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Lisa Harrington
(Azusa, CA)
I had the opportunity to meet you during the taping of the Jim J. and Tammy Faye Show and it's a moment I'll not soon forget! Your spunk, your will and you faith has been an inspiration! You are a fighter! God had given you the strength to fight. You will be victorious over this.
God Bless!
Hi, Tammy, Get well soon, We love you and all of your family. You are in our prayers.
Rob & Valerie
(Louisville Kentucky)
Dearest Tammy, Our hearts are saddened, by the news of you not feeling better. We heard your interview with Larry King, and we wished your pain would be taken from you. You are such an inspiration to us all. I have written to you these past few years, telling you the struggle my wife has had with breast cancer, and asking for prayer for her. Thank You for praying for everyone else, as you struggle with your own illness. We heard you say on Larry King, that you were scared about dying. I think we all are. My father who is a Old Time Preacher man, has said he is afraid of dying, but not of death. You are feeling what is normal. I know God is in control, and will be with us until the end, and beyond. Know that you have made a very big difference in a lot of peoples lives, and you are a very special person. As I have stated to you before, I can always hear you singing " Lean On Me ". That always brought joy to my heart, and I will never forget that.
Love and Prayers
Rob & Valerie
Christine Davis
(Burbank, CA)
Tammy Faye, thank you for being the only Christian that WAS a real Christian to me. Thank you for your unconditional love and that LAUGH. It is impossible not to love you back, and you are in my prayers everyday. I don't want a world without you. We love you very much!
(los banos,ca.)
(rochester ny)
have always loved you you are an amazing woman don't give up I pray for you
Jackie Walls
(Kings Mountain, N.C.)
I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2004, I turned to God and I'm still here fighting. You can't give up. My prayers will be with you and your family, I know how much praying helps. God is a healer. Take care and get plenty of rest.
(Myrtle Beach SC)
God Bless You Tammy - you are a real inspiration to us all.
anita davis
(prospect hts., illinois)
I pray for your highest good and greatest joy, whatever that may be! I'm holding a vision for you, that you jump into a pool of God's unconditionally loving, healing Energy and you swim through It until it fills up your spirit and all your cells and you become One with It! Loved you on the Sureal Life and your book! XOX!!You inspired me!
Paul Fromberg
(San Francisco CA)
My Dear Friend,

I had the pleasure of lunching with your son two weeks ago when he was here in San Francisco. What a fine man he is! I know that you are proud of him and of his accomplishments for Christ's church. I am an Episcopal priest, working at a wonderful chruch called St. Greogory of Nyssa. You are in our prayers, and we are keeping you close in our hearts. We believe that God makes all things new through Jesus Christ, and bear that hope for you.

