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brandin jackson
(fresno ca)
what are we gonna do with out you tammy or better yet what iam i to do with out you!!!! you are on my list of people i gotta see when i get up to heaven with you!!!

i have faith in you son jays work he is gonna change the worl just like his flawless mother!


i love u
(Atlanta, Georgia)
Sweet Tammy Faye:
May you rest in peace. Your life has meant so much to me and countless others! The last time I saw you on TV was in Entertainment Tonight on 7/20/07. They were airing your last Larry King interview. I will never forget my thoughts that interview. You were so weak and I was scared that you wouldn't be with us too much longer. But in your wonderful and light spirit, you told Larry King that you wanted to be remembered for your "eyelashes", but I will remember you for your love! Thanks for giving us so much of you while you were here. I remember when I lived in Missouri for some time and I watched the PTL show with you and Jim Bakker. Even though I was a born-again Christian, I was at one of the lowest points in life. I was depressed and in a situation that only God could deliver me from. When I watched the PTL show everyday, I gained strength from your words and songs and your light, sweet spirit. I truly believe that the PTL show and you and Jim Bakker helped get me through this most difficult of times. God has a great reward for you. On the morning of July 21, 2007, the Lord woke me up around 3:30 a.m. and you were heavy on my heart. I began to pray for you that the Lord would help you through your sickness and that He would heal you. After that prayer, and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I wrote a song. Little did I know that you had already gone on to be with the Lord as I was writing this song. I plan to record it in the near future, and when I do, I will dedicate it to you because you were the inspiration for me writing it. It is truly beautiful like you were. I will love you and be grateful to God for your life forever. Rest in peace Dear Tammy Faye. Your reward will be great and God is pleased. I'm sure He will welcome you into heaven when all the dead in Christ shall rise. And I believe He will say - Well done, thy good and faithful servant, WELL DONE! Love Angela
(Rome, GA)
Hi! I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet Tammy on this earth but I know I'll get to meet her one day cause I'm a Christian too. I hope I get to meet all of you one day but if I don't, I know I'll get to one day in Heaven. Anyway I just wanted to send my condolences to all of you and to just let you all know that my condolences, thoughts and prayers are with you all and I'm thinking of all of you at this very difficult time. I hope it helps all of you to rest in the arms of all of you guys Creator and Comforter knowing that she's not suffering anymore. My Dad passed away in '01 and he was a Christian too so I know that they're up there and all the great Christians who have go on before us. May God bless you all and my Mom and I are thinking of all of you and praying for you all. May God bless and keep all of you!! God bless you all!!


Tammy Sue, Jay, Jonathan and James, I wish you peace and serenity in your time of need. You had a wonderful mother.
mrs. kish
(peoria, il)
i'm so happy that tammy is now healed!! i hope she is up there holding my little girl. tammy's love and acceptance of ALL God's children is the reason she inspires me. I smile everytime I think about how she was such a light, a window to heaven. I can't wait to worship with her when I get to heaven. If you want to go to heaven when you die ask Jesus into your heart today.
(Birmingham, AL)
May you rest in peace Tammy Faye. Always enjoyed your beautiful singing and your teachings through the years. I was a regular viewer and supporter of PTL and always stood behind all you did. You will be missed here but hope to meet you in Heaven someday!
Jesse Merz
(White Salmon, WA)
"Somebody Up There Loves You."

From THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO TAMMY FAYE, the musical -- coming to NYC in 2007.

Peace and love,

Jesse Merz, producer
(Austin, TX)
GOODBYE TAMMY!!!! We will all miss you!!!!! The tears that run down our cheeks are tears of joy because everyone loved you so much. You taught people how to forgive and love. God is love and love conquers all. Happy afterlife my dear!!!! I feel better knowing that you suffer no more. Bless you forever. May we all borrow your eternal courage in times of need. We will look towards the sky!
(Denver, CO)
Best of luck in the afterlife, Tammy. You were an hero and will be truly missed.
Cheryl King
To Tammy's family ...Know that she was an inspiration to all!!! Thank you for sharing her with the prayers go out for her family.. Have comfort in knowing that she died in Christ so she still has the victory over death!!!!
(Edmonton, Canada)
Inspirational is an understatment when I think of you! You faced it all and kept a smile inspite of the pain and suffering; you taught us now how to die. Blessings to you and yours always,

Love Vic
paige vaughan
(columbia mo)
(Charlotte, NC)
Dear Tammy Faye and Family,

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. You are such an inspiration to so many people. I have been praying for your complete healing for a long time. You have touched the lives of millions of people and will continue to do so for years to come. Your strength, Faith in God and your genuine love and concern for others is so deeply touching. I for one will miss your greatly. Even though I know you are with our Precious Lord and Saviour and are no longer in pain, your presence here will be missed. I regret not having the opportunity to meet you in person. Wow, you are sitting with our Lord which is quite an honor. (I hope you are now eating your hamburger and french fries with lots of ketchup). You are truly one in a million. Always finding the light in your darkest of times. Always thinking of others more than yourself. I pray for your family to find peace and closeness with God and pray that they will find the strength to pull them through this very difficult time in their lives. Words could never adequately express the impact you have had on my life and so many other lives. I realize you are at peace and in a much better place than we are. I am looking forward to one day meeting you in Heaven. Thank you for all you have given to me in my life without even knowing me. You never gave up and you have given me the strength I need to look for the light during my dark times. Thank you, you will be missed and I send my love and prayers to you and your family.

