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(Shoreview MN)
My thoughts are with you Tammy. I have watched you for years. The grace and courage you show during this time will help others. May god watch over you and give you the strength and courage to continue on.
(Cloquet, MN)
Dearest Tammy Faye, I am not a christian. I have never read the bible. I do believe in God. I do believe in the Spirit. I do believe in you. All I really know of you is a little about the PTL stuff in the 80's, the "Surreal Life" and your son Jay's show on cable. What I have observed is a true loving soul who doesn't judge anyone. In this sad broken world we share, it is so fundamentally important that we all feel we have someone on our side. I know you have been a bridge to the Lord for so many people. You have truly been a servant and an inspiration. Hold your beautiful head up during this time of suffering and know you have done all one can do in this world to make things a little better for others in their times of need. You are one of God's most loved children. When He calls you home, know you go with all of our love. May God bless you and keep you....
(Houston, Texas)
Dearest Tammy Faye, you go girl, don't you dare give up the fight! You look fabulous! Your humor and recent words about living each day to the fullest will stay with me forever. Don't hide from us - show us your fighting spirit! You're a tough gal - you keep on truckin!
I saw you on ET last night, and I'm so impressed that you've decided it's not over. You were all made up (like usual), and I saw nothing but your strength shining through. I know you wanna be here, and that's my prayer for you. Stay strong! All kinds of people are learning about strength and faith from you. God bless hon!
Stacy Humpich
(Tinton Falls, New Jersey)
You are truly a REMARKABLE woman and I pray for you very day. I only wish that I had half of your strength, dignity and grace even during this difficult time. God bless you!!!
(Santa Clara, CA)
You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your hand in God's hand, and He will always be there with you!
You are such a bright light in such a dim world! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
Robet Przygoda
Up until last year I never thought of you as a regular person. I would always make fun of the eyelash thing. Last year I saw you in the hospital (I am a nurse) and saw the pain that you were in and I still think of you everyday. Not the eyelashes but you. I am not a religous person at all but I do pray that you are not suffering.
Just J
(Onsted Michigan)
Lovely. I admit, I don't really know you, I didn't even know you had a daughter. My Mom (80 yrs old) told me she saw you on a TV program, and she said you had cancer. And were very weak, very thin, she said.."Sweetheart? Isn't it awful?" She lost her son, last year, my brother, to cancer. I take care of her, I try....everyday. I think Pat, has to be in a good place, however I lack faith. I admit. I know, I am selfish, I want him here. Everyday. I read your words, and I want you to know, today, you touched, helped, and gave a new light, to someone who really really needed you. You hurt, I know. The pain is unreal, I understand. You have faith, to be strong everyday, and I admire it. I am a perfectly healthy, strong, loving, busy Mom to 3 children. I can bench press a jeep if need be. And, was your strength, your shoulders, your everlasting faith, that is going to touch me, push me. From this day on, I will let Him, in. I will let Him help. I will open my eyes, my heart, my soul, and my mind, to what is believed to be my safety net, my savior, my heart, and grace.

Thank you.
Best wishes.
And, love
Lisa Forrest
(San Diego CA)
Your strenght is amazing! I hope that one day i will know God the way you do and that i will be just as strong! God Bless you and your family, Tammy Faye!
(dallas texas)
You're fantastic! I've always enjoyed your company via the tv:-)
Your attitude is wonderful. YOU are wonderful! You are in my prayers.
(Waseca, MN)
Hello Tammy,

When I heard of your courageous fight, it so reminded me of my own Mother's battle six and a half years ago. I was blessed with the opportunity to spend all my time with her as we bravely fought her battle together. I do pray for your daughter because I know how difficult it can be for the daughter to become the caregiver.

My mother never told anyone how much pain she was in. Whenever the wonderful nurses of Hospice asked her to "rate her pain" it was never higher than a three all the way to the end. You remind me so much of her in that aspect.

