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GB Jones
(Knik, Alaska )
God bless you, my friend. We will all pass through this earthly existence in the not to distant future. All of us - and into a new life of eternal happiness.
Harry Nazarian
(Bergen, New Jersey)
I wish you well.
(Long Beach, CA)
My dear Tammy, you are in my prayers daily. Your undying faith is a true inspiration! Thank you for all that you continue to give in YOUR time of need....I truly love you, Rhonda
Amber Jones
My Dear Tammy Faye, I never took the time to draw an opinion of you until I watched the Surreal Life, I think that is what it was called, from seeing you on that show, made me start thinking about you, as a person, not as a celebrity, you are so funny, and sweet, and caring. I check in on your website every once in a while, and I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts. More than you could know. I wish you werent having to go through this. You are such a beautiful person. Take Care of yourself, I am so glad I have got to witness your great personality and laughter, even if only on television, You make me smile. :)
Eric Burns
Tammy Faye,I have followed you in the news and on television for many years. I have always admired you and it really touches me how you share your faith with so many without ever judging anyone. You are an inspiration to me. I have always loved all your hair and makeup and anything you wear. I am sorry that you are so sick with this cancer and having to go through all of this. I love you Tammy Faye.
(Minneapolis, MN)
I have never left a message online before, but I must tell you how proud I am of you. You are a strong christian woman who is an inspiration for all. Stay strong, thrive in everything you are and have, and love every day like it is a gift from God.
I wish you all the peace you strive, and hope you realize you touch more than you are touched.
Much love and blessing,
Tammy I am praying for you! My 4 year old son is battling Leukemia and I know the hearbreak of cancer. God can heal anyone but he also has plans for us to and we must go with Gods plan. You have touched so many lives with your kind heart and still do so. God Bless!!
CarolAnn B.
(Augusta, GA)
Tammy, As you turn to Jesus during this time, know that He loves you very much. The past is covered under the blood of Christ, and God is doing mighty things with the old Heritage USA location. I have visited Morningstar ministeries there and WOW! what a move of God! God has taken back His land and is using it in a mighty way! What you helped start years ago has not gone to waste. Praise Jesus! May the holy spirit comfort you and your family and give you His peace.
Lana Sparks
(Bella Vista, Arkansas)
My Dearest Tammy, I am praying your pain and tummy illness goes away. God does love you and I know you know that. I have lost all of my family now to lung cancer and heart disease and I am only 51. You have been the pillar of strength for all to see and you are amazing. Please know Tammy, that there are many of us that are fans of your adorable humor and your love of God! We only wish you the best and God Speed! Warm Wishes and Regards, Lana
charlotte ellsworth
(riverview, fl.)
Tammy, the Lord gave me this word a couple of weeks ago and he placed you on my heart, I was standing in the checkout line at Publix the other night and saw your picture on a tabloid. Hear the word of the Lord," If you praise me for things I haven't even done yet, you put me in debt, I cannot owe you!" God will heal you. I highly respect you and have known of you since PTL when I used to watch with my granny and poppie , they were retired from pastoring with the Church Of God. Just remember, everyone isn't judgmental and legalistic. We have been delivered from that bondage. Love and prayers,

Charlotte Ellsworth
(Soddy daisy Tn )
God bless you!
you are such an inspiration for so many people. You glow with your faith in God.
(Conover, NC)

God called us to pray for you tonight. Prayers are going out all over the world for your healing tonight.
We love you and we believe just as much as you do that God is working miracles for you dear sister.
You are loved so much Tammy, don't stop believing in your heart. You know God can heal your body.

