sense of humor and great spirit. I used to think your faith was just a big act but I realize now that you are the "real deal". I admire you, you have given me strength and I know you are blessed with God's love.
(Tiburon, CA)
Hi Tammy-
I'm not a follower of a particular religion, but I believe strongly in the power of hope and "prayer". I wish you peace and comfort at this difficult time. You are such a dynamic woman and if there's a miracle to be found, I believe you deserve it! My thoughts are with you and your family.
Bill and Steven
(Richmond, VA)
Tammy Faye,

May God hand you the strengh you need to face each day...and just know that we are praying for you. Keep smiling!

Love, Bill and Steven
(Dallas, Texas)
I am praying for you without ceasing dear sweet Tammy. God Bless You
I love you in Christ.
(ontario, canada)
Dear Tammy:
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I lost my mom to the same disease 4 years ago; i watched her go thru the same struggle you are, having received the same devasting news....she was a brave soul, as you are too, and lived longer then she was told she are a true warrior and survivor; the abundance of inner strength you have shown myself and the world, over the years, is truly inspiring to us all....peace be with you, beautiful spirit
God will never leave nor foresake
(Troy, New York)
You are a wonderful lady. God bless you and may God make you comfortable. You are loved.
(South San Francisco, Ca.)
You are an inspiration for your love and compassion to all people. You will walk with God. Bless you.
(fort worth,texas)
Dearest Tammy,,,Let me first say,thank you,,for the many mornings i watched you,and felt hopeful about life,,,felt like i wanted to have life,you got me through sooooooo many days.As i sit here and send you this message,,you are and have always been in my prayers,,I have admired you,prayed,with you,and cried with you,I had a sister that passed away in 2006 from cancer,and i was so blessed to care for her,so i feel even more close to you now,,what is it,that they say,how can you love someone,you never met,,,,but i love you,you are a very remarkable woman,,,,and I like God very much,,my prayers and heart are with you,,,,god bless you,Tammy,,,,,,,,,a friend,Scarlet
April Robbins
(Kathleen Fl)
God Bless you and we are praying for you. Jesus has his arms around you and holding you tight.
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