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(Bradenton, FL)
We speak to the illness in your body and command it to be whole in Jesus name,we speak LIFE to your inter organs and tell them to line up with the word of GOD. We speak to the stomach to operate and function normal in Jesus name. PEACE to your body, mind and soul in Jesus name. May the GLORY of the LORD RISE up on YOU......NOW.
Love you and have been praying for you.
Tammy - My prayers are with you. I was heart broken when I heard of your illness. I grew up watching you sing on TV when I was a little girl in Monrovia, Liberia. Stay faithful Tammy. God is by your side everyday holding your hand. Keep your trust in him (God). I love you.
Ginny Scott
(Ocean Springs Ms)
Tammy, I have been browsing through some of the notes that others have left you. You are a truely blessed woman. God has used you in many ways to change peoples lives. You have done a mighty work in God's kingdom. I thank God for you. I thank him that you are the strong, blessed and highly favored woman that you are. You are blessed!!!!! God says that there is greatness upon you and that you are already healed by the stripes that Jesus suffered. He who started a work, will be faithful to complete it in you!!!! Zephaniah 3:17 says:
The Lord is in our midst
He is mighty to save and mighty to deliver. He will quiet us with his love and he will rejoice over us with singing.
He is not a man that he should lie.
Thank you for being the woman that you are and for obeying God.
Martha Julian
(Marlborough Mass)
Sorry to say I wasn't a fan of yours sooner. It wasn't until the late 90's when I realized what a genuinely devoted Christian you are! I have rarely seen a more sincere believer when it comes to showing true Christian love to everyone. I tell my non believer friends that you are one of the only Christians I know who really gets what it is to be a walking Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'll be praying for you and your family... Thank you for your life and the example you are setting for us so-called Born-Again Christians.
Ronnie Roark
(Lancaster Ohio)
I know that you don't know me but I know you. Just wanted to take a moment of your time and tell you that for unknown reasons even to me I think about you everyday.I wish you all the best as you have been a bright spot in my life every since I began watching you on tv and ptl.Maybe Someday someplace somehow I will be able to see and meet you in person.From one of your admirers ----Ronnie
Glenda Faye
(Lawton, Oklahoma)
Thank you, Tammy Faye for all the years of being in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I thank Him first of all for allowing you to share your life and love of Him with the world for so long. I pray for you that you will continue to be with us for a long time more. You have such a sweet, sweet spirit. I have enjoyed you for so many years. May God continue to bring His sweet fellowship into your home, and heart, and the hearts of your children and your sweet husband, Roe.
Margie Moseley
(Lithia Springs Ga.)
Years ago i listen as you sang blessed assurance, It was the beinging of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. thank you for letting the Lord minister thru you!!!!
Andrea Trupiano
(Goodrich, Michigan)
I had to write. Your faith and strength are an inspiration to all. My father has advanced prostate cancer and I wish that he could be as courageous and resilient as you. I printed out your May 8 letter; I believe he needs to see this so that he knows he still has a life. We do not know what God has in store for us, but if we trust in him, we then can begin to live. I discovered this with my son, Anthony. He is a special-needs child and unfortunately my husband and I do not know what is in store for him, but we thank God each and every day we have.
I will add you to my many prayers - thank you for your inspiration.
Thinking about you again. I arrived home and your book is here. I am sure it will be another inspiration to me from you. I am stil praying that you get that miracle. Never give up-it can still happen. If however your time is near, my wish is that you arrive in heaven in peace and joy.
Annie Mitchell
(Tucson Arizona)
I used to watch you and Jim on tv when I was a little girl, you have always been such a inspiration to me and you have always been such a beautiful person, you have been on my heart lately, I want you to know that you and your family are in my prayers, remember God never closes a door without opening a window. God bless you.
Doris Howard
(Tucson, AZ.)
I'am so sorry if I'am doing this all wrong. I only want to lift Tammy up. And help her live till she dies. Help her keep on keeping on. When I sent the riddle about She had to buy her eye lashes, and I had them natuarally, but did not believe it. Whose cost more??? Mine did, alot of work alone with God and I. Counseling, etc. I just wanted her to know that.If you can even give me a little space, somewhere you can weed out anything, before it goes to her.I also joking said job application for my gay brother, Uncle Eddie, just to make her laugh, he has his hands full with his 47 yr old partner of 27 years. As well as me both of them Sister who is active dying on her feet. For my Family and My over 30 years hospice work. Dying does not hurt. The tumor does. I will send My hospice lesson to you and you can do with it as you will.
(Combined Locks WI)
Hi Tammy,
How I wish and pray for you a good that there is no pain. I think of you so often & wonder how you are. Your son, Jay, and my son, Andrew became very good friends over 5 years ago. Because of Jay, Andrew gave his life back to Christ. Jesus healed his marriage. Whenever Jay is in the Appleton area, we make sure to see him. We love him dearly. And then when you became sick, we just ached for you, but our hope is in the Lord.