Your sister in Christ,

Michelle P.
Jacques Fleming
(Memphis, TN)
I am so sorry you are not well.I pray for you often. I have followed you for a very long time and you have a special place in my heart.
Peace, Love, and Happiness
Rick Smith
(Augusta, Ga.)
Tammy, you are an inspiration to me and the world. I pray that God sends you a mighty comfort.
Stephany Rothschild
(Washougal WA)
Dear Tammy,

You are a lovely gallant lady. We are all praying for you and I just know that you will pull through this ordeal. Our thoughts and best wishes remain with you always and your courage has been tremendous.
(Atlanta, GA)
Dearest Tammy, I am praying daily for you and your recovery. It is so hard to understand why such a wonderful person as yourself has to suffer so much. Just know that your friends are here thinging of you and praying for you.

Atlanta, GA
Tammy, You are in our prayers. Keep faith always.
(Mt. Pleasant, SC)

Dear Tammy,

I had a dream about you last night, 5/27/07 and am glad to see you are still here, today.

Just wanted to say that you are one strong lady and have done a wonderful job fighting this disease!

Good Luck and Prayers for you.


You are one of my favorite celebrities. Ever since I picked up your documentary and read your biography I knew that that you were incredibly special. I wish you well and the best of luck. You mean so much to so many of your fans, including myself.
Take care!
John W.
(Kerrville TX)
My Dear SWEET Tammy Faye...The Lord has spoken...Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease. -Mark 5:34
I am standing right along beside you on the WORD for your healing....HOPE is ALIVE in OUR HEARTS and MINDS....We shall overcome this setback....YOU WIll WIN.... YOU ALREADY HAVE!... Im fasting for a 40 day miracle....I challenge other believers to do the same!!!! COME ON PEOPLE....LET'S RALLY FOR GOD'S SPECIAL GAL , WHO WAS AND IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE A LOT OF FLACK TO STAND UP AGINST THE UN-CHRISTIAN LIKE ATTITUDES Of the SO CALLED spiritual elite!!!!....Boy do they have a lot to learn!! Tammy Fay I love you for taking a stand and LOVING ALL people just like Jesus...Peace be with you, John Washburn, Kerrville TX
(Lake Balboa, California)
Tammy Faye - you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so proud of your strength and in awe of your will. You have made me aware that God is good and so are you my dear Tammy Faye. Thank you for all you have done and may you be free of pain and enjoying the love of your family and friends.

John. xxxxx
Bernice Phillips
(Pearce Az)
I want to thank you for your music minstery. It helped me during the toughest part of my life You let me know God loves me I pray for Gods peace for you that passes all understanding& the grace to except what god has in store fro you . The one whom Christ died for Bernice
(Athens, OH)

I am praying for you. May the Lord Jesus strengthen you and heal you. God bless.
(Marshfield, Mo.)
Dear Tanny..So sorry to hear how rough you are feeling. I'm going through the same thing,but I am a little ways behind you.I have seen the other side, I saw the light that pulls all negative out of your body and fills you with peace, I know what lays between here and heaven so it has taken most my fear away, but being human I still experience fear sometimes and it's not a good feeling. I want you to know through my teen years while you were on television you taught me so much and I appreciate that so much. I just prayed for you and will continue to pray for you and I will see you on the other side!! God Bless You and thank you for all that you have given to so many. I don't know if you are like me, but I'm ready to go home(still get nervous) it's just the ones I leave behind that I feel for. Thank you for everything you taught us all..Even as we go to the other side Jesus is standing right there with us, He never leaves us alone. Thank You Jesus. Much love to you Tammy Faye.
Melanie Lowe Fleischer
(Brunswick Hills Ohio)
As a little girl growing up in the 80's I only knew you from the headlines of tabloids & the PTL scandal ...praise God for directing me to the Surreal Life. I cannot believe how little I knew of you & how much I could LOVE someone I do not even know. When you spoke on the show at your book signing I simply cried. You are what we should all aspire to be. I have so much respect & admiration for you. As an adult going through my spiritual quest, you gave me permission to belive in the things I knew to be true, to accept people as is & to BELIEVE. Just simply believe & be grateful to God. Thank you Tammy, for being the light & my link to the spiritual world I now hold to be true in my heart. God Bless you in your journey ... I pray for you & your sick tummy xoxo Melanie
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