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Deborah Scott
(Fairborn, Ohio)
Hi Tammy,
At the age of 47 I was baptized and I know that God will hear our prayers for you. I know your faith and love of God will get you healhty again. I am praying for you. Keep the faith and the love of God and your family will help you through this. Bless you!
linda house
(buford, ga)

I wanted you to know that I think of you often and pray you will find confort and peace. Pain is not fun and can truly destroy you if you give in to it. My saving grace when I was going through a very rough time with pain was to sing and I know you can -- so sing, sing, sing. I wish you well.

leslie pratt
(tenino washington)
Dear Tammy,
I watched you and Jim at 5 oclock in the morning in 1979 and have track of both of your careers since then. I send you my best wishes and prayers in this most difficult times, as well as to your family. Your spirit has proven to be one that goes through adversity with the utmost humility.
Jimmy Jimenez
(Roswell, New Mexico)
Dear Tammy,
I just wanted to let you know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.
Your faith, compassion for others, and positive outlook have always amazed me. I am glad I found you! I almost gave up on religion in the past, but you have shown me that there are good people of faith.
May God bless you!
With Love, Jimmy Jimenez
Mark Cody
(Chicago, IL)
You're in our prayers here in my Chicago neighborhood.
(Miami Beach, FL)

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless.
Michael Netherton
(Johnson City, Tennessee)
I've watched you for years on TV on PTL, and you have long been my favorite singer. Your uplifting song's of "You can Make it," and "Don't give up on the brink of a miracle," and "The Sun will shine again" and my most favorite "HIS eye is on the sparrow" how they do minister to me and to so many other's. I've been battling a rare form of Leukemia, and heart disease, kidney failure and lung disease and was just last week diagnosed with diabetis. Tammy, you've come through so much with the loss of PTL and now the loss of your health and you've taught me to NEVER GIVE UP!! Thank YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. How I love you and your many year's of ministry and I so look foreward to seeing you in heaven yet I hope you have many many more happy years here with your family, and continue to minister to those of us who really need you. Hebrews 13:5 say's "...I will never leave you nor forsake you." Tammy, HE's going all the way with us.
My love and prayer's are with you and your family.
Jane Braden
(Gastonia, NC)
May God bless you and your family during this diffcult time. God does answer prayers and I pray that put his hand on you and give you comfort and peace.
Thank you Tammy, for all the love you have shared throughout the years. God loves you, my sister. You will shine for eternity.
(Fort Worth, Tx)
blessings to you and yours
Kevin Gibson
(Edmonton, Alberta)
Hey there,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line letting you know you're often in my thoughts. I'd say prayers, but I must admit I don't do enough of that. I, like a few others, used to think you were more of a punchline than a person but, over the years, you're grace, acceptance, and dignity have really inspired me. You're eyelashes might be fake but your soul is 100% genuine. I couldn't call myself a Christian and I'm often turned off by a prevalent exclusive mindset. I don't see much witnessing from Christians, but you've always embraced communities that the Church has consistently turned its back on. For that I, myself and many, many more will always be grateful. Thank-you and God bless.

Kevin Gibson
(Lawrenceville, Pa.)
Tammy, I love you. I watched you regularly on PTL. My children loved all your music as the puppets. I am so sorry you are so sick. I have been praying for your complete healing. I met you once in the Sam's Club in Matthews and you were just so sweet as you spoke to me. Thanks. God bless you. You are still beautiful to me.
Stephen Braley
(Smethport, PA)
Precious Tammy Faye,
How can I ever express how your ministry in song and love changed my life. Twenty years ago I was both very promiscuious and gay, so far from the Lord's precense. But I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart strings a full year before my sister introduced me to your loving ministry. I knew it was God calling me back, for I had served him in my youth before "going my own way," and living a life of only me, me, me.

When I heard you sing all your songs that told me "Don't give up, you're on the brink of a miracle," "My God is Real", and all the others my stony heart was broken and again became one hungry for the love and satisfaction of knowing and serving Jesus. I hope you see this message, honey, but more important is for you to know that we, the people of this world and country have seen God's pure love poured out on us as you sang those songs. We love you so much, Tammy. Even when our closest friends turned their backs on us because we stood up for you, we (my roommate and I) put a message on our answering machine so that all would hear, "Please pray for Jim and Tammy Faye Baker as they go through this very difficult time." That got some attention, believe me!!

We all have received time and time again out of the bounty of the Lord's love in you, through times when there were no words to even pray we would put one of your tapes in and could only look up at Jesus, and away from all our problems.

Our undying love and gratitude for you, Steve and Tim. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
(Portland, Oregon)
Dear Tammy Faye,

I saw the story in the Globe mag. this past week. The story that they did on you I think was admiral except for the part that said it was your farewell party on Mother's Day. The pictures in the pink outfit you were wearing on Mother's Day I enjoyed so much. You looked stunning to say the least!