My Mother never went to church, she swore like a sailor, and she smoked cigarettes all of her life. But at the end she made her peace with God. The week before she passed she asked to speak the Pastor associated with Hospice. He talked of God's forgiveness and he asked her if she ever had communion. She never did experience that and he came the next day to offer her the service of sacrifice. She had made her peace with God that day and I am so thankful for that.

The last week with her was a wonderful time filled with remembering, laughing, and visits from family and friends. I do pray that with whatever time you have left here on this planet whether it be days, months, or years; that you too will find peace and joy with your family and friends. Glory be to God.
Cindy Church
(Indianapolis, IN )
Prayers coming your way
God Bless you as you go through this terrible time
God speed !
(Indianapolis, In)
My thoughts and prayers are with you. You have always been a bright spot in my life. Many years ago I was in very dark place in my life and you were a ray of sunshine. God be you and your family.
(Madison, AL )
Ms. Tammy Faye,

I just wanted to say that I love you and that I am praying for you and that I believe that God is healing you right now. Just keep smiling, laughing, and focusing on the goodness of God. Your faith is an inspiration to me and I am grateful.
God Bless,
(Minneapolis Minnesota)
My heart and prayers go out to you. Your wonderful outlook on life and your sense of humor as well as your compassion for others has definately been a blessing to this world of ours that is falling apart. I look forward to reading your blog for many years to come. God Bless.
(Norco Ca)
When I saw you on the surreal life I finally took the time to see what you were all about. What a great woman and role model you are! You are an example of faith and acceptance. You are real! I struggle everyday to have faith and seeing you has helped me so much! Im sorry you are in pain. I love you!
Jean Mank
(McVeytown, PA)
Tammy, I have always loved your sparkling personality and how you never apologized for being who you are. God bless you. Despite all the hell you have been through you still believe in our Lord and if it is His will that you go home soon, he will have a very special place for you. My mother went there two years ago, and before she went, she saw Jesus holding out his arms to her. She said this to my sister. It was a beautiful passing. You have always been a favorite person of mine. I love you and I will pray that all your pain goes away.
(midland, texas)
Dear Tammy,
I know what you mean when you say that Diana, Marilyn, Sonny, etc. thought they had "tomorrows" and they did not but please, please remember and be comforted to have the assurance that YOU DO HAVE A TOMORROW. Christ followers have a tomorrow. When our last day is complete on this good earth we start our long awaited and anticipated days with the Lord and so many, many loved ones. Tammy we will miss you dearly but you will be way too busy in Heaven to miss any of us. And on that day of the big reunion - what a day that will be. Right now you are scared, that's ok. You don't want to leave your loved ones. But Tammy, in the blink of an eye, they will be there again! Stay strong and keep believing what you always have! Love Vicki
(Mount Holly, NC)
You are an amazing woman. Your faith and strength in your belief is an inspiration to all. God Bless you!!!
Sherilyn Flanagan
(Long Island, NY)
Tammy, I believe you can make it through this. I know you have the strength and the willpower to believe that you will make it. I am praying for you and find you a true inspiration. The world is a better place because you are in it and I wish you health and happiness. Stay strong and know so many people love and care for you.
(Virginia Beach, VA)
I have alway admired your strength and your ability to hold you head high up. I pray for you everyday.
(Phoenix, AZ)
God has special blessings for angels like you.
Shawna Ducommun
(Ladysmith, WI)
Know that you are loved. We are praying for you.
Judy-Marie Watson
(London Ontario Canada)
The first time I ever saw you was back in the 80's when I lived on Canada's East coast. You were singing on a show featuring Mickey Rooney as guest, and your enthusiasm made me smile. I believe you to be a good woman, and it makes me so sad to see how you're suffering. I include you in my prayers, hoping that as each day goes by your strength and spirit remain. I already know that your strong faith stays with you always, as your music and kindness stays with us. God bless you today and always, gentle lady. There are all kinds of miracles.
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