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Tammy, Don't give up..Only God knows, not doctors, or have received a miracle, you have a wonderful life, you've been places and done things many never can.
In 2005 I found I had a malignant brain tumor. It was removed (as much as they could) I had radiation. It's now 2007. The American Cancer Society said I would have 6 months to a year to live. I'm 56 and I wanted a little more time. My son is 26 and I thank God I've seen him grow up, I also saw my new niece, she just turned 1. I feel I've been blessed and very lucky. Some people don't get to live 56 years, and have no medical problems. I had a fun life, and I love it. I hope to have more, but I just say "whatever"..Go with it. You have a fighting spirit, eat and gain some weight. You have to eat, even if you're stomach is sick...try hard. Do the best you can...Good luck and God Bless you.
(Newfield, NY)
Hi, Tammy.
I have been watching you for what seems like a hundred years. I admire your humor and strength. You have always seemed to be one of the kindest spirits. I pray that God keeps you in His care and that He provides the strength you need to get through this. God bless you.
Nell Lewis
(Greenville, NC)
Be encouraged by His life in you and all the promises that are ours as the seed of Abraham and joint heirs with Christ Jesus! The stripes of Jesus HAVE healed you NOW! Stay strong! Look up!
Stacy Gambrell
(Anderson, SC)
Tammy while having my devotion this morning you came to mind. I am praying for your healing. Psalms 41 speaks about helping the poor for healing,I am
sure you have already done this. I believe God's word is true. God is going
to shock the world with your comeplete
healing because you have always lifted
Him up. Thank you Tammmy for honoring Him. He loves you so much. I love you too. (
(Houston, TX)
You are a beautiful christian, woman, and human being. You are the kind of christian this world needs. I feel blessed to have seen parts of your life through the years. Thank you for all the smiles, hugs, and prayers!
(longview, WA)
May God's love surround you and fill you with healing , joy and peace! "By HIS stripes we ARE HEALED"
Ronda Kay Cornwell & Darel R. Betels
(Monticello & Manchester )
Dearest, Sweetest, Tammy Faye,
We Are Cheering You On! :).
And Sending You All, Our Love!
And Prayers 24/7. You Go, Girl.
May His Arms, Comfort You!!!
From The Heartland-Iowa-xoxo.
(Moline, IL)
Dear Tammy,

I once was lost...but with the help of you and many others, I was found. With the Lord's light, your light, and many other lights in the sky, I have gone from being an atheist in denial to a proud evangelical Christian with a wife and three great children. Thank you, Tammy! I love you!
(new york, ny)
tammy faye.... i wrote you a couple years ago when my mom was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and i was so scared.... but now she has made it through the very difficult treatment by God's infinite grace, and the virus is undetectable.

You remind me so much of her. I watched you every day for a long time when i was in high school many many years ago, and i struggled so hard with depression back then (much worse than now), and you encouraged me so much. I will always treasure the way that you ministered to me in my private sadness, and i truly believe that the Lord used you to save my life.

I am praying that God's loving arms will reach out and hold you with the warmth of a really great heating pad! You are a miracle STILL IN THE MAKING!!!!!
Your loving, careing, accepting, and non-judgemental ways; That's what makes you so special to me. If this is your time, it's just because, God wants you closer to him.
Love Always,
South Beach

