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DeBarra Mayo
(Omaha, Nebraska)
I met you when I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't give up!
You have inner strength that is rare to find.
Best wishes and may God bless you and your family,
(Pinehurst, North Carolina)
Dear Tammy,

My prayers are with you! Thank you for being such an inspiration to others. God Bless you and your family.
Denise Brown
(Richland Washington)
My dearest Tammy Faye,Thank-you for your interview with TBN, was awesome you are an inspiration to me and others and I do believe that God will honor your request. We have an awesome God, and I strongly believe in his healing power as nothing is imposible for him to do. I have had medical problems all of my life and it is my faith in Jesus that has kept me strong. I love you an will keep you in my prayers and I will believe God for your healing with you. YOUR SISTER IN CHRIST
(Crittenden, Ky,)
My thoughts & Prayers are with you.I know God hears & answers prayers. You are a blessing to many.
Marissa Medina
(Bakersfield, Ca)
I think of you often and my prayers of comfort are lifted. I've appreciated learning from as I heard you share over time on how you got through many experiences in life. Thank you for showing how one loves "UNCONDITIONALLY". It has been the next best experience of freedom after "FORGIVNESS" for me. God is Good, All the Time...All the Time, God is Good.
Jean Piech
(Milwaukee, WI)
Way back when -- "The Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker Show." 1980 or so, I guess, I cannot recall.
When I was a Catholic and my marriage falling APART - it was YOU and your singing (I'm a singer too), your program, and YOUR talking of FORGIVENESS, that I began to search for more. My husband and I found an AG church and began to serve the Lord. After almost 29 years later, because of a crazy gal like you and her singing, I sure fell in love with the Lord. I want to thank you. You are right up there with my Christian hero James Dobson. If it was not for the two or you 25+ years ago, who knows where we would be today. Love you much. Jean
Nikki M
(Queens New York)
Tammy I hope u will get better your a strong women fight to live and dont give up on this life your one classy women and always will be Tammy god bless u your in our prays
Kevin Funkhouser
(Tulsa, OK)
Dear Tammy...
I'm not exactly what some would consider a God Fearing Christian...but I do love God, and I believe he hears my prayers. I'm going to simply ask the Lord to be with you, and to touch your body. I believe the Lord is with you now. You are such an amazing woman, and the world is blessed to have you fighting for our spirit mans. You are in my thoughts, and my prayers. You are loved by so many...including myself.
Sharon Davis
Dear Tammy, "
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" 111 John 2 I have your name written in my Bible next to this verse, to remind me of your heart of golden compassion for souls. Thank you for inspiring me to go on even in the worst of times. Because of you, I honestly believe "I can make it"! Thank you, thank you, thank you, may the Lord richly bless you dearly, lovingly in Christ Jesus, Sharon
(Houston, TX)
TAM, my friends and prayer partners and I are holding on for you, I can feel the turning of the tide, like Dottie Rambo had---and Dodie Osteen had here in Houston in 1981. (I call Lakewood Church home, -and Dodie our First Lady.)
I'm holding on and will never let go... God will have to override my faith, because I'm not ever going to let go for you...I BELIEVE.
Houston, TX.
(Henderson, TX)
Dearest Tammy Faye,
I'm praying our Precious Lord Jesus will heal your broken body and make you whole again.
I'm also sick with diabetes Lord Jesus will neverfail to bring us out of this sickness...Never give up the Faith!!
(fairfax, Virginia)
stay strong honey I know it is not easy..we all love and pray for you here in Virginia :) Matthew.
(Pensacola FL)
Dearest Lord Jesus: I pray that you will heal Tammy Faye and allow her healing to be a testimony to all that you are on your throne and your shed blood at Calvary and your resurrection show all that you are alive and well. Thank you Jesus for allowing Tammy Faye to share your faithfulness to others. I ask this all in the name of Jesus Amen.
Bill Zigler
(Fontana Ca)
You can live if you chosse to God is a God of his word and if you chosse to live and really belive that God still wants you here on this earth, well you know the rest. I went thru cancer and the Doc's told me to go home and get ready to die, but God told me I was going to live so I spoke to the cancer and i told it what God had told me and that i was healed and i was going to live and that was 12 years ago 7-1995. All I have to say is STAND ON HIS WORD. I have stop praying for your healing now and I'm and praising God for your healing.
(Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Tammy ~
I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you. You give strength to everyone you meet and everyone who has ever heard your beautiful voice, be it through your singing or the inspirational lessons you have shared by sharing your life. I send my prayers for you and your family. And I know that God is holding out his arms for you. Bless you, Tammy. And thank you for being in my lifetime of experiences.
(Los Angeles,CA)
Dearest Tammy

My deepest prayers are with you and your family. I hope that you understand the impact that your life has made on so many. In a world that judges so many who are "different" never have you. I remember as a young woman traveling at night and running away from some issues. I was stopped in a motel room somewhere in the middle of Kansas turning on your program and getting comfort and God's love and knowing that i was loved just as i am.
Thank you for your awesome and wonderful life
(Bensalem, PA)
Dear Tammy ... So sorry you are in so much pain. I had my colon resectioned 2 years ago and know what belly pain can be like. You are in my prayers and want you to know that you have always been such an uplifting person and a beautiful person. God Bless You always.
Peace and comfort. You are one of a kind!
Rhonda Gibson
(Madisonville, KY)
I was blessed to have met you years ago on a youth trip to PTL with Rick Goodman. You have always been such an inspiration to me and I pray for your comfort and healing.