I pray that you will be comforted today and every day. And I pray that you will experience the 'peace that passes understanding.'

your sister in Christ (and Andrew's mom)
Donna Colbrese
(Southaven ,Ms)
Tammy today I pray Dr Jesus comes and makes a housecall, and gives you His strength, peace, joy and takes your pain and sickness as far as the east is from the west. Lord may your sweet sweet spirit filled her place her temple and the hearts and lives of her family, children and friends. Today Lord I ask that you give her the desires of her heart. Lord you know her, show her today the depths of your love for her in a supernatural way. Tammy you have many many people that your life has blessed thank you for being real. Much Much Love Donna Colbrese
(Severn, MD)
Tammy Faye, I can't say I'm a member of the fan club, but I've certainly watched you with interest over the years and been amazed by your energy and tenacity. I'm sorry that the cancer seems to have the upper hand at the moment. I'm a true believer in miracles, and I do believe that your faith is sincere, so I hope you won't mind if I add you to my own prayer list starting tonight. Jesus has your back, whatever comes.
Robert Stein
(Philadelphia, Pa)
We have been blessed to have had this time with you. Thank you all for all you have given. God bless
William Alberto
Dearest Tammy just a small note to say what an exceptnal spiritual leader you are,throug out you life you have shown strengh, courage, and always remaining a real person.many times when i have thought poorly of people that call themselves men of god,i remember the silent at time but always srtong tammy and your son have led many people back to i wanted to thank you for the many people that that you have touched,the only thing longer then your lashes is your soul saving,and pure heart.i send you my best wishes and prayers,and most of all i wish you peace and restful touch of god. be still and know that he is god. love billy
(cleveland, ohio)
Thank You for helping me correct the bad things in my life. I am saddened to live without PTL and Heritage USA, it was a part of my life I wouldn't change. God Bless you for everyone you have helped without ever knowing, though HE knows! Once in a while we meet someone who stands out from the rest of the flock. Someone who flies higher, faster, and farther than we ever thought possible, and helps us to do the same... someone like YOU! Thank You Tammy Faye.
(Woodbridge, VA)
Tammy, I thank God for you. You are such a light in this world. You have lifted up and inspired so many people, including me. The way you have responded to the trials of life with love and humor but also with style and grace should be a guide for everyone. I pray that you are WELL soon and every minute in His loving care.
Linda Reasner
(Chambersburg, PA)
Dear Tammy -

Your telephone conversation on TBN was very touching with your family's voices in the background. Your conversation with Paul junior touched my heart, trusting God for your total healing and restoration. I am looking forward to meeting you one day, either here or with the Lord; then you will know what PTL has meant to me. Your honesty and humility were of great encouragement to me. Keeping you and yours in my prayers.

In Christ's love,
(Ozark, AL)
Dear Tammy:
I can only offer words of encouragement to you as you have for me in the past. I once sent you an email asking you to help me pray for things to be better in my life. You personally emailed me back and told me how to listen to God and get my life in the order I needed it to be in. It helped. I pray for you that your pain will end and you will be with the Lord in beautiful glorious heaven, even though I would love you to stay here with us. I am so sorry this has happened to you. You are in my thougths and prayers always. I love you Tammy, for being a brave, couragous woman and not letting the devil get you down. Your friend in Christ.
Doris Howard
(Tucson, AZ.)
I love You Tammy. My Brothers Ed & Kent LOVE YOU. They are Gay. I will not go to a Heaven where they can't go. I Believe they WILL be there. Religion Say they won"t You are the only Light WE have to God. You have drawn more to The Light in your bed ,sick, right now than any CHURCH, I SEE. So Pray for Us is all I ask. Keep going for God.
Please Proof Read this for me and have someone say if its ok , please have them let me know. You are to sick.I can't even let them no they are Gay let alone I can't make a fool out of myself or Kent. If you can only Pray that is enough for me. God Hears you Girl Friend
To our Favorite Gospel Group Gaithers
Please Help Us ,My Brother Kent , is dying , We just found out ,Thur.May 23, 2007.
I' am actively dying, in Hospice , Dr. says it is Miracle as I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with END Stage COPD, let alone my liver, etc. all my life since birth. That is enough about me. Kent and Ed were trying to get here to me in Tucson to help me and rest of family. Kent who is 47, worked at Walmart,until 2 weeks ago . His back has been hurting, Doctors all kept passing it off. For along time now .Kidney infection so they take away Blood pressure med?????? He Has a Possible Bowel blockage, gets CT Scan, last week. Thur gets sent to Oncologist so we know its cancer but we did not expect the rest and were blown away.He has Cancer in 1 Kidney, its ok maybe they can take it out, His Stomach is Full of cancer. have to check colon etc. IT is Already Metastases to lungs and Bone already. They did start him on morphine right away. This could not have happened over night, but it is now, so we have to do the best we can, as it is happening fast.
His wish is to see the Gaithers Live in a concert. No one has the money for all this to make it happen but God. So I have to request Another "Loan from God "(like Rush Limbaug quotes)," To Get R Done". I pass any and every Wish or Dream I could ever have to MY Baby Brother Kent, That is how much I LOVE him. How much greater can God do????? I saw Gaithers live in Phoenix,So I don't need to go. Just Kent & ED, My other Special Brother, and Caregiver for Kent. Oh I could make you a Video, that I wish I could do for My Family, Hospice, and the World. My Own Homecoming, Family and Friends.. But that is a dream God can do his way. Kent is in Lewiston, Idaho. Is there any CONCERTS or CRUISE close by for Gaithers????? Please hear my plea, if only an acknowledgement of this e-mail, a phone call to him ,or a picture even . You are his favorite Gospel singers. You are also his Last Wish before he dies, What an Honor!!!! God Bless You, Doris Howard in Tucson.
P. S. I don't even know if Gaithers will get this . I could not afford to stay on web site to be a member. Now it's about ordering Music only.I had to go to your web site, as TBN could not do it to get hope to you, direct. I know Lori Couch And her Dad since she was in high school, but did not give me any Back Stage Pass or Special Priveledges. Your Web site Did. God Bless You!!!
Krisy T.
(Cape Coral FL)
Dear Tammy,
I want to thank you so much for all the good and grace you have shared with all of us, God's children. I have learned so much through you. I have become a better person, Mother, Wife, and Child of Christ from you anointed teachings on PTL and your books & song & life.

