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My family and I are praying for you. Continue to keep that positive high energy attitude, and bright smile. Please know that your appearance on The surreal life showed me how to accept people for who they are; thank you for helping me re-learn that life lesson . It also showed me what a wonderful and loving person you are. Keep smiling and being you.
Donnie Hughes
I'm Praying that Jesus will send His Healing Touch and that You will be Stronger than Before!

With Love and Blessings,
~~ Juliette Q. ~~
(Ridgeway, SC)
Dear Wonderful Tammy Faye,

Rest assured, God has many great & glorious things (and surprises) in store for you!! You are (and always were) a shining example of God's love. We could all learn from you - such a kind, caring and generous soul! Unfortunately, I haven't (yet) had the pleasure of meeting you (in person). But someday I KNOW I will. No doubt, we'd get along just GREAT!!

Since your PTL days, I've always been a big fan of yours. What an inspiration to all!! THANK-YOU, Tammy Faye for staying true to what you believe and for changing the lives of so many over the years!!

Our hearts & prayers go out to you and yours. God will bless all of you abundantly!! That's a promise.

Hugs and Love Always,
Juliette Q.
Karen Glasgow
(Los Angeles,California)
Dear Tammy,
We met once a couple of years ago at Outfest. I loved you then and love you now. I am praying for you and also looking up to you as an example of pure faith as I too go through a very difficult time in my life. God is good. May he hold you every day on earth and in heaven.
(Lubbock Texas)
Your battle is tough, your will is strong, your heart is sweet, in this misery you do not belong. God is with you and all of our prayers are sending you relief from your pain. God does not give you more than you can handle and I believe he has definitly used you on this earth for a purpose to show that one can endure so much and still love so hard..You have always been a warrior for others to know Christ and for that you are rewarded by so many many people in this world that do not only love you but pray that if they could take the pain and sickness for you they would. Bless your soul and rejoice for you will triumph no matter what happens. I have always thought of you as a friend even though we have never met. The sadness of all this is without you the brightest light on earth will have gone out...Take care and know we all pray for your healing...I cry as I write this because I took care of my mom who was 59 with cancer so I do know what you are feeling and going through and I pray that you no longer suffer with such horrific symptoms...God Bless you Tammy...Till we meet!!
a friend
Just in case you are up late, not feelig well or whatever (its 1am here now), know that God has his angels watching over you & we are believing for a miracle. "Dont just take care as my former pastor would say--Take Jesus" I Peter 5:7 Love you!
May you sleep the sleep of the angels tonight. My heart is with you, Precious girl.
(Higgins Lake, Michigan)
Dear Tammy,
I just want to let you know that even though I have never met you, I love you and Pray for you to make a complete recovery. I believe in Miracles! God healed me in 1980. I watched your program every day while I was in the hospital. Your program gave me more faith than I have ever had before. Thanks Tammy for all you have done in your ministry.
God Bless You, Barbara
Johnnie Washburn Jr
(Hill Country, TX)
Under no sircumstances should you lose Hope! Hopelessness is a real cause of failure. Remember, YOU CAN OVERCOME ANY problem. Be calm, even when the external environment is confused or complicated; it will have little effect if your mind is at Peace!!! Oh, my Dear Tammy Faye, You CAN MAKE IT....Prayers and Love From Texas...Remember that song you used to sing...."IF you have faith, just the size of a mustard seed, you can say MOVE MOUNTAIN!!!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY..." Just know Im singin' that one for you...
You are an inspiration for kindness, acceptance and joy. I wish you wellness and comfort.
toni huss
(charlotte ,ar.)
(Seattle, WA)
Lotz and lotz of love to you Tammy! You are treasured beyond measure - God's speed...
(Tecumseh, OK)
My heart is filled with well wishes for you at this time...but should the Lord choose to take you on home, it's probably because he's preparing a garden and he needs you to tend to His lemon trees. God bless and keep you in His care.
(wyandotte, michigan)
I pray for you to be as comfortable and peaceful as the Lord can make you, knowing the wonderful life long servant you were, the Lord may call you but you will go on forever and ever through your lovely children, and their children and their children..God Bless You
Leo Peregrino
(Tabasco Mexico)
God be with you Tammy, trust in the Jesus promise, he wont let us down.
Send you a kiss from a farest point in Mexico where your word has been known too. Trust, big star, trust. Besos, Leo
Angie Lamb
(Lake Charles, Louisiana)
My prayers are with you during you time of needs. I know that God's spirit is upon you and with this, nothing (not even the demons) can break God's hand holing yours.
God Bless You and Yours
(amarillo, tx)
Tammy, I am praying for you daily!
Carolyn Binnebose
(Alexandria, Mn.)
Thinking of You. Praying God will heal you.

God Bless You
(Tustin, Ca)
Dearest Tammy,
When I heard about your condition on Larry King I started to cry...I have always loved've been a fighter all your life and your sweet spirit could literally make the sun come out during a hurricane-please take care and my prayers and thoughts are with you.
(Farmington, NM)
Tammy, I watched you many, many years on PTL. It breaks my heart that you are so sick now...but we know God has a plan for you. You are such a special lady. God bless and watch over you, Tammy. May he cradle you in his arms in your journey in this world and may he be with you each step of the way as you enter into his kingdom of heaven. I pray that he eases your pain and, if it's his will, that he heals you so you can go on doing his work here on earth. Love and God bless.
Mary Beth
(Las Vegas, Nevada)
You are a true inspiration. God bless you. All things are possible with God. Thank you for always praising God in what you do and showing others that your faith has not waivered. Take care and you are in my prayers.
(Los Angeles, California)
Your love of God ALWAYS shines. It was always your heartfelt love of God that kept me watching all those years ago when you were with Jim. You were the BEST part of the show and I, honestly, waited for your testimony because it was always honest and spirit-filled. You gave hope to lonesome child of the biz with the so-called good life, but actually lived as a latch-key kid.
I think of you often (I was your standin on Roseanne) and you're always in my prayers.
Thank you for all you have given in God's name.
Much Peace, love and light to you, dear Tammy Faye,
Your friend in Jesus,
Susan :)
(Conyers Georgia)
I just wanted you to know I am praying for you.
Valerie Jones
(San Antonio)
Tammy, Read all of your notes and the well wishes and prayers that many are sending you at this time. I too have a reoccurence of cancer that they say has spread to part of the liver, lymph nodes in chest area and a small area of the abdomen. I go tomorrow 5/24 for another CT scan after having a PET scan two weeks ago. Have to have a bone scan next week on the 29th. I am by God's grace and strength and not my own standing with Him in all of this. I think of you and pray as God brings you to my rememberance. Another lady on our church Margaret in walking the same walk as me. Bless you Tammy and much love, Valerie
(Phoenix, AZ)
Never being a 'fan', I must tell you that the way you have presented yourself ever since Jim's issues, you have lived life representing what Christ's Golden Rule states. Your legacy is preserved not as wife of a despot, but of a Lady living through God's teachings. Thank You and God Bless you and Keep You.
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