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Jackie Hopkins
(Maysville, Ky.)
Dearest Tammy, What a battle and the faith you have is remarkable... I wish I had just a bit of what you have .. God Bless You Always
(Las Vegas)
Hello my darling;
You may have no idea how much I feel for you but that's ok. You are so wonderfully funny and sweet and have touched me in ways you will not believe.
I send this to you to say that you are pure love and light. You will be going home soon and I know that you will be so incredibly happy there. I'm sorry for your pain. Your birthday is 2 days after my mom's and she passed just last year June 27. She is in the most wonderful place as will you be. Let the light of Jesus hold you safe and warm as you go thorugh this transition. He is waiting for you and knows your heart. You are wonderful and beautiful and such a sweet soul. Thank you for your inspiration and the wonderful laughs that you have given this child of God. I will see you again soon as I know the Lord is coming to take us all home very,very soon. You are wonderful!
Forever my love to you my sister,
(New Port Richey, Fl)
Tammy, I have loved you for years. You are a wonderful inspiration and God loves you so much. Please keep sending your wishes and prayers for all, as it is so unselfish and loving and I pray it will all come back to you. Miracles do happen, Tammy and may God be with you. I love you.
Thank you for being so colorful and one-of-a-kind
(Kansas City, Mo)
Tammy, You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality. You have blessed so many people and we thank God for you. Keep the faith and be encouraged.God is not through with you yet.
(Sewell, NJ)
Dear Tammy,
God bless you and your family, I just wish you the best and pray for god to ease your suffering, I truley belive you have touched many people with your kindness, A close family member has just been diagnosed with the same cancer you suffer with, you are an inspiration and I pray for you and your family.
With Love Tara
(Warner Robins)
We do not know what wonderful plans God has for our lives. You are in the palm of His Hand. You are in my prayers. I know He still has great plans for you!!!!
Lou Harwell
(Atlanta, GA)
Tammy, You are in my prayers. You are a blessing to my life and so many others. God is certainly with you in you time of need.
Love, Lou
(Winston Salem NC)
Tammy, without a doubt you are the epitomy of a woman. May God grant your hearts desire. Joining the multitudes in prayer for you, be blessed.
TAMMY >>> You are an inspiration!!! Thanks for all you do! Peace be with you ... good thoughts are headed your way each day.
Carolyn Rudolph
(New Market TN)
God Bless you my dear.

God's perfect will in your life is what we pray. We love you,
(Anchorage, Alaska)
Tammy, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your inspiration which often get me through my own health issues.

I pray for your pain relief, even if for just a few minutes.

GOD Bless you.

(St. Louis)
I fell in love with you when you were on Surreal Life. My father had cancer now & I know what you & your family are going through. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Thank you for being you. You are one of God's angels!
With love,
Rochelle Smith
(brookhaven, PA)
Tammy, you have such a wonderful positive energy around you that people can feel it come across on the phone or television. God gave you this wonderful gift of optimism and you are generous to share it with all around you. I am sure that all the people you have touched are praying for you.

(Oak Creek, WI)
Tammy, you shall live, you shall live and live abundantly, is my prayer for you. We love you here in Wisconsin and our prayers are continually with you! Love your spirit, you inspire me.
(Glade Spring, Va)
Dear Tammy Faye,
Your are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and heal your sick stomach.You have been such an inspiration to many of us. We will continue praying for you and agreeing on your healing. Love You Tammy Faye
(Atlanta, GA)
You once came to my church to speak, Tammy. (First MCC) I have to tell you that I had my mind made up about you before I listened to you speak...but after you were done, my mind was changed. I know what you're and your family is going through. I've been at the bedside of too many. I wish you peace and all of the Lord's greatest blessings. Keep that faith! It will help you when the time comes to rejoice and dance with God once again.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
(Glade Spring, Va)
Dear Tammy Faye,
Your are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and heal your sick stomach.You have been such an inspiration to many of us. We will continue praying for you and agreeing on your healing. Love You Tammy Faye
(Gastonia, NC)
I pray that God's will be done.

We love you.
(pittsburgh pa)
god bless tammy, YOU SHINE
God Bless you Tammy Faye.
(Mobile, Alabama)
May God bless you, Tammy Faye. Your courage and faith has touched me deeply. Miracles do happen. I have seen them firsthand. Have faith and trust in the Lord.
Dear Tammy Faye,
Everyday when i wake up my first thoughts are of you, friends, loved ones who are sick and going through similiar illnesses. The world cares about you Tammy Faye & when you hurt, we hurt right along with you.
I say my prayers for you & everyone. I know that God is using you for a greater purpose even in your sickest hours. Remember, he will not give you more than you can handle.
Since you have been sick we all have missed hearing from you everyday on your website. Your love, faith & joy shines through every letter that you write to us . God is using you in so many ways that you probably do not even realize .

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you must be the world's best friend because this world sure misses you darlin more than words can say.

Wish i could reach out & give you a great "Big Hug" right now & say please don't be scared because Jesus is holding you in his arms and he will never leave you ,not now or ever. The way you've handled what has been dealt to you has been so inspiring to this world.

A friend is a

"Guardian Angel" in disguise.

Thank you for being our "Angel" in this world.

We need more angels like you Tammy .
God bless your children, we send our love & prayers to them also, i know your very proud of them .

Our prayers, thoughts,& our love are with you Tammy as you take this last journey home to Jesus.




DATE - MAY 23,2007
Linda Rae
(Hondo Tx)
I always wished you'd lighten your eye make up because your beauty was always evident. I delight in the honesty you've demonstrated. I get so tired of the hypocracy of so many. You're real and I love the goodness of you. Your faith in our father is never wavering and at your time of "job", you are stalwart. We don't know the wisdom or purpose of our father or the lessons he presents. You've had more than your share of those. I admire you Tammy Faye and the realness you have always exhibited. I do pray that our father will diminish the pain you find yourself in. You're deserving. Love and admire you.
(Clarksville, Indiana)
Dear Tammy,

Beloved, may you be blessed with ALL the promises of God which are yes and amen in the name of Jesus Christ.

May the Holy Spirit strengthen you in body, mind and spirit. May your hands be tender helping hands, hands that Bless. May your feet walk in holiness and your footsteps be ordered by the Lord.

May your ears be blessed to hear the lovely and the uplifting and shut out the demeaning and the negative.

May your heart be humble and receptive unto God and not to the world. May your eyes be turned from foolish and worthless things and see the beauty of those things which God has planned for you as you obey His Word.

May your home be a sanctuary of rest and renewal, a place your family can run to in times of trouble, a place where the sounds of joy and laughter grace it's walls.

May God give you the supernatural strength to aviod temptation and resist the burtning arrows of the evil one. May God grant you success in everything that you set your mind to accomplish.

I am believing for God's Perfect Will for your life; for it is His will and His purpose that matters. All things are possible for them that believe!!

If I should never meet you here in this life, I know that we WILL see each other at that final glorious day when Jesus splits the eastern sky, with all the angels of heaven, riding upon the clouds to call His bride to be with Him for enternity!

All my love and prayers,

Jamie (ROMANS 8:38-39)
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