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Hello Tammy
I met you at the swap meet here in Goodyear, it was nice to meet you, you
always have a smile on your face,even
if you are sad. Even though I only
met you the one time. You made me feel like we had known each other a long time.
I hope and pray
all will be well with you.
Tammy, you are in my prayers.
You are an inspiration to all.
Stay strong and may God Bless you
my love, betty
Cristine Nolan
(Crystal River, Florida)
The first time I saw you, many years ago, I knew you were a special woman....a woman true to herself. It is true that the eyes are a vision of the soul....yours being warm, caring and genuine, Tammy. I feel blessed to have been a part of your life as one woman to another through admiration. I have never met you, don't need to....I feel I know you through your love for life and your inner beauty.
God has already rested his hand upon you, Tammy. It is his arms that await to take you home. How blessed are you when God is ready whether today, tommorrow, or next year. I truly believe he has a special place awaiting you.
My prayers are with you and yours!
natalie a shelby
God bless you, Tammy.
(Kingsport, TN)

GOD Bless you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love you.
Linda Benedict
(London, Ontario CANADA)
Tammy, I love you. Thank you for all the wonder things you have done. One day we will party in paradise. God Bless you.
God speed.. Your sister in Christ, linda Benedict.. your the best Tammy..:)
Tammy, You and Jim were my pastors when I was growing up. Your ministry has touched many, and I am one of them. May the unfailing and ever giving Love of Christ enfold you.And may you know the Love and prayers of many are with you.
Daniel S.
(New Windsor New York)
Not sure what to say. Just felt a great saddness to hear you are so ill.
(Mesa Az)
May God bless and be with you.
You are bigger than life in your love of God. Your hope and encouragement to others to continue on in our own trials through your songs and words keeps us going in our world. This shows how unselfish you are. You are loved and thought of by all.
Dear One,
The fact we all have to realize is that it is God's Will not ours.
When I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, I gave my will, to the
Lord. This truly, gave me relief
from any worry. We all have our own
personal time as to when we will leave
this earth and move on to the BEST that
the our gracious Lord has to offer. This is a journey we all have to take singularly, not alone, as the Lord is there to hold our hands and show us the way. Tammy Faye, please never be afraid, as you are Jesus's chosen one.
God's choicest blessings to you and yours.
(Boston MA)
Thanks for being such a friend to gays.
(new haven ct)
Thinking of you and sending positive energy. Thank you so much for the love, acceptance and hope you have shared with the world all these years.
Peace to you Tammy Faye
Dear Tammy,

I was young and My Mom had you on T.V. everyday watching P.T.L. and singing right along with you.

I NEVER GOT it until I got older. Thank you for going on that show "The Real world".

With All the Sin going on around you,you kept yourself as a LADY should.A "TRUE CHRISTIAN LADY",and in the progress taught me how to say NO,without being hurtful.

My Husband has had Cancer twice in the year 2000.Each time we we're told,we looked at each other and agreed,Lay it at God's feet,and forget about it.NEVER DOUBT he was already healed.

If we coninued to help it ourself,we ONLY interfered in what "GOD wanted too happen".

Thank GOD he was healed twice.It take's TOTAL Faith,and already THANKING God for this healing.

I Pray your pain will go away,and I know the Med's are Horrible.But, I also know U are a VERY STRONG Person.

I have seen it through the Year's.I have learned by you as an example how to hold my head HIGH as a Christian Woman,and yet NOT be above everyone else.


God Bless,and his WILL be done. :)

Eleanor Doughty
(Windsor Ont. Canada)
Hi Tammy!!
You have given me so much strength to go on and be strong in my faith with my Lord and Saviour. You are on my prayer list and I thank you again for helping me through my stage 4 cancer of the lungs.
I know God is holding you in His loving arms.
Love you loads
Jill Swanson
(Austin, Texas)
My dear lady, I have never found a more shining example of what a Christian should be than in you: a real person who truly loves all people. Like Jesus, you have never turned away from people who are deemed strange or unworthy. You forgive your enemies. You love us as we are, and we love you back just as you are. I wish I could have met you just once to give you this hug I've been saving up (so please have it virtually). You are a beacon. Thank you, Tammy, as we thank God for you. All my love and best wishes, Jill
(Grove City, Ohio)
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
God bless you.

tommy buckland
(moultrie Georgia)
tammy,you were a big inspiration to me when you sang and ministered love to us way back in 1986 i was going thru a terrible nervous breakdown.But God healed me and delivered my mind & soul!Tammy someone whose teachings REALLY helped me is Dr. Norvel Hayes.I think you and Jim may have had him years ago on your show.I know some of his teachings are hard on the flesh But,Sister it Does Work!!God is faithfull!Maybe you can contact him and gey his Video "How to live and not die" it is very powerfull.I pray Jesus will lift you Up for His glory and let you sing in strength once again.BLESS YOU
G Dear Tammy:
My parents often visited PTL in it's heyday; they even received some marital counselling there which they said helped to heal some very painful issues in their relationship. Thanks so much for all you've done. Remember, "Look Toward The Roar!" Hope to hear you singin' again soon.
Yvonne Casen
(Downingtown PA)
Tammy you are so loved and I love your spirit. You are a shining example of a Believer standing strong on the promises of God. God is for you with you and in you.
Debi Sparks
(Naples, Fl)
I want to let you know that your bright caring eyes and never ending smile have comforted the world - especially me. In my dark days I have always seen you and through my life you have brought me many comforting moments. I only wish I could comfort you in your time of need. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.
All my love and lots of hugs - Deb
Mark Moore
(Houston, Texas)
You are such a brave woman. You are an inspiration to Christians everywhere! As a Gay man, I feel like I have known you for years because you are so supportive and non-judging. I will pray for you Tammy and know that God will continue to hold you in HIS hand. I just hope HE allows you to stay with us and continue to spread your message of hope, joy, love and kindness to each other. I love you and will pray for you and your family.
Doris Howard
(Tucson, Az.)
Dear Tammy,
I'am Dying too. You keep trusting for your Miracle. You made it on E. T. What a Miracle for the world to see. Your making another Video.Keep doing your work,1 beat at a time.That big party is close.As an over 30 year hospice caregiver also. I would like to say hang out with your Ya-Ya Sisters and Fag Hags, when ever possible. Play Princess, As You are one.Keep on Keeping on,Get R Done, We are going to LIVE till we die. It's God Morphine. If we are wrong I will hold Your hand as a Ya-Ya Sister and we will go together!!!
I Love You,
Marilee Hickman
(Gadsden, Al.)
Tammy, My Mom and I have been praying for you too. We both love and admire you. We know how it is to stand in the face of disaster and hold on with every shred of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is an ever present help in time of trouble, so don't give up. You're on the brink of a miracle. We are waiting on the good report.
You inspired me to be a better person.
You have sung us through many storms with your powerful anointed voice. Our prayers go out to your precious family. We won't stop praying. We love you and are so honored to call you our friend. We see the "SON" in your eyes, Dixie
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