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(Atlanta, GA)
You popped up in my thoughts today and wanted to send a hello and happy thoughts your way! You mean so much to so many people and I can't tell you how many smiles you've given me when I watch and laugh with you or listen to those "smart shopper" tips of yours! :-) Be strong and feel the love everyone is sending your way!
I pray you are comfortable, safe & surrounded by those who love you. You have shown God's unconditional love to so many, may you be blessed one hundred times over.
(High Point, NC)
What an inspiration you have been to me and millions around the world. At this difficult time in your life just know that friends you don't know personally are praying for you. There is a line from a song that I want to pass your way. "When I think I'm going under part the waters Lord, when I feel the waves around me, calm to sea. When I cry for help or hear me God and hold out your hand....touch my life, heal the raging storm in me. Knowing you love me, helps me bear what I must bear, hearing your footsteps, let's me know I'm in your care....
Tammy, you truly are in God's most precious hand! God Bless you my dear!!
(New York)
What you are learning from this experience is far more valuable than you know. God's will and purpose will be done in your life, and I believe He will make known to you what that is. Hold on tight to your heavenly Daddy and He will most certainly bring you through this. You are an inspiration to so many who are suffering right now and I believe you are right in the center of God's will. I will pray for strength for you. God Bless
(Fenton, Missouri)
May 25,2007...
I asked the Lord to give me peace,
My heart was cleansed and troubles ceased,

I asked forgiveness and I received,
That precious blessing when I believed.

When I asked the Lord to come within,
I knew that I had found a friend.

I know that life He gave,
Was for my soul to be saved...

Lord, You came to me in time of need,
Now I pray show me the way to lead.

Give me strength and courage too,
That I might tell others of you.

A new life, Lord, you gave to me,
Let me share it so others might see.

Give me wisdom and words too,
That I might not blunder when speaking of You.

There will many, many times, Lord, when I will come to You,
For guidance to show me what to do.

Let me glorify your name,
Let this be my only aim.....Amen

Joan Lauterbach Jan 18, 1972

Tammy, the above is what our Lord gave to me when I asked for a way to share my new life with Him...He has given literally 1000's of opportunities to give this prayer verse to many peoples as a word of encouragement...He truly is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow...May He give you strength, courage and even in death may you continue to glorify His name...See you in a short time at our Savior's feet...Love to you in His name,,,Joan,,,<><

(Fenton, Missouri)
May 25,2007...
As you well know that God is AlMighty...His wonderful plan for us throught His begotton,Son Jesus Christ, God Himself came for moments just as these...may he continue to give to you His grace til you come face to face...In His Service, i am...Joan,,,<><
(elmhurst il)
You are in the palm of His hand, warmed by the breeze of His grace.. thank you
Connie Grimes
(Gallitzin, PA)
My Dearest Tammy,
You are my inspiration. When I read,"I will survive & you will too" I was so moved. I could feel your love & happiness in every word of that book. I have always admired you. To be honest it was your love of Make-up & The Lord. Having a passion for both just like me :) I pray everyday for you. I have a picture of you in my kitchen beside my calender and every time I look at my calender, I see you & I ask God to Bless you. I say "Dear God Please Bless Tammy Faye, I love her" As I said, I've always adored you. Then getting to watch you on the Surreal Life was a Dream come true. Because I got to "see" you often. You are a genuine person through & through. The Lord will cure you of this terrible disease. I have Faith you will recover. A miricle is on its way. I love you, & hope to someday have the great honor of meeting you in person. How about for tea, or Spoon fudge ;)? To hear you preach again would move me to tears. You take Care, Hang in there. We all love you.
Lori Crilley
(Altoona, PA)

Accept God's promise of answered prayer and do not doubt. Envision yourself healthy and strong - once you ask and knock on the door - the prayer is answered. It is when we doubt we lose the faith that can move mountains. God created you to be healthy and it is your decision to accept that healing. It sounds as if you are in the right mindset. God bless you.
Rev. Corbin Nash
(Tulsa, OK)

God is not finished with you yet! We are still praying for your healing. Here is a scripture to stand on:

"With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation" (Psalms 91:16).

