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Lisa Stanley
(Madison Heights, VA)
I was diagnosed with lung cancer around the same time you were. I saw you on Larry King and I have been praying for you ever since. You have been an inspiration to me and I have faith that God will heal us both!
(Topeka, Kansas)
Dear Tammy,
I met you in (of all things) the ladies bathroom inside Burlington Coat Factory 8 1/2 years ago in Charlotte. I was very pregnant wearing an apple green shirt. I was going thru a terrible custody battle with my ex-husband at the time. You said,"That color green looks really good on you." Your sweetness and love shined with that simple sentence. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I have never forgotton how such a small gesture can make such a big impact.
Tammy this is my prayer for you,
Heavenly Father we thank you for Tammy today. Lord we pray in the name of Jesus that the healing power of the Holy Spirit fall on Tammy like rain. Father touch every cell, every organ, to make new, to regenerate,to expell all disease and throw it into the lake of fire.
Jesus you died for our sins,our sickness, our disease. Lord we ask you to heal precious Tammy. We are standing in the gap on her behalf Father. Lord you said, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door will be open. Well we're asking and we're knocking Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus!
Thank you Lord! Amen and Amen!!!
Love you Tammy!!!!!!!
Sisters Ruth & Rosemary
(San Antonio,TX)
We love you for the faith you have shown, and for the goodness that radiates from deep within you.You inspire and challenge us to be good people.God Bless you,comfort you, and
take away your pain.
(Citrus Heights, Californi)
Thank you for your wonderful years of ministry. You ministered to me often when I viewed PTL in th 1980's.
It's not over 'til it's over. God is still on the throne!
Verna Johnson
(Pittsburgh, Penna.)
Dear Tammy Fayne,

Our God is an awesome God. We are always in His care,His presence. I pray for Him to answer your prayers and give you strength in this journey.
(Evansville, In)

My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a strong lady and God will ease your pain.
(Chattanooga, Tennessee)
Dear Tammy,

Prayers continue to go out for you.
I've had you on my mind yesterday and today so much. I am praying for you as are millions of souls around the World.

You have brought so much good into the World and you are loved by so many people.

You are like an Angel on Earth.

Get well soon and may God bless you.

Diane Crabbe
(Ontario, Canada)
GOD bless you Tammy! You have given so much to so many.Love and Peace for you and your family. I know THE LORD is with you today, tomorrow and always.
(Simi Valley, CA)
Thank you for being you. You're an inspiration to so many. Love is love is love. The fact that there are people like you walking this Earth is reason enough to thank God. Again, thank you and may God bless you and your family. Peace.
(memphis tn)
Steve W.
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)
Hi Tammy,

I feel like I have known you for a long time. You have a sweetness about you, that is so attractive and contagious!

My precious Mom passed away just last December of lung cancer and her symptoms are so very similar to yours, it hurts to read your notes, it brings back painful memories. I hope you have a peaceful passing to the other side (Heaven). I am sorry, but I cannot offer false hope to say get better. Cancer is a nasty disease, it is relentless. You and my Mom were both fighters, you both fought this monster (= cancer). Godspeed to you.

We love you Tammy, we always will!

(Lexington, KY)
Hi Tammy~
My parents worked for PTL in the late 70's, so I've grown up knowing of you. When I saw you on VH1, I was so moved by your kind to everyone you encountered. You showed the world what it really means to be a Christian and treated others as Jesus would treat them. I am praying for you. Peace, happiness, strength, and a pain-free, care-free day. You are a wonderful, beautiful person.
(san francisco, ca)
Tammy... we love you and are praying for you. Be in peace!
(Pflugerville, Texas)
I grew up watching you with my grandmother who loved and believed in you. Now that I am an adult, I understand what you went through and the hell you are going throug now. God has you exactly where you are to be right now, Tammey. You are an inspiration to so many who are going through illness and sadness. You are a beautiful woman...that's what I'd always tell my gradma..."what a pretty lady she is". Inside and out. You are in my prayers and you will always remain an inspiration for me spiritually. God bless and love you dear one. Love, Lisa
(Vancouver, bc)
Hi Tammy. I've followed your career since i was a young guy , at 1st you were just a bit of a curiosity to myself. BUT as the years past on, the more of your inner beauty I would see. to the point that it is all I see now !! Your inner beauty has risen to the top of your persona, and it's something i'll always be inspired by.
Kimberly Jarrett
(Lubbock, Texas)
I enjoyed visiting your website. May God bless you and keep you.
(Central Florida)
Tammy Faye...I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May God be with you!! :heart:
Ruth Lockhart
(Bessemer, Al.)
Tammy, there is a song out that says Will You hold me while I cry. and that is what God is doing to you You are in my prayers and I hope God does heal you and your husband and leaves ya'll hear to work for him.
God bless and keep you in His care
(Nashville, TN)
I am praying so hard for you. You have been such a fighter though the years I hope the will to do and do more is still with you.
God be with you..
God Bless you Tammy! Your a special person & an inspiration to us prayers are with you
(Phoenix, AZ )
You've made me laugh & cry. You made me realize that we're human and vulnerable. You also were one that made me understand the meaning of true spiritual strength. I pray to God, my angels & saints, that you will be forever in the arms of love. Blessings always.
do not give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God is in control, the word is your weapon, use it, say over yourself and tell satan to take his sickness and go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have the authority, God has given it to you. Gods will is complete healing not death. love and prayers
Suzanne Montgomery
Dear Tammy,
I am praying for you.Get well soon.I love you very,Suzanne
Rev Rhiannon
Tammy, we love you.. as the song says "You will never walk alone".

Love Always a Friend,
Sincerely Yours.
Rev Rhiannon
sean matijevich
(new york city)
I met you a few years back at a book signing in NYC and you were just as sweet and real as possible. I had mentioned to you how I had grown up a pastors kid and now as an adult I had such admiration for your testimony and honesty during all of the ups and downs you have gone through and again, you were as sweet and thoughtful as could be to me...a complete stranger. Now it seems that God is giving you other challenges and you still remain faithful and praising of him. I hope that despite your great illness some of the love and acceptance you have given so many others, comes back to give you some comfort. Psalm 91 happens to be one of my favorites as well..."....becasue he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him...He shall call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him." God loves you Tammy and so do are in my prayers.
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