Grace and Peace,
David Day, Jr.
(Hannibal, MO)
Dear Tammy Faye, You are my hero! When I met you a few years ago, I was so excited beyond belief. That was truly one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. I started watching you in 1979 on TV, visited Heritage a few times, and have been following you ever since. I am praying for your recovery. I can not wait to see you again soon, smiling, laughing, and being your crazy self. Just thinking about you makes me smile. I love you dearly.
(panama city beach fl)
Kathy Ann Holbrook
(Williamson, GA)
Dear and your family
are in my thoughts and prayers. I want
to take this opportunity to tell you that I was saved while watching you and Jim back in 1984. So no matter what else happened during that time, please know that you did save souls that otherwise wouldn't have happened. When you leave this earth, you can, and will, take a lot of love with you. May it light the path of your journey.
(Kennewick, Wa)
Dear Tammy, I remember watching you as a child on the PTL show in the 70's, My Grandparents were supporters of yours and visited several times, they love you and Jim so very much. Remember the Word of God says "that by his stripes you WERE already healed". I am believing for a total restoration of what the enemy has stolen from you. Please do not give up, continue to believe, the word also says "That if thou canst believe all things are possible to those who belive"(Mark 9:23). I love you and am praying for you and expect to hear a good report for the Glory of God.
(North Carolina)
Precious Tammy Faye, What would I have done back in 1977 had it not been for you,Jim, and PTL ? You brought me to JESUS through your program. You showed me the love of Jesus for the first time in my life! I did not know God loved me ! Oh Tammy How I pray for a miracle for your healing, total and complete, to prove to this world His marvelous works and so he can get the glory ! Take your healing daughter of the KING !! The world still needs Tammy Faye to preach His gospel ! I Love You. Betty
Edward Kramer
(Jacksonville, FL )
Tammy, You are truly a blessing to everyone you have touched through your speaking, books or music. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily and I just know that God is going to get you through all that you are going through right now. Keep up that great spirit that you have. We all love you here in Jacksonville, FL.
Bonnie Hess
(Chicago, Illinois)
God bless you and your family. May god ease your suffering and pain.
(Des Moines Iowa)
Tammy, you do not know me but I have known you for years. I remember watching you on PTL as a child and my dad taking my sister and I to Heritage USA. I remember being in the upper room and praying, and my parents having the PTL logo on our vehicles, You Can Make It. Both of my parents are gone now, but I still have the picture of the Lord with his hands extended, that they got on your telecast. The same one I prayed in front of when I was in the upper room. I will be praying for you, God is a mighty God and I know he can Heal! I will keep you in my heart and prayers..Jacque
Nicole Mchenry
(Kennesaw GA)
You will be healed on this side or the next but either way you wll be healed. Enjoy the time with your family and dont be afraid. If youre not healed on this side, give God a big hug for me and I'll give you one one I get there. You're a beatiful woman and your life has ministered to saint and sinner. I pray comfort and joy for you in these days and while I dont want you to die like this. we all must eventually and what an AWESOME thing it is to know you will be with Jesus when you do go. God bless you.
Lee Rankin
(Columbia SC)
I heard an interview on E radio and was so impressed with your positive outlook on life. You are a truly special person. Get well soon. Your faith is awesome. You have inspired me to be more positive and upbeat. If you can have such a wonderful outlook on life with all the adversity you have been through, so can I!
Thank you and God Bless
Teri Elliott & Family
(Springfield, Missouri )
Tammy Faye,
Since you have been sick we all have missed hearing from you everyday on your website. Your light, faith & joy shines through every letter that you write & somehow it renews our spirit in this world .God is using you in so many ways that you probably do not even realize.
If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you must be the world's best friend because this world sure misses you darlin more than words can say.
I wish i could reach out & give you a great "Big Hug" right now & say please don't be scared. Jesus is holding you in his arms even now and he will never leave you ,not now or ever. The way you've handled what has been dealt to you has been so inspiring to this world.
A friend is a
"Guardian Angel" in disguise.
Thank you for being our angel in this world .
Our prayers & our thoughts are with you Tammy as you take this last journey home to Jesus.


DATE -MAY 20, 2007
(Hammond, Indiana)
Tammy,I remember watching ur show with Jim--I used 2 wait 4 u 2 sing--u have a fabulous voice--I looked forward 2 see what u would wear and how ur hair would be and how ur make-up would be--U r a beautiful women--and a personality and sense of humor no one has--U deserve 2 live a long life Tammy--U have done so much good 4 people--U will b greatly missed if u don't make it--Always think there may b a miracle out there--and if there is one--it's 4 u Tammy--no one can replace u--I saw u many times on Larry King and u were always laughing--I heard u on the phone on Larry Kings show and it was sad--U sounded so good--
If u leave this world Tammy--u will be missed--Remember what u say "U CAN MAKE IT"--God Bless u-- Tammy--
(Charlotte NC)
I met you several times years ago and you were a blessing and cute as a button. I am praying for you and thinking of you often during each day. I am so sorry that you have become so ill and may God grant you peace and mercy as he heals you in his perfect way. I am sending my love your way.
My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a wonderful person, allways keep that in mind. Love Cindy
(Branson, MO)
My best to you Tammy.
I am a breast cancer survivor myself and really fell for you.
During my bad time a friend said to me, that we are all terminal.
That is what I kept on thinking and God will take us when he is ready for us.
You have been in my prayers.
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