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Matthew Connelly
(Phildelphia PA)
God bless you! I believe that you are such a special person and you have touched me. I want to know that we are all special, but you have a gift to give people strength and hope. You are inspirational!
Thank you! I hope that your pain is small and your spirits remain high. Much love to you and your family.
(Nroth Florida)
Hi Tammy,
I found the PTL show early one morning. I remember the little puppet show you used to put on sometimes.
Your sweet voice was so much fun!
I also recall your cooking show later on, that was good also. More recently i watched the surreal show, your kindness and respect towards others is a real testament to your faith.
I pray the Lords Blessings for you and all your family.
(Alma, Kansas)
I love you Tammy!
jenn Russell
(saugerties, New york)
Dear Tammy, you are a huge inspiration for me. I hope and pray that you are feeling better. God only puts us through trials like this to make us stronger. You'll get through this and come out stronger than ever!!!
(Freeport, NY)
Your courage in the face of difficulty, your encouragement to people in distres to keep the faith, your continued insistence that God is faithful, are lessons of life. Every Christian needs to read your Notes. May God increase your grace.
Mrs Peggy Lavelle
(Sonora Ca)
With tear filled eyes I say
I did not know you, but Jesus does.
We both Love You!
I'll see you in Heaven.
Love, Peggy
L Kayser
(tampa florida)
I just want you to know that I pray for you each and every single day.
Linda L.
(Surrey, BC Canada)
Dear Tammy,
I want to wish you all my best and prayers for your health and vitality! I think you are such a positive person and have given so much of that to all who have seen/heard or encountered you. I remember you from a child (I am now 37) and then again loved seeing you on the Surreal Life - where you were so generous of spirit to the other castmates. I hope you can feel well while you read my note at least and continue to fight while we pray for your recovery. Smile as always!
Love your friend in Canada
Marilyn Diggs& Family
(Houston, Tx )
Tammy I remember you from way back. You are a very classy and sweet lady of God. My prayers and thoughts are with you today. Neve give up on God. He is right there with you. You will make it through. I love you and bless you in Jesus name.
Tammy keep on fighting. You are a strong woman with a lot of faith. God bless you.
Sharon Moore
(Nashville, Tn)
Dear Tammy,
You have always been an inspiration to me and I send you love and my prayers are with you.You have helped more people than you know.Take care of yourself.
Jennifer Smith
(Greenwood, SC)
Tammy, you are in my prayers daily. I really admire your bravery and faith. We all could learn from you. God bless you.
(Tucson, Arizona)
What a tremendous woman you are Tammy! You have taught all of us - "to trust God in difficult times." He will continue to keep you! Blessings to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(lehigh acres, flA)
(Bay Ridge Brooklyn)
Dear Tammy, You truly are an inspiration,despite facing such an adversity,you remain strong,and stoic.Your love for the lord has sustained you,and has giving you strenth despite such a serious illness.We all pray for you here in Bay Ridge Brooklyn,and we hope for a miracle,to heal you,and get you better. God Bless you ,we love you.
Don Philip
Dear Tammy
I am praying for you that GOD give you what ever it is you desire...But I have to tell you I think you are an ANGEL..and if that is so then I am so sure GOD wants you as you will shine such an blinding light when you are with him as you have here. Your words saved me one night when I was about to kill myself because I thought GOD couldnt love me because I was gay. And I hated myself and you were on tv saying that God Loves me and I just listened to you and my heart had a new ligth..THANKYOU MY LOVE
(Akron OH)
I'm not a religious person, and there have been times in the past when I've mocked and made fun of you. I'm truly sorry for that, and I want you to know that something about your spirit has touched my heart. I wish the best for you. dear Tammy, and so do many, many others.
Lynn A.
(Birmingham (area),Alabama)
God Bless you Tammy..when I had no hope you pointed me to the real hope, the love of Jesus. It changed my life completely. Get well and get back out there girl!! We need you!
Diana Goldman
(Palos Park, Illinois)
Every step you take, even in pain,you take with faith. So not only do you walk with our Lord Jesus, you walk with all us believers. Thank you for sharing his light and the light you have given others to light the way to Jesus' path. You are in our prayers Tammy!
I was so sorry to hear your illness had returned and I hope you will find some peace in seeing how many lives you touched and have saved. You helped me in many ways but mostly in learning that no matter hwat someone does love them, I saw that in your love for Ron Jeremy in the surreal life show and it is truly amazing. You love without judgement and that is a gift form God because you see the person and there heart not what they do or look like. You are an unbeliveable person and I am better for hearing your words of faith. God be with you , carrie
(Stratford, Connecticut)
Dear Tammy,
Continue to be strong as you know that is what will bring you through each day. May you also feel very much loved by those around you. If there was any doubt about how important you and your message is to others, you should know it is true. Keep your chin up, accept any and all help offered and bear the challenges that you are confronted with your total faith in the positive. God gives us mountains sometimes so we can learn to climb them and when we do, it is a true miracle for our spirit!
carla k
(indianapolis, in)
your kind spirit has touched so many. thank you for being a visible and sane christian by setting an example of compassion and acceptance.

at 65 lbs, i am sure you are still trying to slurp down diet cokes. you are in my thoughts and prayers.

much love
linda cervantes
(tulsa , ok)
God bless you in your fight for your life. You have such an awesome spirit of life exuberating from your innermost being. I truly believe as you stand before the Father you will hear Him say,
Well done thou good and faithful servant,
enter in.
You have fought the good fight, you have kept the faith. I think your a wonderful person and wish I could know you personally. When we get to heaven we will visit then. OK?
medy ty
( chantilly, va)
dearest one,i know your fsith will make you live! our lord gave us promises that if we obey him he will not afflict us with egyptian sickness, right?we can proclaim that promise we will praise God in the land if the living,psalms said!creflo dollar had cancer too and got healed!joel osteens mom too! fight for it and cast out the demon of infirmity! i know you can fight it !i love you!
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