(Boston, MA)
God Bless You. Keep on praying! Nothing is impossible for those that serve the Lord. I'm continuously praying that God heals you. This is my wish for you. I love you. In Jesus' Name.
Doris Howard
(Tucson, Az.)
Hi My Ya-Ya Sister,
Tammy I believe we don't have to die, or my Brother either. I think the end is close and we are to be some of the Miracles to draw men unto God. I also think God want's us to take back our World and Prosper till it happens. To have a Big Bon -Voyage party. To get ready for the Big Party we are going to have. The big Wedding feast we are going too.
My Bro. wanted to send me, if he was rich to the Pool where Bernadette was and people were Healed. God can do that right here in Tucson. Right where you are, all over the world, even at the same time so it is Good News for the World. A 911 For God To draw men unto him For the Biggie. The Rapture. The signs are for the Un -Believer. Miracles Are for now, it will be automatic when we go to Heaven. He wants us to have it now , to walk in The Spirit on Earth like Jesus did. To taste it all, Peace, etc. so we have some training Before we go to Heaven.You are a Miracle that will be proved even on ET for the world to see, for God. So keep on getting ur work done. Don't give up. If he wanted you to go he would snap his fingers and take you. I think it is John 10 Where the Thief comes to rob, kill, and destroy. But He came to give life and give it more abundantly . I have had the thief try to take my life all my life. Even when I gave up God gave me a spark of hope to come back for my Children.This has happened over and over in my life. We all have a date, but boy have I been given alot of extended warranties. I Love You!
Doris Howard
(Tucson, AZ.)
Dear Tammy,
I want to share what I have learned about dying in my over 30 years of being a Hospice Caregiver. As well as my on the job training of being very sick myself since birth. I have also had several Near Death experiences myself, which I believe gave me a great gift to work with the dying.
To me Dying is to be born into the next world. It is Child Birth in reverse, My Babies eat less, sleep more, etc. Everyone comes and celebrates when a Baby is born .There are a few tragedies but the Miracles out do them over and over. It does Not hurt to die, the tumor or cancer may hurt but there is medications for that. Things can get like a boil ,( the cancer ) which need to burst out,or get popped like a zit. The body has a lot of responses, such as very heavy breathing, which looks like the person is really having a very hard time breathing. I have asked many of them if they were having a hard time , they all said NO and thought I was crazy for asking. This is called Cheyne Stoking. It is like a dog panting to cool off, nothing more. For me with my Family I call them Snooties, as it reminds me of My Eldest Sister-In- Law, putting her nose in the air, saying, " Well", and walking out of the room. Since I have been having them, I know they don't even hurt like a hiccup can. Not even like a poke, given on your arm or something. They do not hurt at all. I might react sometimes like you would to something stopping, or different in your body. The same as we would react to a electric shock, being a different feeling in your body. As the Rain comes down, Your Pulse or heart rate, the Floods come up, being the respiration. We got it wrong Folks. Instead of looking at how bad they look,or how much longer. Look at their face and eyes if possible. Don't be afraid of them as you don't know what to do or say. That makes the Birth very lonely. Don't push them to the end of the hall to die by their self. Alone. There is no one more honest than a dying person, don't lie to them .A long time ago they had to even put Grandpa in the kitchen as they had to keep living and get the chores done or not eat tomorrow. They would give him a pat , include his wisdom, etc. to let him keep on living until he died. The Children would play and giggle, being to him better than a shot of morphine. They would cry about his leaving, and how much they will miss him, but they even cried at sad movies together. The Children had help for the great grief that awaits them, cause they also had fun playing, and laughing, and remembering and sharing that important event. So then it happens, they cry but they also celebrate, as they know where Grandpa is, and they will see him again! They must continue what he taught them. Get up and get your work done and party hardy while you are doing it. Celebrate, Get R Done, do what he taught you, and his life will carry on, not be in vain. It is harder to live than it is to die.So Live till you die! Let Grandpa Live till he dies. Do what you have always done together. If I can share a lifetime with them as a caregiver during this time, wether its 4 hrs. or 6 years,how much better can it be if they have the ones that were really there in their lifetime just doing what they always did the best they can .Really celebrate their life, before and after they go. You will be Blessed and so will they.
Deborah Ann Holcomb
(Houston, Texas)
My Dear Sister, Tammy Faye, in Christ Jesus. I love so much ,and of course God loves you so much more. Keep on keeping on in the Power and Might of the Holy Ghost. I declare in the name of Jesus, healing in your body, like never before. Stand strong in the Faith , like Abraham, who considered not his own body nor the deadness of Sarah"s womb,being fully persuaded that what GOD had promised, he was able also to perform. For the Spirit of the Lord, that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead, that same Spirit, that dwells in you, shall "Quicken" your mortal body, and YOU shall " Live !!!" Rejoice in the Lord and again I say unto you "REJOICE!!!" For we know that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the "Power" that works in us. Therefore, In the Name of the Healer , the Deliverer, the Restorer, our Redeemer , Jesus Christ the Righteous Son of God--"YOU ARE HEALED!!!! AMEN!!!AMEN!!!HALLELUJAH!!! AMEN!!!!!!!
Wend Bennett
(oklahoma city)
Dear Tammy, I dont know if you remember me but we had lunch together with several others, you were tapeing in houston texas, down in the clear lake Nasa space area, I was at the studio and I spoke to you about my Grandparents, they were then for 46 years Assembly of God pastor and wife, my grandmother has always adores you me too, it was around 1987 or so,you were talking about you and the family concert to houston soon, but it later was canceled, my sister passed with breast cancer last month, she was a saved and a good cristian woman and I know she is waitng for me one day, my church pray's for you, and you are in our prayer List, just wanted to let you know you have touched my life in a postive way, Love you Wend Bennett.
(Portland, Oregon)
I love you Tammy Faye!
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