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Tammy are such a wonderful testament to faith and you have always served as a fine example of a positive, Christian woman. I am praying for you and your current fight and know that you will continue to fight with the help of God. Love, strengh and the best to you and your family.
James Higginbotham
Dear Tammy,
When I first saw you I was 11 yrs old , And there was something about you that helped me find my own faith in god and myself that now,25 yrs later,is one of the most important and dearest things I believe i actually have in life. I want to Thank you, for all you have done for me and others, and to say God Bless you for the imspiration you give to others.You have been an angel to so many.
Love ,
Tammy Faye
(Montgomery, AL)
God Bless You. I wish there was an easy way to stop suffering. I pray for you every day. You are truly an inspiration to me. I am proud to have your name too....
With God's Love,
(Sanford, NC)
Dear Tammy:

I remember the children's show that you and Jim hosted in the 70's and I've grown up watching you over the years. I commend you for your brave fight against such a terrible disease. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer in 1993, eight months after I gave birth to my son. My biggest regret is that he didn't get to know her. You've always reminded me of her. She, like you, had very strong faith in Christ, which made the battle more bearable but it was still difficult. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God you and your family.
God bless, dear. You have been an inspiration to millions worldwide. You will remain in my prayers,
Nina Sekscenski
(Stratford, CT)
Dear Tammy,

I do not know you, but I feel deeply for you and for your struggle. I just watched your interview on TV tonight (5-30) w/ my husband and want to tell you to keep up the fight and to keep your faith and your phenomenal positive attitude. You are one of the sweetest, most kind hearted, wise, and spiritual people that i have ever had the pleasure of watching throughout the years on TV; I feel like i know you. You are the type of role model and woman that you wish could be your Mom. I have a wonderful Mom, but you would be my second choice for a Mom, if that makes any sense.

My husband and I wish you the best and will be praying for you. Good things come to good people. Keep fighting! You have touched so many lives and that is so admirable. The world is lucky to have women like you in it.

Much love,

Nina and Bill Sekscenski
Mattie Joyner
(W_S, NC)
Tammy!! I thank God for your strength; and for your; "Whether I live or Die, God is still God", attitude: I watched you years ago, when you and Jim was hosting PTL. Your out going personality and love for God, is what kept me watching. I can still hear your fight and your trust in God through your voice!! Thank you for having the heart of a Trailblazer.

With Love That Feels Mighty Good; As It Flows From My Heart To Yours.
(warrenton georgia)
Tammy, I just want to tell you that the Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you. You are one of the bravest, strongest, and most sincere women of my generation. My only regret is that I never got to meet you, but we are "sisters" in Christ. And we will meet one DAY...I know it!
Mrs. Tammy Faye, thank you for all the years you have blessed me with your Word from the Lord and with your wonderful smile. You are one of His lights in this world. Keep shining. I'm praying for you! Love, Bryna
Dear Tammy,

I am saddened by your suffering but I know God is with you and I wanted to say thanks for being you and all that you've done for people. Remember, we never die, we just change form. All the wonderful work you've done here will continue to live on and help others.

I lost my partner 2 years ago to cancer but I learned so much about life from that experience. I learned not to take anything for granted and to try to remember to live each day to it's fullest. I had many spirtitual experiences during that time also that expanded my faith! I'll send positive energy your way.


(Monroe, Louisiana)
You have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I found out you were sick. You are such a special person and I have watch you on TV for years and I feel like you are part of my family and hate how much pain you are in. If I could I would take that pain for at least a little while so you could have some relief. Please know you are an inspiration to all your fans and we are praying that GOD will give us all a miracle and take away the cancer. Just rest and try to enjoy all the love that you are receiving from all you "family" near and far.
Betsy Kiehl
(Reidsville, North Carolin)
Tammy, I watched you on "Entertainment Tonite" and I am very impressed with your fighting spirit. Continue to think positively, pray without ceasing, be happy, fill your days with laughter and surround yourself with the love of friends, family and CHRIST. You are in God's capable hands. You are loved and are being prayed for.
Marty Adamson
(Houston, TX)
Hi Mrs. Tammy!
I wanted to stop in to tell you that you are in my prayers each and every day. I first really woke up to you while you were on the Surreal Life. Your goodness shined off of you body, your words dripped with sincerity. You are an inspiration and you have touched me. I just know you will pull through, you are a survivor. I love you, my thoughts, wishes, hopes and prayers are with you always. Get well soon and God Bless!