If you are not satisfied... Live ON!
(Decatur IL)
Tammy - I have to say Tammy, you are a
true original. You give hope to others and that is a great gift. I know you are about to take the next journal in life and just wanted to say that its been a real pleasure having you on this earth. Your suffering will soon be over. You are the best.
Joy Grant
(Loganville, Georgia)
Dear Tammy,
I have been through so many difficult times. Even today I am going through something very hard, but never as difficult as what you are going through. I want to share with you that years ago just when I was in my 20s I used to watch and joined the PTL Club. You sang, "Don't Give Up on the Brink of a Miracle" all the time. That song has stayed with me. And even today with what I am going through, I can hear you singing that song. It comes to me EVERY time, and it has gotten me through SO many years of hardship. So now, I want to sing it back to you, Tammy Faye, "Don't Give Up on the Brink of a Miracle". God Bless you and Your Family, Love, Joy Grant in Atlanta, Georgia.
Cheryl Parsons
(Waterloo, Iowa)
It was wonderful to hear you on TBN the other night. I just cried when I heard your voice. You truely exemplify Christ in your life and the world sees it. We sometimes, as Christians, think we're in this our self but the world is watching and they have watched you. You have loved them, accepted them, just as Christ did. Since I heard you the other night on T.V. you have been in my spirit being prayed for. I love you sister! I cannot wait till we all get to meet one day!
Gail Bird
(Stirling, New Jersey)
My God bless you. I hope you are comfortable. You have filled millions of peoples hearts with love, prayers and laughter.
G bird
A. Jo Cole
(Charlotte, NC)
My heart and prayers are with you. God Is Love and I know you believe that. Your medicine for life is his Amazing Grace.
(Brooklyn, NY)
Hi Tammy, I want to let you know that you are a blessing, especially in your music. I am sorry to hear that you are in pain but I will be praying for you.
It is just a coincidence that your son has opened his church only a couple of blocks from me and I am sure that he will be a blessing and reach out to the lost.
Lord Bless you!!!!!!
Vada Allen
(Brentwood Tennessee)
Tammy, I love you and still believing for a healing for you. God bless you for blessing so many people. You are a tower of strength, and I know it comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. I will continue to pray and believe and never give up.
maria hayden
(howard beach, new york)
dear tammy, never give up the good fight of faith; nothing is impossible with god. and all things work together for good to those that love the lord and are called to his purposes. you have been an inspiration for millions of people and have affected all their lives in a positive way. you have been such blessing for so many years, you can never be forgotten. cast your cares upon the lord for he cares for you. keep the faith girl, your healing is just a heartbeat away!!!
Beverly Black
(Dallas, TX)
I keep praying for you and remember the song "You Can Make It" and you will too.
You have always blessed me and my prays are for you girl. In Jesus Name. We all love you.
Chris Baker
(West Hollywood, CA)
Dear Tammy,

I've watched you ever since I was four years old on PTL with my mother. I am now 31 years old, the same age as your son. I pray for you. You have touch SO many lives. "I love you and God does too". ;=)
(Phenix City Al)
Tammy hold on to God's promises. He is all you need. He can and will heal. He healed me and I know his word is true. You are his little angel. I am praying for you. You are such an inspiration to others. Love You!
(San Antonio, Texas)
Run To The Roar Tammy...You are beautiful inside and out. You are worthy. You are loved.
(Copperas Cove, Texas)
I remember watching you on television as a young girl. I couldn't wait for your show to come on. When it did come on I was glued to my tv set. Your words of faith and spirit helped me to make alot of decisions in life. Your songs of praise carried me to another place that was more peaceful than my home.
I ask GOD to heal you and touch you in so many ways. My prayers go out to you everyday. I'll be praying for you as will my husband, and children will too. May GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
(Diamond Bar, CA)
Dear Tammy, how can you lose? If Jesus chooses to heal you, you will remain here with your friends and loved ones. If not, then you'll live with our precious Savior in Glory. May God richly bless you and your family.
(Los Angeles, California)
Hi Tammy. Hope you are feeling better and that it all works out for you. You are a special person and you have made me laugh many times. Hang in there lady! I Love You and God Bless You!
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