In God's Love and Trust,

(columbia mo)
we will miss u alot tammy faye and u will not be forgotten my thoughts are with u and ur family
Tammy Faye,
You literally saved my life and, NOW IS THE TIME TO SAY MORE THAN EVER THANK YOU !
When those dark ,very DARK days came you would just pop up and The Spirit was of kind,,and grace, That kind of true GRACE WE NEED ! You cannot ever know just how many lives you have brought Joy into.
May your family be warmed in THE LOVE OF GOD. We know you are looking down onto us and still in our Hearts ,so We can still communicate. I know your hunger and thirst are quinched, God has just got to be really having a Ball in your company.
Love you .
(Kansas City, Kansas)
I have admired you for years... Your faith and conviction truly inspired me. Your ability to accept people for who they were deeply touched me. A week before you passing I came face to face with you at a local retail establishment. Knowing it was you in the same room with me was amazing. I wanted so much to tell you what you have meant to me over the years and how you truly touched my heart. Instead I chose to give you the respect you deserved and admire you from a far. Tammy, that is what I will continue to do. You were beautiful, courageous and graceful up until the bitter end. You will be missed, but your legacy will live on....
(amarillo texas)
i had a heavy burden on me at one time and then i saw you on the surreal life and you chaged my life with your beautiful self and wise words my heart hurts to think i will never meet you but it is also strong because of you. i never had the comfort of a mother and you gave that to me you made me feel worthy again and thanks to you i now love me thank you dear sweet lady for saving my life i am looking forward to seeing you in heaven one day God Bless you and your family
Jesse Jr.
(Buena Park Ca,)
Dear Tammy, July 20th i got into some trouble with the law and i was scared. I heard about your death while being in jail. I always admired your courage you had through out your life time and that made me get on my knees and pray. I prayed to GOD for forgiveness and strenth to get through this tough time of my life. I also prayed to you asking you to place your loving motherly arms around me while in my cell and to give me courage and not to be afraid for what might lay ahead of me. You have gone through so much and still had a smile and a great way of looking at things.Thanx for being there when I need you cause I knew in my heart you where there to keep me safe.. THanx for being such a blessing to the human race and for everything you are, GOD BLESS YOU AND THANX AGAIN FOR BEING THERE FOR ME...
Cindy Hendrix
(Almyra Arkansas)
Your faith in our Lord was awesome right until the time you left this earth. Love in Christ,
Jaryd Camfferman
(Deer Park, Texas)
I saw the interview with you and Larry King on July 17th. I had never heard of you until then. But, when I saw you...I felt a sign of hope come over me. Then you said, "When I leave this earth, I am going straight to heaven!" I knew that you were also. You seem like the nicest person. But then, on July 20th, you passed away. So Tammy, may you rest in peace.

Angelica "Gel" Mason
(Oklahoma City, OK)
I loved watching you on VH1. you brought a dose of love and compassion to all other members of the cast and crew. I have a hard time believing in TBN and the things that happen there and you have been an example to me that even when we make mistakes with Gods true love and acceptance we shall conquer all of the fear and pain life has to offer.

Im hurting with a muscle disease and am literally writing this and causing more pain. But you are worth it. God Bless your family!!!
Tammy Faye,
I don't think there has ever been a more adorable little lady than you.
This world will just not be the same without you in it, sweetheart! The Lord must be pretty darned excited that you just walked in. I'll love you forever, and will NEVER forget you! xoxoxo -Sam
(New Jersey)
I just want your family to know that your "Wife and Mother" was a wonderful person. I really believe she had a wonderful heart. It is not easy to watch a person suffer and hurt. I believe that she in heaven singing and smiling now and not hurting anymore. I really wish she was my mom because she is someone I wish my own mom was like. God Bless and Keep you all close with her love surrounding all of your family.
Cathy Lee
(Elkton Md)
We're Blessed We're Blessed we are Blessed... as the song that you sang many times. people were truly blessed in many ways because of your ministry.
our prayers for the family are with you
You can make it!! love to you.
(Philadelphia, PA)
Tammy, I nearly turned my back on Christianity after hearing so many false prophets. Thank God for you. If it weren't for you, I would have tossed all Christians into the same pot. Love ya, girl.
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