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Brenda C
(evarts' ky)
tammy so sorry about your illness. But you know the lord tells us how happy he is when his children come home. what a thought. love and prayers
(New York)
My Dearest Tammy,

My prayers go to you and your wonderful children.
You are a inspiration to me a Cancer survivor.
When your time comes I know God will welcome you with open arms. You are a joy.
I hope to meet you in Heaven someday.
Until then.
Susan Clouter
(Billerica, Massachusetts)
Just a note thaat I am thinking of you toady Tammy.
You are such a fighter and I admire your faith in him!! May he bring you peace and comfort Tammy.
God bless you.
Susan Clouter
Becky Hammock
(Mooreville, Ms)
Tammy, My heart goes out to you in many ways, I too had someone dear to me that battled cancer. My Dad was diagonosed in 2001 with lung cancer and fought that battle until he passed in 2003. I know about the sickness and the not eating, I had to watch my Dad starve because this awful dreadful disease took the life out of him and I could do nothing. God took him to be with him because he knew that he could no longer fight, but he never gave up even at the very end, I was there when he drew his last breath. The battle you are facing will only make you stronger spiritually, God has his hand on you and you will not have to go alone. He promised that and we must beleive. My Prayer is releif of this battle you are facing and Gods mighty touch will give you strengh to face what might come your way. I pray for you, just know that you have Christian people that love you and praying for you to get better.
(Somerset, Ky)
I pray your pain will be replaced with the joy of Christ's healing power. Thank you for your testimony, your life story sharing the Gospel. You are a great encourager
Stephen in South Texas
(Bay City)
You are such an amzing woman. You remind me much of my Mother. I worship my Mother. I worship your strength and wisdom and love. I love you Tammy Faye.
Chuck Compton
(Tucson Arizona)
Dear Tammy, You are in my prayers, and thoughts. You have tought me, to Love the Sinner, and not the Sins. You are in Gods hands now.
(Glen Burnie, Maryland)
God Bless you. I hope God will provide the miracle of a life saving cure for you. I am very sad to learn of your ill health. You will be in my prayers. Please be well.
mike neal
(birmingham alabama)
dear Tammy i used to work for you and jim at ptl and i want to wish you all the best and please get well soon and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
vicki besler
(cortland new york)
dear tammy,
thinking of you today , and sending you my prayers , and hope for a mircale. just want to let you know i watched as a young woman newly married and living far from home, and many a days you encouraged my hear t aND FAITH IN THE LORD, AND I WANT TO THANK YOU, FOR YOUR ,FAITHFULNESS . I CAN CLOSE MY EYES AND HEAR YOU SINGING WE ARE BLESSED. I HAVE TWO FRIENDS WITH VERY SERIOUS CANCERS , ONE WHO NEEDS A MIRCALE ALSO . I KNOW GOD WILL TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOU. GOD BLESS, LOVE VICKI
Leilani Stevenson
(Coalinga, CA)
Thank you for impacting society for Jesus with your life. Your struggle is our struggle. We have both laughed and cried along with you over the years. Many times you were rejected, shunned and unrecognized for your contributions to the world. But the most defining contribution you have ever made is your complete reliance on a God who loves you and has never left you. Tammy I am one who may have left you down as spiritual supporter but, I want you to know that I sincerely applaud you for a life well spent. My prayer for you has already been answered. You already know that to be absence in the body is only to be present with the Lord. The world cannot give that kind of peace. Whether you find healing for your cancer or not, I'm sure you have found so much more through your devotion to our Lord. I love you dear sister.
Leilani Stevenson
(Nova Scotia)
Dear Tammy are truly an inspiration. Your bravery in the face of all the adverities that you faced in your life is a living testament to your faith in God. I wish you all the best in the next few months to come and trust that God still has great things in store for you.
(san francisco california )
Dear Tammy you have been through so you told Larry King you are a bit afraid,don't be,you will not be alone,we all will be with you in spirit as you pass over to the other side.
Earlene Leonard
I am so so sorry you are sick...i wish i could help you....i pray about you great thing is, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and that is the comforting thought....
Cindy Workman
(Huntington, WV)
You are the sunshine of this world for so many people. You are the one who inspires and makes everyone you come into contact with a somebody. You give hope and tonight in my prays I will ask God to please let you continue his work has his messenger here on earth where you are needed the most. (Dear God, please bring Tammy a miracle, she is your faithful soldier)
Vicki Greenlund
(Cerritos, Calif. 90703)
Dear Tammy. I have always meant to write to you and thank you for bringing me to the Lord many years ago. I started watching you on the P.T.L. Club when my marriage was falling apart and I was very suicidal. I prayed with you to ask Christ into my life and everything SLOWLY started to change. My husband became a Christian and our marriage was healed and was FAR greater than it had been. I started teaching Sunday School, even tho I had never even been to Sun. School in my life and continued to teach for another 25 years. I thank you, Tammy, so much for being there for me and helping me to come to know our precious Lord. I will continue to pray for you, dear lady. May God bless you abundantly all the days of your life! Your sister in Christ, Vicki
(Philadelphia, PA)
God Bless you.
I don't know why, but today you crossed my mind. When things like this happen, I feel that it's God speaking to me. He evidently had something for me to do and as far as I can see, this is it, leaving a message for you. I feel that something is about to happen in your life, something wonderful. I don't know what it is, but may you take comfort in knowing that God is with you and that He has you wrapped in His loving arms.

Your life is a living legend of beauty, love and forgiveness. As I look at your life I realize that your life has been an example to all of us to FORGIVE.

I look at those who have publically wounded you throughout the years and I can only feel pity for them. To hurt one of the most nationally beloved women that God has ever created must be a heavy burden to carry.

The presence of "Uncle Henry" is close, he always was walking "in the spirit" anyway!

Do you remember the song "Just to see her"? The song was popular when troubles started... every time I heard the song I thought of you...and so desperately wanted you to return to us on television every day. When you left tv a giant hole was left in the heart of America that no one will ever be able to fill again. No one can take your place in our hearts and we will never forget you.

It must be nice to know that you're in with the "in crowd", that your life has been a success and you are claimed by God Himself.

Maybe your next duty will be to greet us at the crossroads and give us your incredable comfort and love...I hope so...
(Lansing Michigan)
vickie wood
(waurika, okla.)
Ipray for you each and every day. Hang in there,God will always take care of his own,I have always admired you and what you stand for. Please know this, you are loved by many. May God keep you safe in his loving care always and 4 ever.Remember, we all love you so very much.
Sweet Tammy, I remember watching you with my Mom and she loved you dearly. As I grew up I seen exactly why she did. You are a very special lady. Keep the Faith. We're all here with you and sending prayers to the Good Lord to bring that miracle to you. Stay strong and remember "we love you".
(Vancouver, Canada)
Tammy Faye, Bless you my dear. I have always always found you so fascinating and wonderful and positive and caring and loving and everything good. God has blessed you and in doing so you have been a blessing to to many others. Be well and know that so many of us are praying for you. With Love, Love, and More Love. Marilyn in Canada
(Santa Ana , CA)
God bless you Tammy Faye. I wanted to let you know what a blessing it was to see on TBN's telethon last year. It was so great to see the Lord ministring through and to you during that telecast. It was very special. There must not have been a dry eye world wide. About 10 years ago you came to our church in Orange, CA and I saw a beautiful annointed woman with lots of tears that portrade strength, hope, and courage. God bless and keep you and give you special days/years ahead with your family and friends. Thank you for all the lives you have touched. Love and Blessings!
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