Tammy you exemplify the word "Grace", you have had so many obstacles in your life and have never outwardly shown bitterness, resentment or why me?

We all have trials in life but you have always led by God's example to me so... When life gets me down I sing, when I get sad, I pray. when I need comfort and joy I look to my Lord, if someone takes from me in any way, I give it gladly in Jesus name. I learned that from you, Thank you. PTL!!!

Tammy, I know you are praying for a miracle against cancer I pray along with you for you my sister. I know as a Christian that cancer will not take your life, God won't let that happen, the only thing cancer can take from you is flesh. You are God's and cancer or any sickness is not allowed in Heaven it's promised to us!

Tammy when the holly ghost comes down and clears your mind & body of fear and sickness, you will know you are ready to go home you will in God's time. You will no longer have to struggle for breath, you will feel so good and you will be surrounded by your family before you, until you finally rest in the ever strong truthful arms of our lord Jesus! Don't worry, your children on earth will live good lives and you once again in God's time you will hold them. Christian's "good bye's" are only temporary!.

I praise God for your life! I thank him for you,the teacher in you, your voice and for your grace, I will pray for your Husband, Children & grand babies here. I will miss you and I will celebrate you always.
Hugs and love, (and if I don't make it into the "V.I.P." section you will surly be in, please dig a hole or bend the gate a little so i can get in )

I love you so much!
Krissy T. Cape Coral FL.
Leo Minnier
(Ithaca,New York)
As a Child I remember you from PTL and the scandal that followed and as a person looking in I formed my own opinions over the years about you as Im sure many did. Then I watched you on the series "The Surreal Life" and realized what a remarkable lady you really are. You are so full of love for others no matter the walk of life they are from and that speaks volumes about one. Thank You for being the person you are. I hope you pain eases but it seems those with hearts of gold suffer more..another one of life's lessons. Your remarkable love,life and of course laughter has warmed the hearts of many spreading generations..a true gift! With all my love may your pain subside so your smile and laughter will again shine!
(Canyon Country, ca)
I've been reminded by reading your letters here that a person is so much more than what you see on the outside. Honestly, I've not been following your journey, but for some reason God led me here today. I don't know what he wants to teach me - faith, understanding, hope, maybe -- but I've been so touched by your strength of spirit. I have been enriched by your messages, and I thank you for so openly sharing your heart with so many.

I had a cancer "scare" a few months ago, and I pictured myself like a little girl curled up in Jesus' lap - it was unbelievable how completely at peace I would become in those moments. That is part of the healing power of His love.

I will begin praying that the Lord holds you in his healing arms, and continues to bless you with that perfect peace.

Naomi Cassese
Kreg Boggs
(Chapel Hill NC )
Tammy, I have prayed for you today . I have been a big fan of yours for a long time. Being a born again gay male you have helped me to trust GOD and love myself more . I admire you so much I wish more people where like you . I hope you feeling a little better. I hope I can be have as good of a person as you are . GOD BLESS YOU >>>

Kreg Boggs
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