P.S. Thanks for the wonderful make-up tips!
Patrick Morrow
(Trenton, Michigan)
From a old PTL cameraman, I just wanted to say I am so very blessed to have worked with you and your family. I only wish you God's very best. He is faithful and I know he loves you very much!
(Arcadia, CA)
Tammy, you are an inspiration for everyone. I admire you so much for your courage and your deep faith. You have a wonderul personality and you are so real. I just bought "The Eyes Of Tammy Faye", my favorite. Thanks so much for being you. I love you Tammy.
(houston, texas)
You have been such an inspiration to so many. You have truly been God's gift. I know our Lord and Savior will be so very proud of your job well done. God bless you today as we know he has blessed you every day of your life.
(Orlando, Florida)
I remember back in the PTL days, I tried to never miss your show. You always struck me as loving, kind and compassionate. You also did something special for me, you led me to the saving grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ. I could never thank you enough for leading me to the Savior. I will always be grateful for your part in my eternal salvation. Hope you are feeling better. Love ya.
Jennifer Perez
Tammy I grew up watching you on tv . You have always been a insperation to me and you are a big part of the reason i love music and lone to sing . I pray for you daily . Your faith is an insperation to me and everyone who loves you
Tiffany Williamson
(Las Vegas, Nevada)
Tammy, you have been a true inspiration to me. Your desire to ALWAYS and STEADFASTLY praise God through every trial is just amazing to me. You are one of the most beautiful spirits that I have ever known in my life, though we have never met in person. I lift you up in prayer daily and I ask for God's healing hand in your life. You are someone whom I hope to be like as I continue in my Christian journey. Thank you for your depth of character, your immeasurable lovingkindness, and your wonderful sense of humor and genuine joy! God Bless You!!!
My dear sweet Tammy: I noticed it's mostly ladies who write you on here but I want you to know that there are some guys out here who are holding your body, mind, and spirit up in our prayers. I watched you years ago on PTL and every once in a while I do a "Google" search to see what you're up to. I want you to know you have made a difference in my life and I am praying for healing and peace in your life. Please take care of Tammy and know we love you and are lifting you up.

Brad from Oklahoma
(New York)
I hope for a healing for you, Tammy, so that you may continue to bring faith and love to the world who love you back. As you say, don't give up. You are loved!
Chris and Ren
(St. Augustine, Fl)
Dear Tammy Faye, It is only now that we have learned that you are fighting cancer.We found your website after watching "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" a few minutes ago. We just want you to know how proud we are of you. Your courage is unyielding not only now but through your life. You are a bold woman with a huge heart and love for humanity that can only inspire. Thank you for respecting people's differences and not being a hateful Christian hypocrite like you know who whom is recently deceased. You are loved Tammy Faye!!!!
Chris and Ren
Donna S.
(Pennsauken, New Jersey)
God Bless You Tammy!! You are definetly one of a kind, a very kind soul. I've seen u on Larry King show many times and had truely been taken by your kind nature. You are a very sweet and truely genuine person, my prayers to you and your family. I can understand why God would want you closer to him.
God Bless.
Bill Mackey
Dear Tammy,
Godbless you and keep you,let his eyes shine upon you. I pray for true healing and miracle. You are loved and thought of often.
(Gray, TN)
You are a beautiful warrior. God is not finished with you yet. You are very beautiful inside and out. Jer 29:11 says: I have good plans for you for a future and a hope not for destruction... John 10:10 says Jesus has come so for Tammy Faye to have an abundant life.... you are loved mightly by many.
(Lincoln, NE)
Tammy Faye: I wanted to apologize. When things were going wrong with your first husband, I didn't like you or what was going on. Then I saw you on tv with your talk show and found you to be a funny person. You were bubbly and very spirited. Then the clincher was when you were on Surreal Life and I saw how you were Ron Jeremy and how you weren't judgemental at all, it made me realize that I was being judgemental towards you. You didn't do anything to me but I had to judge you and here you didn't judge Ron as a person. It made me realize that I needed to take a look at myself and see that I needed to open my heart and mind like you. I hope that you are doing as well as can be expected. I think of you every day. God bless you dear! Remember Psalm 23..though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me. You and your family are in my prayers.
Hi Tammy,
I just want to tell you that you are in my prayers. Do not ever give up. Keep your faith in God. God Bless, Ray
Samuel Derrera
(Monterey, CA)
Hi Tammy,
I hope you know that you have a friend in Monterey, CA that is thinking about you and hoping that you are comfortable. I appreciate your sense of fun and style. You are so sweet. Best Wishes, Sam
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