Love ya,
Marty Adamson
(Rotterdam, NY)
Dearest Tammy,
I think you are one of the most honest and true people I will ever know. I thank you for the wisdom you have shared and the better person I have become for listening to you. You helped me know God therefore making me a better wife, mother and christian. I pray for comfort for you and your family. I hope we meet in heaven.(Please try to save me a seat. I may need a little help getting in!)
God Bless you and Thank you for helping me see the best in everyone. You will always be in my prayers.
God bless you Tammy and your children in this time. My Dad passed very recently after a two year battle with lung cancer. I know your pain and your fear and your STRENGTH!! What an amazing woman you are to have fought for so long!! I think of you often. Lots of love, XOXO
David Slater
(Matthews, N.C.)

It broke my heart to see that you had lost so much weight. This may sound stupid, but have you tried eating apple sauce? I was sick recently and couldn't keep anything down, but I was able to get some apple sauce down. You don't even have to chew it! :)
Give it a shot. I'm hoping and praying you gain weight and get your second wind!

Love you TammyFaye! I wanna see you back out at the stores in Matthews!!

David Slater
Karen Rose
(Somerdale, NJ)
God Bless You, Tammy Faye. No matter what anyone else is saying (the doctors, the media, etc.), you know Who holds your future in His hands...Our Father in Heaven! Only He can tell you when your work here on Earth is done. What a testimony you will have when this fight is behind you! Just looking at you walking the Earth is proof that God is still on the throne...and I know you already know that! Praying for the manifestation of God's Glory all over your life, in the Name of Jesus...Yes, and Amen!!
Saecilia Hill
(Grayson, GA)
God Bless You! I pray that you are well and will continue to share the beautiful spirit that you always seem to shed when you are in the presence of other people. I just saw you on Entertainment Tonight and I am happy to see that you still have your smile. I wish you the best
sherrie sausto
(little egg harbor townshi)
you brought me to know jesus at 30 years old.thru you i was saed,theres not a day that goes by i say a prayer for you.i was addicted to speed a d
you showed me taht jesus would lift me from my addiction,forgie me and mold me into a cild of rehab was the lord,you saed my gae me hope..i share this story to anyone that will truleyb are an angel from only one of millions you brought to the lord...may god bless you....ypur my hero..i pray for your only sorry i neer got to meet you face to face,your truley a wonderful example of being a christian...maybe we weill meet if not here on earth in heaen...just know youe done gods work well. sherrie saustou
Tammy Faye, I'm so sorry to hear that you are in such pain. I lost someone I loved very much to cancer, and I hate to think of anyone else suffering so. Please know that you are cared about by many, hang in there - you still look beautiful ...
Dorothy Wyatt- Youmans
(Willingboro, NJ)
Dear Tammy,
I have watched you on TV for years. What I admire about you most is your love for Jesus Christ. I don't know why people go through sickness like we do. But I do know that God has a reason for everything. I am praying for you and your family. I hate to see you suffer with pain and pray that God's healing power will ease your suffering. God is Love. He knows what is best for all of us. May God bless you and give you peace in your most trying times.

Love and In Christ Jesus,
nancy capers
(naples, fl)
Dearest Tammy, many times in my earlier days I turned to PTL for prayer. I loved you and Jim. You will not remember me, but, we did meet and I was chosen along with my husband at that time to be part of the sstage audience on one of the evenings there while attending a seminar. Jim spoke a word of knowledge to us and it was revealing to me. I must tell you that my favorite part of the show was your singing. I had ALL of your music. NOW, remember your song...YOU CAN MAKE IT...i STILL HAVE THE LITTLE DECAL THAT CLIPPED ON TO REFRIGERATORS...iT IS TIME SOMEONE PLAYED YOUR OWN MUSIC FOR YOU TO LISTEN TOOOOOO.....IT HAS HELPED SO MANY OF US AND NOW i BELIEVE IT CAN HELP YOU. you can make it tammy. Love Nancy
Tammy Faye, you are a lovely, warm, wonderful woman.

I remember back in the early 80s when I first watched you on PTL. I was not (and am not) a Christian, but you won my heart over forever and made me think much more kindly of Christians in general because of your kindness to gay people. I know and love so many people who are gay, and it hurts me deeply when people say poisonous, hateful things about them, as Jerry Falwell did after 9/11. You changed the way I think of evangelical Christians, and made me more tolerant and interested in the views of religious people.

Thank you for being so kind. I don't know if you will ever know how truly far-reaching your love is. Please know that you are loved in return.
Trad Gunter
(Anderson South Carolina)
Dear Tammy,
This is a note to let you know you are loved so very much. You are the true meaning of a Christian. The light of Jesus shines through you and I want to thank you for sharing that light with me over the years. I pray for you and ask God to cradle you in His warm and loving arms. I have been through many dark storms like you and no one to comfort me but the sweet Lord Jesus. I wish I could meet you in person; however, know that I love you and will continue to pray for you and your family. May God bless you and keep you. Take comfort in knowing you have made a difference in people's lives, especially mine.
You're in my heart,
Trad Gunter
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