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(las vegas , nevada)
Dear Tammy, I have read your messges! and my prayers are with you! I have a friend that told me, his daughter had cancer and a few more ppl he know, he said that apricot seeds have gotten rid of peoples cancer,you have to eat the seed inside of the large seed grind it up, she sprinkled on her food and some people say it had a numb feeling in the mouth, but i tell you it wont hurt to try it! Its a strong antioxcident. Her and a few more ppl that had cancer, the cancer is now gone! I hope you try it tammy,i got a feeling i was supposed to tell you this! God be with you! We are praying for you and your family!
Tammy Fae,
God Bless you. You are such a blessing. Your light, your testimony has such a strong impact on the world. I pray for you all the time and pray that God will heal you, and take away your pain. I pray that your light will lead others to salvation, and that you will also be able to sing again as you once mentioned on a documentary i saw. I pray all these in Jesus'name, according to his will. Thank you for being a living example of pure christian love....
God Bless!
Rev. Carole Johnson-Franceski
(Potomac, Maryland)
Dear Tammy,
Only recently was I able to get to your website so I want to tell you that I am praying for you and believing
God for the miracle you need!

Looking forward to hearing you received a miracle for we serve a mighty God!
Love and Prayers,
Carole Johnson-Franceski
(Culpeper, Va.)
Tammy, you are so loved and know that there are many prayers being offered up for you.
I might not have gotten saved if it had not have been for watching you on PTL and seeing something in you that I didn't have.
My husband and I both got saved through watching PTL and had the opportunity to visit 3 times.
God bless you and I know you will keep the faith!
Love in Christ,
(halifax n.s. canada)
Tammy, You are an incredible lady. I think of you and send healthy vibrations to you. You are beautiful & an inspiration for always staying true to you even in the publics eye. May you be blessed , dear.. Tammy
(panama city, Fl)

You have made a difference in my life, you have helped me in more ways than you can know...You are the most inspirational speaker I have ever heard or hope to hear! We love you Tammy Faye as thousands of others do! And we are praying for you! We need you!
Billie Burns
I am praying for you. I know that God will heal you. It may be by taking you to heaven and giving you a new body, in which case, I will see you there!
Nicole Price
(Taylorsville, GA)

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time in your life. I pray for the healing hands of Jesus to be laid on you.

Please know what an inspiration you are to Christian women everywhere!

Peace, Love and Blessings,
Dear, Sweet Tammy,

I am still praying for you. This past Saturday, I said my Rosary for you and I dedicated my Mass intention for you. I also prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Crucified Christ for your healing.

Also Tammy, I thank you for---
being such a wonderful example of Christian love...
--accepting and loving all
--leading me to Jesus Christ through the PTL Club back in 1985
--bringing so much laughter, entertainment, excitement, and GLAMOR to both Christian and secular television
--being so very generous with your fans and to me personally by autographing your books and photos, and writing such lovely notes to me.

I never had the honor of meeting you in person, but I feel I know you because of your kindness over the years.

You are a wonderful mother, wife, entertainer, Christian, and are loved by so many. I have a picture of you in my living room which you so graciously authographed for me. Whenever I look at it, I am reminded, "DON'T GIVE UP ON THE BRINK OF A MIRACLE!!"

Dear Tammy, I know that Jesus is holding you in his mighty, yet tender arms, as your Guardian angel hovers lovingly over you.

I pray that our merciful God will grant your healing so that you can be a living testament to His awesome healing power.

Thank you again Tammy for giving us all so much of yourself.

I love you!! God Bless You!!

Michelle Jones
Jersey City, NJ
Sandra Sarvey
(Charleston, West Virginia)
God Bless you, Tammy. You have such a great personality. I hope you get your prayers answered. If not, at least you will be in a better place and the world will be a little darker for you leaving it. Take care.
God must really need you in Heaven if he intends to already take you home with him! you are the sweetest dearest person. we all love you! you sent me so many presents in the mail,in fact everything i asked for, i needed,-- you always gave to me.-- i know you are a very caring & giving person. you are beautiful i hope you continue to live as it will not be the same without you. it will give us more to look forward too though when we too will make Heaven our home one day!