Your strength and determination to live and fight is inspirational to all! Thank you for deciding to live and go on. I do not know of anyone that has endured more than you through the years and still have the will to live. It simply has to be your faith in God that has kept you up to this very day! Your life story is almost that of Job in the bible and I believe God will restore you just like Job!

You are very special to me and the millions around the world that have enjoyed you. May God keep you around for many more years to come, and may the rest of your years be filled with love, blessings and health! That is my prayer for you today!


Kevin Ring
Judith Lukas
(Elyria, Ohio)
Hi Tammy,
I've seen you a couple of times on Praise The Lord. We send our best wishes and prayers. 1 Peter 2:24.
Jeffrey Adams
(Athens, Alabama)
Dear Tammy,

I hope you do read this note...You are in my thoughts and prayers. Either way God decides to heal you; by healing you physically or healing you by taking you to be with Him..You will be Healed! Though the years you and your family have blessed so many. Now, great is your reward in Heaven. You can make it!! I will have to say one thing...I am sooooooooo very glad that you got to live to see Jerry Falwell past from this life hear on Earth. I know you forgave him, but he did you and Jim Wrong and I trully belive Jerry is currently reaping his just reward!! I love you and your family, may God hold you close.

Feed your Faith, not your Fears!

Tim and Mike
(Des Moines Iowa)

My partner and I have have always loved you. Your compassion for everyone is so heartfelt and warm. We both love you very much. I have always tried to love others like you have. I use to watch you and Jim on the PTL club years ago and felt your love of God you are a true child of the Lord. You will always be in my partner and my prayers. I so hope you will be around for years to come. Oh by the way I am also a drag queen and think you are a fabulous dresser too. Love ya Tammy.

With all our love,

Tim (AKA Andrea Nightengail Blazer) and Mike
(Orlando, FL)
I watched you as a child growing up. My mom always had PTL on and we learned so much from your ministry. I pray that God's comfort and peace is with you and your family. God Bless!
Patricia Hughes-Brown
(San Diego, CA)
Ms. Baker,

I wish you all of God's peace and blessings. You will never remember me, but I with my sisters appeared on your original show years ago, in Portsmouth Virginia, when it was the Jim and Tammy show. There were four of us.

God love and bless you,

Debbie Steele
(Spring ,Texas)
Tammy I am someone who knows about the struggles of cancer and want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.May God give you the peace and health you so struggle for.
Mark Jessup
(Clemmons, NC)
i am believing GOD for your complete healing and that you will again be able to live and teach on GOD and his goodness you are a great inspiration to me in my 14 year battle with mental illness after watching the you tube TBN special on you i was uplifted by your courage and your seemingless 'NEVER GIVE UP' attitude and your unending FAITH i truly pray that GOD will bring about complete healing to you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 'by HIS stripes we are healed!!" GOD BLESS YOU and keep YOU in this trying time. you will be in my thoughts and prayers madame! your friend in Christ, Mark Jessup
Morgan OBrien
(Berlin, Germany)
Hi Tammy. I grew up in Minnesota and used to watch you on PTL with my little sister. Although my relationship with the church has somewhat crumbled since then, I have to say the mark that you (and Jim) left on me is something that will remain the rest of my life. I recently watched "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and it was soooo nice to "hear from you" again. It was literally like running into a long lost childhood friend.
I wish you well, and thank you for all you've done to inspire people to love each other all around the world. You are a bright light.
Sincerely, Morgan OBrien. Berlin, Germany
Kimberley Scott
(Boston, MA)
I spent time with Jay chatting before and after his sermon in Salem, MA. That kid of yours loves his God, his Mom and Sue. It was the weekend before Mothers Day. I wished with all my heart it was you in the front pew watching him instead of me; One could hear a pin drop at one point as Jamie Charles went on. He's so much like you: one great big sincere heart.
Victoria Clark
(Charlotte, NC)
Itis my sincerest prayer for you that your healing be complete here on earth. I saw you and some other people that were traveling with you a few years ago at Carabus Italian Rest. I was sitting out side and you spoke and stared at me as if to know me. I was in shock and didn't know what to say. However, the next time I heard that you were here you were speaking at my friends church with your daughter and I missed it.
But shortly after your press release regarding the doctors decision to take you off the medication and your severe weight loss. I was over whelmed regarding your recovery. I asked the Father about your seeing me in the spirit and knowing that I am an intercessor and am praying for you. I beleive God as I know you do. Sometimes we need others to share the load as it becomes very difficult to carry the load with so much going on in the temple. I know God is a healer as I know you do and I am standing in intercession for your very life and will continue to pray until I see the God manifestation. The Bible tells us that the prayer of faith WILL heal the sick!!! Breathe my sister and lay back rest in the bosom of Christ. I am praying for you. God is the Father of another chance for you and me and all who seek Him for it.
"Chosen for Victory"
Love to you forever
Brenda Casebolt
(Fort Benning Georgia)
Our prayers go out to you. and you are a very strong woman in the Lord, Keep strong and remeber God is in control, he will never leave or foresake you.
We love You and God Bless,
The Casebolt Family
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