God bless you tammyfaye
with love
(Asheville N.C)
You are in my prayers Tammy, as your family is also.
tammy, i believe always that the light of our lord jesus christ shines through you; i pray that you may hold some of that light and direct it where you need it the most.
michelle brsnchflower
(edminton alberta canada)
dear tammy faye ;; I wish you all the best;; have been an admire of yours for many years;; i have a very sick husband;; I love him dearly ;; he is also an avid fan;;; we live by a saying of yours that we have heard you say on more then one occation;;
just when you think all that can happen has happened ;;
something else happens
all you can do is put one foot in front of the other
put your trust in god;

and take one day at a time;

we love you TAMMY FAYE MESSNER;;;

all our love to you and your family;;


Dolores C. B achman
(Conestoga, Pa.)
Dear Tammy,
Please don't give up your faith, God is with you, as all the prayers of all the people who care for you are, God Bless You my family and friends will keep you in our prayers. Dolores Bachman and family from Conestoga, Pa.
(Dallas, TX)
Oh Tammy,
Where do I begin? I too have had cancer twice and know what you are going through. We are just about the same age and my cancers were throat and colon. The doctor recently found something on my lung. Here we go on another adventure. I just wanted you to know that we are all praying for your strength and courage and most of all your peace. No one who has not been through "the shadow of death" can comprehend your feelings as I and so many others do that have walked that road.We will be your strength and try to lighten your load by praying as you have done for us when we needed a friend.
Love you always,
Heather Maynard
(Holland, Michigan )
You are such a warrior for GOD Miss Tammy! Im in awe of your faithfulness, and your positive attitude~ it's inspiring to me. I want you to watch a 4 minute video by Whitley Phipps from the Gaithers...titled Go down's just soooo beautiful...and so touching. I think it will bring Joy to your did mine. I love you...and I know your in our LORDS doubt...your his child! Your awesome!!!!!!!!
Czar Baranowski
(Meriden, Connecticut)
Angels are all around you...
May you find comfort & strength in the Lords' prayer, esspecially in the verse "Thy Will Be Done"
You are an amazing woman. The Lord has used you mightily and He will continue to do so.

"The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles." Psalms 34:17

I love you Tammy Faye and you are in my prayers. God bless you and deliver you.
F. Steele
(North Carolina)
I am Praying for you and your family.
Darren Ellingson
(Maple Grove, MN)
I watched as you participated in that "reality show" a while back. I saw you react and respond to the people around you with such class and Godly passion, that I EVERYTHING I had heard about you on the news and in the tabloids was ERASED from my mind.
You ARE the spirit of GOD...and I am a better man because of you...because of what I witnessed on that reality show.
God Bless you Tammy.
T Doyle Leverett
(Tobyhanna, PA)
Dear Tammy....I along with others are praying for you. Please know how many of us love you!
(Griffin, Ga)
Tammy,Keep Believing.You Have The Faith. I'm Praying For You.
Cher Denham
(Mobile, Alabama)
Tammy Faye,
Please know you are in my prayers daily. God healed me of a serious heart condition after I had almost given up---but I kept praying and kept saying out loud "By the strips of Jesus I am healed, I have faith that God has healed me"! After almost two years of being confined to my bed so weak I could not even wash my own hair, I dropped to my knees beside my bed and prayed again, Thank you God for healing me. I held my hand over my heart and felt a warm sensation spread outward from the center of my chest. The chokeing sensation was gone along with the other symptoms. I was so happy that at 2:58 a.m. I ran down the hall and woke my 22 year old son to share my healing with him. I then made and ate a sandwich which for the first time in two years I did not have to fight that feeling of forcing food. My appetite had returned. Remember-don't give up Tammy---Jesus took our infirmities on the cross. I continue to pray for your health daily.
May God Richly Bless you.
Cher Denham
Mobile, Alabama
(Denver, CO)
May the Lord Bless you and keep you Tammy. Thanks for choosing life, it is an inspiration to us all.
God Bless you!
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